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  1. I won't happen this year. There also having financial issues and look at suspending Boston. My bet is it gets delayed.
  2. Le seul argument solide est quelle serait le retour economique pour la population Montrealaise et Quebecois avec le retour des Expos. Parlez-y avec le secteur touristique de Montreal.
  3. Just curious - have you been to area around the Bell Centre, ScotiaBank area in Toronto or the Rogers arena in Vancouver. And have you been to Oracle Park in San Francisco? If you haven't, well I have... and perhaps you should see for yourself how the area around it has come to life.
  4. I'm being serious. I want our lovely mayor to come out in the media and overtly say that this is a project that will benefit tremendous economic opportunity to Montrealers including small business owners (shops/restos etc.). Just say it - can't be that hard
  5. For every positive reference or for ever nuance that she might be in favor, there's more negative conditions associated with the project. For once it would be great for her to outright say "this is GREAT for Montreal and we must do everything in our power to make this happen"...
  6. What's the mayor;s view on the following points; -The thousands of incremental tourists that will spend money in our local businesses, restaurants and hotels -The incremental tax dollars that will help fix roads, fix infrastructure and potentially lower the tax burden for people who can barely make ends meet Could somebody in this administration please speak about the economy. Could somebody for once talk about economic benefits and win/win projects for the city... enough.
  7. But Montreal is booming Peekay...LOL this is comical
  8. Norwegian has one foot in the grave. Very doubtful.
  9. YMQ

    Taux de chômage

    Need to keep pace with Ontario, if not, overgrow Ontario. But the forecast at 1.3% GDP in 2020 is nothing to be excited about - and certainly not representative of an "economic boom"
  10. YMQ

    Taux de chômage

    This is great. The outlook for Quebec is really positive - but we have a lot of catch up required and a fiscal reduction would hope further stimulate growth.
  11. YMQ

    Taux de chômage

    I absolutely love the down voters on this board, because they really know what they're doing-voting for. Look at 2014-2017 period, it's only in 2018 that Quebec pulls ahead from a GDP perspective... and that's great. If it could continue another 5-10 years we will be rejoicing. #mercidownvoters #facts
  12. YMQ

    Taux de chômage

    Again you're not listening. I never said anything about Montreal not performing well. I simply said, that GDP is the measure of prosperity and productivity. A one-year trend where Montreal beats Toronto in GDP is not a statistical trend. Montreal is doing well, but it could do a LOT better...
  13. YMQ

    Taux de chômage

    Spare me the melodramatic stuff and show me the hard numbers. What is Montreal's GDP growth vs. the ROC in the last 1-3-5-10-20 years. If you want to have a debate on economic performance, productivity (i.e. GDP) is the key measure of growth/prosperity. This is not to say it's the only metric, but it's the one that gives us a true apples to apples comparison. For the record- Montreal is NOT doing better than Toronto.
  14. So let me get this straight - V.Plante will consult Montrealers and those will show up in large numbers are the anti-progress, anti-capitalist and very left wing segment of the population. This sounds like another side show and here again, poor Montreal.
  15. Thank godness we kicked out the political party that got us here... 🤣