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  1. So the city will de-facto block the stadium proposal?
  2. It's unbelievable what you can accomplish when you put sovereignty and other nonsense items behind you. We've had good governance and generally pro-business governments, and it has yielded an impressive turn around. We still have a ton of catching up to do, it's only in the last 3 years that our REAL GDP has grown by 2% - we could use another 5+ years.
  3. Seeing the hype/media hysteria over the Raptors clearly depicts why Montreal needs to get on the North American professional sports map. Nobody is talking the NHL final - and nobody in the US seems to care (or Canada for that matter). For those who want to see Montreal in the conversation again, we need to find a way to attract the MLB/NBA to Montreal. Let's stop this "we are Montreal, we're unique and charming in our isolated way" nonsense.
  4. Maudit que Canderel a aucune vision. Lot #1 - Maestria Lot #2 - 1 Philipps Square.
  5. Yeah because we've done so great in the last 3 decades
  6. If this project doesn't happen - it'll turn off investors in investing in large scale projects in Montreal.
  7. Relax. I never said Power wasn't Montreal. I simply said, don't think that because Doug Ford is PM of Ontario that all of a sudden the whole tech/AI landscape is going to shift to Montreal. I love what Mrs.Desmarais is doing for our city. I hope it leads to the creation of Montreal-based large scale tech firms that can rival the giants. I don't want our city to be a research haven only to feed the motherships in Silicon Valley or Boston. And YES, it would be nice if some of Power's financial holding were actually Montreal HQ'd.
  8. Meanwhile - both HSBC and Weight Watchers just announce artifcial intelligence labs in Toronto. And WealthSimple just attracted a $100M of new investment. Let's not count out our much stronger opponent down the 401.
  9. I get your point - but is Montreal at the price point that audacious architecture means return on investment for promoters. Montreal's per square foot revenue is not Toronto nor Vancouver.
  10. I think you need to re-think this statement.
  11. Close the income tax gap with Ontario please. The middle class could use a tax break.
  12. I actually have something intelligent to contribute, you should think of doing the same.
  13. I'll find you limitations with measuring unemployment rates - simply put, it doesn't translate to wealth creation and productivity. One thing it does show is that the Quebec labour market is too tight, and the CAQ's policies of limiting immigration will make it more challenging for companies to find skilled labour to fill vacancies.