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  1. Quebec’s culture department has authorized the stone-by-stone dismantling of the facade of a Plateau-Mont-Royal heritage building that partly collapsed two weeks ago, forcing the evacuation of 40 neighbours. Unless there are further snags in the decades-long saga over the 115-year-old building, that authorization means the property owner has until July 15 to complete the work. https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/facade-of-crumbling-esplanade-heritage-building-to-be-dismantled-stone-by-stone Here are some progress photos I took weekend bike rides...
  2. Évaluation foncière ou faisabilité? Aurais-tu de la documentation sur ces édifices de ces années-là? Je suis à la recherche d’information qui pré dates les travaux de démolition en 2011-12…
  3. Quebecor's site went from St-Jacques to Notre-Dame making it over double the size of this one...
  4. Here are some more recent pictures... 2016-11-17 Facade Ouest 2016-11.23 rue Saint Henri 2016-11-23 vue vers l'ouest sur Notre-Dame O. 2016-11-30 vue vers l'est sur Notre-Dame 2016-11-30 Vue de l'ensemble, coin Saint-Henri et Notre-Dame PS: the forum script seems to have changed... how do we visualise how many carrige returns there are in a post?
  5. Le 29/09/2016 Le colombage des murs / fenêtres de coin n’est pas encore débuter… ce que on voit dans les photos est les portes de l’ascenseur temporaire. Est tu dans le bâtiment Kocisko ou Quebecor sur St-Jacques?
  6. A quick snapshot taken Tuesday evening...
  7. Spotted in a local Montreal office building... The sign lives on… PS: the project is technically "completed"
  8. Some new pictures taken 13/07/2016... The 12th floor was poured at the beginning of this week... Inner courtyard: View from the 12th floor (Centre de Donner): The 12th floor with view of the Saint M and the Saint M2:
  9. A global view of 21e Arrondissement...
  10. A cityscape with the Centre de Donner taken today...
  11. I’m not sure who you are purchasing your windows from, but we’ve used both and I’ve generally paid slightly less for run of the mill curtain-walls than window-walls. Some reasons window-walls are used in condos are that they have better (predictable) acoustical performance and easier long term maintenance (ex: windows panes are replaceable from the interior). Of course there are exceptions for curtain-walls with very long spans, or unusually high number of openers… but I'm talking averages…
  12. Selon les taxes municipales, Esso est encore propriétaire de ce terrain…
  13. Exactly... Above the 6th floor, the building is set back from it's neighbor to the west, and has windows on all sides. The terraces on the RDC will be used by the two commercial spaces as outdoor areas Some additional photos taken 09/06/2016
  14. Agreed, it's a tasteful renovation... although the building is much more typical of 50-60's modernism (it was actually built in 1958-59)...
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