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  1. You should see what the Journal de Montreal is saying. The PLQ and Leitao are basically seen as traitors and immoral souls.
  2. Who said the sky is falling? Get a grip. We're saying that Quebec's economy is going to lose momentum due to lower demographic growth.
  3. Do you buy this with this current minister? He's all over the place...
  4. So Quebec's economy is expected to slow next year. Why you may ask? Principal reason is reduction in immigration and demographic weakness in the province. Il faut arreter de se tirer dans le pied. On vit tellement un beau momentum dans la province - il faut augmenter notre poid demographique. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/briefing/article-economically-speaking-bc-is-killing-it-alberta-is-pushing-it/
  5. When you tax the hell out of small business and make parking a life challenge - this is the result. We need business friendly leadership in this city.
  6. Will fall on deaf ears. The hinterland in Quebec loves these policies.
  7. Il faut au moins avoir des taxes marginales moins eleves que l'Ontario pour les moins de $100,000 salaire. Voila comment reduire l'ecart
  8. Est-ce qu'on pourrait reduire les impots - pour ceux sans familles (moi j'ai 3 enfants) / et pour que nous puissons encourager les jeunes a s'etablir au Quebec
  9. Thank god we have Broccolini. In this time of debates on immigration and contribution to society - a nice story of Italian immigrants becoming a catalyst for economic development in our city. Wish others had the same vision
  10. Economics. The $/per sq feet doesn't justify the additional investment cost of higher end architecture + better materials. Look at Victoria Sur Le Parc, it's only with a high price point do we get some type of innovative architecture,
  11. This architecture is a bit boring and this is a PRIME location. Montreal's $/sq feet doesn't command top dollar and there we're not going to get crazy innovative here, but I'm hoping for something better than what we see her (although preliminary).
  12. Too bad the predominant language of international commerce is english.
  13. LOL. I'd love for you to personally tally Greenlobster rumour to success ratio. Then you can talk.
  14. Yawn! I hate fake rumours.
  15. This is not a C-Series issues - this is an engine issue.