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  1. Just curious....in segments where track and cantenary wire already exist, will those be replaced, or will they just incorporate the existing infrastructure into the system?
  2. Could it be the contractor is using the "Top Down" construction method? See the linked blog post below (and apologies that it is in English). Based on what I am seeing in the pictures, it does seem like they are installing/pouring the slurry wall along ther perimeter of the site. https://constructionduniya.blogspot.com/2012/02/top-down-construction.html
  3. Marriott has recently launched a series of brands under the "Autograph Collection" umbrella. They recently opened a new hotel here in Boston aimed at millennials called "The Envoy." (It sports a beautiful roof deck with a view of Boston's financial district) Perhaps this will be something similar? http://theenvoyhotel.com/
  4. I was able to visit Montreal this past weekend for my first visit since the early spring and I have to say, the view of the skyline coming over the Champlain Bridge on Friday night was stunning! This and the rest of the new buildings around the Bell Centre really make a tremendous difference!
  5. They are going to start construction at 48 percent in a declining market? Unless they plan to convert some of the floors to rental, this looks like a recipe for trouble.
  6. Well, my first visit to the city was in February. (Very cold btw). Visited again for a few days last week and had an amazing time. I'm hoping to make it a 2 or 3 times a year visit, a couple of times during hockey season with a few days in the summer mixed in.
  7. And to think, I thought my drive from Boston would get shaved by 20 minutes by the end of the year.....oh well.
  8. The video is great. At the risk of starting a debate, as much as I love both cities, I don't think Toronto can hold a candle to Montreal's physical beauty. Between the river, Mont Royal, the Laurentians to the north, the Greens to the southeast and the Adirondacks to the south, it is really one of the most beautiful settings for a city in North America. And it looks like the development pipeline in Montreal is picking up so hopefully that will only add to the city.
  9. Never been on the Cartier Bridge before. Perhaps my perspective is clouded by the fact that my arrival on the bridge completes a long trek through the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont. Perhaps that adds to the "drama" of arriving.
  10. I think the Champlain Bridge approach may be one of the best, if not the best, entrances to any city in North America. (The Fort Pitt Tunnel entrance into Pittsburgh is pretty dramatic as well)
  11. What you're describing would be considered fraud in the US. Even if you were to return deposits, a developer could never market units he had no legal right to construct. This seems rather extraordinary.
  12. I realize that office and residential floors differ with height, but if you look at his post, I believe he is speaking of the building in its entirety. The stats that I have seen published for the building is 130 meters or 35 foors. He's implying that limit at this site is actually 120 meters, so the city would be within its right to halt construction before the final 3 floors were constructed. That's what's throwing me off.
  13. I'm sorry, but I don't follow? Are you saying that the developer has designed, is constructing, and is marketing units that are on floors that he is prohibited by law from constructing? Does the city not review and approve plans before allowing construction? What about the people who might purchase units on the 33rd, 34th or 35th floor? I know I'm new here, but this doesn't make any sense.
  14. I wonder if it has even been built out. If you're going to spend $10 million on a condo, you're probably going to want to pick out your own finishings.
  15. 8 years and still not sold. That's insane! Why would a developer hold onto this for so long? And given their history, why would other developers include them in their plans for new buildings i.e. Altoria, TDC. Why not use the space to create 3 to 5 2-bedroom units with slightly bigger terraces and higher ceilings, mark up the price 5 to 10 percent for the view and be done with it?
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