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  1. My favourite new building in downtown Montreal by far. It’s too bad it kind of gets lost in all those new condo buildings in the area. If it was just a tad taller, it would be a beautiful sight when driving in on the Ville-Marie.
  2. Haha Express? This store makes Le Chateau look amazing... In other news: All Saints is final opening a Montreal store. No word yet on a location but I bet it'll be either on Saint Catherine or at Carrefour Laval.
  3. Montreal needs to open a Shake Shack or In-N-Out Burger ASAP. But unfortunately that will never happen ?
  4. Actually I don't live in Vancouver anymore. Was there from 2009-2012 and yes I know exactly what you mean by false creek. I lived there by the stadium! I can't seem to change my location in my profile for some reason. Never the less, I figured the location of this project will be in complete construction dust for many years before it looks great but at least we have something to look forward to in the area with the big changes coming at Montmorency aswell. It will be a nice change from Vieux SteRose where I am now.
  5. That sounds great! I will be moving into the new condo building so it's great to see some big things coming near the metro. The city of Laval really wants Montrealers to make trips to points of interest in Laval instead of vice versa. It's great to see something like this going ahead in my new hood! Thanks for the info!
  6. What will this Place Publique and pole mixte be? Any details on these?
  7. There has been talks that BIG is in the works of designing a project in Montreal and Toronto as well. Once their Vancouver proposal gets off its feet, we will hear about there other projects for Canadas 2 other major cities. Stay tuned!!
  8. Love love love this building. Cant wait to see it for my self in April
  9. Loving this project! we need to see more of these going up in the area and downtown. Downtown Montreal needs to be more livable. This project reminds me of the condos in Yaletown here in Vancouver. Except the prices to own one of these things here is double, if not more, then in Montreal.
  10. We will be seeing J.Crew sometime soon for sure. They are rapidly expanding all over Canada. Here in Vancouver, they are close to opening 2 stores downtown. One of which is a 2 story store on Robson Street and one store at the mall one block away! Haha. Topshop and Topman will be launching there capsules shops in the Bay downtown Montreal and later on open a full size flagship store within the Bay with its very own entrance. That will do wonders on that part of St. Catherine street. They are a huge competitor with H&M. The Topshop and Topman store has been launched in Toronto downtown Bay store already and a capsule has hit the Vancouver downtown bay store. Montreal is next after Vancouver gets the full flagship which is starting construction in April.