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  1. Haha, and what is up with that empty roof thing ?? What is that!?
  2. They could of made this building nicer. Its a disaster, such a great location but horrible design. Brand new but already looks like it was built 30+ years ago.
  3. I remember thinking of buying into this project, 6 years later still not finished.....
  4. Im so glad I didnt buy into this project. What a disaster.
  5. To me Bassin is a much better location. Ive lived in a Prevel building before though and it was very disappointing. Friends of mine have also lived in different Lowney phases and weren't completely satisfied either. Prevel has great marketing, and really has a way of making they're buildings seem very attractive (full of amenities etc.. ) but the quality from my experience at Imperial lofts, and from seeing some lowney phases is not that great. For example I lived in a 900 square foot loft that was so badly insulated I was freezing in the winters and still paying 700$ every two months for heat
  6. Think its finally going up, and URB seems to be cancelled all together.
  7. Hope they tear down that building and give us tenants facing william street a better view;)
  8. Ive done absolutley no modifications to my unit and Im perfectly happy with it although I dont live there yet, so who knows how I will feel later. The only downside about my unit is that there is no room to eat by the countertop as it would block the entranceway, but thats not a big deal.
  9. Hey welcome to the building! Im going to the notary on monday and moving in in about 2 weeks and cant wait! Everything has gone smoothly so far. I just went for my final inspection the other day and Im very pleased with everything. Im in phase 1 though, Phase 2 is going to be even better! You made the right choice. I visited all the other projects in the area, and in terms of price per square foot , location and finishes I believe Le canal is the best choice. Plus you wont have to worry about the delivery date being late, as everything seems to be ahead of schedule.
  10. Ok thats great! I was worried about how I was going to hook up my modem in this mini office Im building in my storage closet, really didnt want to have wires passing there. How's the noise situation for you there right now?
  11. So how does it work, do I plug my cable modem and my router both there or just the router?
  12. When I went for my pre inspection they pointed out a box of some sort in one of my closets which he said I would put my router into. Im guessing that our condos are pre wired then? Do you know anything about this?
  13. Only because I would feel cheated to pay westmount taxes in an area that clearly feels like st henri!
  14. When I moved in the area 5 years ago I was very interested in this project. Im very glad I never pursued it because Id be regretting it by now. Something that really annoyed me about it is they are considering it to be in westmount! I live directly across the street and that's considered St henri.
  15. You guys think this will ever be built? Taking forever..
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