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  1. and we kicked out the government that helped us get here!!
  2. Step 1 - Save a massive head office in SNC Lavalin. Montreal can't afford to lose another head office of international stature.
  3. This is good news. It will make all the airlines in Montreal much healthier as there's no longer an airline selling tickets under cost. I'll take a stronger Air Canada, British Airways and Air France before WOW.
  4. But MOntreal is doing better than Toronto.... - anonymous mtlurb user
  5. That's great.. but the French traveller is typically low-yield (as witnessed by the Level, Corsair, Transat capacity). We would need to better diversify.
  6. Where do you read this Normand. If you can't back it up, then don't say anything.
  7. I think ACPNC is in mourning....
  8. Cmon Frank. There have been posters on this board suggesting that Montreal is doing better than Toronto etc. I'll re-iterate what should be obvious to all Montrealers, we need to keep pace with Toronto and Boston. Being top 25 isn't good enough, we need to top 10 if not even top 5. Yes Montreal is doing better, but simply not good enough at this time.
  9. Toronto did 11x the talent that Montreal did - and we’re happy! Just unbelievable.
  10. Total retaliation for Air Canada proposing Calgary-London,Ont.
  11. I won't happen this year. There also having financial issues and look at suspending Boston. My bet is it gets delayed.
  12. Le seul argument solide est quelle serait le retour economique pour la population Montrealaise et Quebecois avec le retour des Expos. Parlez-y avec le secteur touristique de Montreal.
  13. Just curious - have you been to area around the Bell Centre, ScotiaBank area in Toronto or the Rogers arena in Vancouver. And have you been to Oracle Park in San Francisco? If you haven't, well I have... and perhaps you should see for yourself how the area around it has come to life.