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  1. matsmtl

    REM: Expansion future

    It could always follow CP/AMT rail right of way and then cross over right before the start of the Ville-Marie tunnel using a lane in each direction within the Ville-Marie tunnel until just past the J-C bridge. A connection point with the existing REM station could be located the south-east corner of Place Bonaventure. There would also be fairly easy connections with Vendome, Square Victoria, Place d'arms and Champs de Mars metro stations.
  2. matsmtl

    Air Transat hiver 2016-2017

    Or some Q400s (think WestJet Encore). There are lots of people living in Eastern Canada and in mid-sized US cities in the Northeast / Great Lakes region with few (and expensive) international routes (eg. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, etc.).
  3. matsmtl

    QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Regardless of where their execs are, they do have a significant presence in Montreal and the employees have to be put somewhere if that brewery is converted into condos+ ... And obviously it comes down to economics but my gut tells me that they would and could launch the 750 Peel. One of the controlling families have a good relationship with CF and want to give back. This is a concrete way of doing it. Sent from my BLU LIFE ONE X using Tapatalk
  4. matsmtl

    QUAD Windsor: projet global

    We might see 750 Peel go up sooner than we think. If Molson moves the brewery to the east-end. I wouldn't be surprised if the head office is relocated into the 750 Peel. This assumption is based solely on the Molson Family/Canadiens and CF relationship for TdC. An, I scratch your back you scratch mine moment. I imagine Molson is too large to fit into the remaining space in the Deloitte Building (which is split over two elevator banks).
  5. matsmtl

    Le Wellington Griffintown (Phase 3) - 19 étages (2018)

    Ils on commencé la démolition. Il y avait de la machinerie sur le site ce matin.
  6. matsmtl

    Le Murray, phases 1 et 2 - 15, 15 étages

    Ils ont peinturé les halles d'entré. C'est beaucoup mieux!
  7. matsmtl

    SLR Rive-Sud - Pont Champlain - Montréal

    I think A and C are really the only options under consideration and they each have their own pros and cons. I am going with the assumption that we are getting a sky-train like, driverless vehicle, not a surface Tram/SLR: Project A Cons: - Is more expensive to build (because the tunnel would need to start somewhere near the Peel Basin) - Would help add value to CF's projects along Peel Street (This is a Con from the perspective of the Caisse who's Ivanhoé division has an interest in solidifiying the presence of the center-core and the McGill College Axis.) Pro: - Access to a larger ridership pool by placing it in the heart of Griffintown - Larger oppertunity to obtain some sort of development tax (because its closer to the properties being developed in Griffintown) - Better connections with the Metro - The turn towards the airport line is easier Project B Pros: - Less expensive - as it will follow the already elevated portion of the CN track - Further away from the CF development projects / passes through or near several properties owned by the Caisse (PVM, le 1000, Queen E, Eaton's Center) and Gare Centrale is owned by Cominar (which the Caisse has a large stake in) - Closer to the Cité Multi-Media Cons: - Transfer from the metro is not integrated - Less access to the population centers of the south (fewer people live / will live in the Robert-Bourassa Boul. Corridor)
  8. matsmtl

    montreal bell center renovation

    Ou dans le forum...
  9. matsmtl

    Le Wellington Griffintown (Phase 3) - 19 étages (2018)

    C'est bon a savoir que je peu vendre pour 400,000 (quand on ajoute le stationnement) quand j'ai payé moins de 250,000
  10. matsmtl

    Le Wellington Griffintown (Phase 3) - 19 étages (2018)

    Le courriel était pour dire que le club house et la terrasse seront sur la tour 1 (sud) au lieu de la tour (2) nord
  11. matsmtl

    Le Murray, phases 1 et 2 - 15, 15 étages

    Ont voit vraiment pas du vert à l'intérieur.
  12. matsmtl

    Le Murray, phases 1 et 2 - 15, 15 étages

    Basically everyone I've talked to is having a really hard time to getting them to do touch-up work. Some units are in better shape than others. They are really trying to get all of the units delivered and have no-one (or a few part-time people) doing the after sales stuff. Some people are considering legal action. It's a bit unreasonable to be waiting 2 months to have your cabinets changed, floors fixed or balconies installed. Otherwise the bones are very good! And once the builder gets out of there and finishes up it should be a great place to live.
  13. matsmtl

    Coop Griffin - 12 étages (2018)

    The piling has started
  14. matsmtl

    Coop Griffin - 12 étages (2018)

    Samedi il y avait une pelle mécanique et une nouvelle clôture a été installé sur le périmètre du terrain . Est-ce que le début de la construction s'approche?
  15. We have to really stop thinking about Olympic Stadium as a "one sport venue". It was designed (and will thrive) as a multi-purpose large event venue. As Montreal does not have any team that could fill the place on a regular basis. However, the stadium would be viable if it was configured to allow for major annual events to occur there along side the Impact, Allouettes and even Canadiens for their major games (playoffs, All-star games, visiting foreign clubs, an outdoor game for hockey day in Canada, etc...). FYI: I don't consider a field placed in the middle of a sea of concrete 20m away from the stands as configured for soccer or football. There are also lots of other opportunities: If Montreal attracted a major international sporting event each year that would use the stadium for a month at a time (Track and Field world cup, University Games, Jeux de la Francophonie, Commonwealth Games, etc...). It would cost very little to host, and the economic spin-offs + publicity for the city would justify the expense of the renovations. To that we could add major concerts if the acrostics and sound system were improved and other events like the annual show for the Fete National and even a music festival or two. Just lay some grass out and open the roof (once a new one that opens is installed ). Makes the whole issue with organizing concessions and bathrooms much easier then it is in parc jean drapeau! Not to mention trade shows... But it all starts with a new roof and some work on the inside!