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    Je suis actuellement à l'emploi de Crop (recherche marketing) comme chargé de projet.

    J'ai un intérêt pour l'architecture et l'économie de manière générale.
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  1. Voici une photos de la tour le soir avec en avant plan la gare Windsor Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
  2. At A.T. Kearney, our Global Cities Index (GCI) examines a comprehensive list of 84 cities on every continent, measuring how globally engaged they are across 26 metrics in five dimen*sions: business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement (see Appendix: Global Cities Index Methodology). Since we began the GCI in 2008, we've continually refreshed our metrics to reflect emerging trends, analyzed how cities evolve along each of them, and developed insights about how a city can become more global. ... Montréal ranks 30th ahead of Vancouver and many other important cities like Zurich , Roma , Munich , Houston and Atlanta . Click on the following link for the report :
  3. Here you go.
  4. GFCI 16 provides profiles, rating and rankings for 83 financial centres, drawing on two separate sources of data - instrumental factors (external indices) and responses to an online survey. 105 factors have been used in GFCI 16, of which 42 have been updated since GFCI 15 and 4 are new. New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore remain the top four centres. All fourt centres lose.points in the GFCI ratings but retain their relative ranks. New York remains the top centre but by only one point on a scale of 1,000. Following GFCI 15, London remains just behind New York due to uncertainty over the UK’s position in Europe, regulatory creep and the UK appearing to be less welcoming to foreigners all being contributing factors. ... Montreal went from 16th to 18th but still is in the top 20 !!
  5. Hi, its the first time I post something on this forum, which I think is amazing. I love the exchange of opinions and ideas. I would like to reply to this post as I think it is important to look not only at tax rates but also the service basket we get with our taxes. Quebecers might be taxed a lot but also receive a lot. Examples : low tuition fees, cheap electricity, cheap childcare , free healthcare, very generous parental leave program, government pension etc. To have access to these services cost a lot of money. I say either we change our way to do things i.e. utilisateur / payeur and raise tariffs and lower taxes or we stop complaining. We cant have both !! I personally am in favor of increasing electricity rates and think its a shame that we dont use Hydro Quebec to its full capacity. Alberta has oil, we have Hydro Quebec but we prefer to give ourselves a collective rebate instead of generating billions in profits and THEN lower taxes.... What do you think ? Sent from my SGH-T989D using Tapatalk
  6. Bonjour , Je travaille chez aerplan, filiale de aimia et je peux vous dire que nous occupons la majorité de l'édifice (environ 5 étages sur 7). Par contre j'ai entendu dire que mcgill prendrait éventuellement le controle de l'édifice. Il y a probablement près de 300 personnes d travaillant au siege social donc si on demenage va falloir trouver de grands bureaux pour tout ce beau monde.