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  1. Doug - British Airways will be back in YUL. Right now there's no agreement between Canada and the UK - UK citizens are not allowed in the country and Canadians must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the UK. Unfortunately there's very few UK Nationals who live in Quebec, and few Quebeckers who live in the UK - unlike Toronto/Vancouver. Conversely, Air France flies to Montreal but not Toronto nor Vancouver at this time. Even Air Canada isn't flying Montreal-Heathrow and I assure you they will be back.
  2. SOmetimes its better to say nothing. Moderna/Pfizer/J&J/and GSK will all be ready with billions of doses by mid-2021. For sure the Western World gets its first, and the at risk population is prioritized. You have zero credibility to come up with such pessimistic nonsense. I'll go with the experts. Thanks.
  3. SNC shareholders today approved a resolution that calls for full flexibility to move their headquarters outside Canada after 2024. Watch this one closely.. the damage has been done...
  4. YMQ


    Truly remarkable project. Finally a real estate development with vision in this city. Can somebody do a before and after comparison.
  5. YMQ


    Competition is always a good thing. This is what some of the posters on mtlurb simply can't grasp.
  6. YMQ


    Excited for Royalmount.. it may force others to innovate, and for the city of Montreal to be more competitive (taxes/views on mobility).
  7. This is fantastic news! Need big names like this in our fair city.
  8. YMQ


    Very happy to see this project in full force. Go RoyalMount!!
  9. What a joke. How to protect 3,000 jobs without investing a cent...
  10. Think of the 10,000 or so employees who make good salaries - think about the ecosystem in Quebec that comes around Bombardier. The supply chain around Bombardier here in Montreal is massive. Put the aerospace business in the hands of a foreign entity, no guarantee production and the supply chain stays in Quebec for the long-haul. This is high stakes for the Quebec economy.
  11. Great. So Montreal and Canada will become a hotbed of video games, p**n companies, and multimedia studios. We won't make airplanes or trains - we won't be a global champion of anything other than high taxes... be real for a second.
  12. The future is very bleak - and the next step is bankruptcy or a full divestment of Bombardier's assets. This is not a joke nor hyperbole. The future of Quebec's aerospace sector is playing out here - and there's a lot to be worried about. Bombardier aerospace is not powerful alone to pay off the debt of this company. We can't afford to lose another head office, and what's left of the Canadian economy? Legault and Fitzgibbon needs to play this well.
  13. Very very sad. https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2020/01/20/les-sieges-sociaux-de-bell-et-molson-de-plus-en-plus-vides Aucun haut dirigeant de Molson a Montreal. These are real problems.