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  1. You’re a very very jealous person.
  2. Quebec has enough power, capital and influence to compete. We have the Caisse De Depot, IQ, FTQ, and significant venture capital firms based in Montreal to compete with Toronto. We need Quebec "know-how" to create world class companies based in Montreal. And we can't watch our HQs drift (Bell, SNC, Real Ventures) to Toronto or elsewhere. So I refuse to indulge in "woah-is-me" approach that we take in this city sometimes. So we have a competitive edge on AI - now let's create some major global powerhouses in Montreal. And they have all the funding levers at their disposal.
  3. Bonjour/Hi Steve, I'm the first to post good news when it comes to tangible stuff (aviation, major HQs, real tech). Unlike you, I don't see the major value prop for Montreal to be so heavily concentrated in video gaming and AI - and the whole time I've been saying that Quebec/Montreal needs to be an economy of owners not outpost for major tech motherships. Nous disons toujours "maitres chez-nous" n'est-ce pas? You may not agree with my opinion, that's fine, but I certainly don't need to see a psychologist merci
  4. Knowing this - all efforts need to be made to prevent this from happening
  5. Please stop using the Toronto card. They won that battle a long time ago. I interact with many fine Toronto business people, and I assure you there's no jealousy/envy. They feel no particular threat from North of the 401 to be very fair. There is reason for optimism but EN garde. SNC has hired their engineering services president in Toronto (remember HQ provision ends in 2024). Nearly all of SNC's Exec committee reps are not in Montreal. and our aerospace sector in this city is decimated (without any support from our governments). Airbus/Bombardier/Pratt/Air Canada/Transat have layed off
  6. We need our researchers to create a product, a business...something sustainable. Not something that ends up in the interests of foreign companies.
  7. This is a bunch of window dressing nonsense. This isn’t good news. Hope I’m wrong
  8. Bonjour/Hi https://www.lesaffaires.com/techno/technologie-de-l-information/element-ai-vendue-a-la-societe-americaine-servicenow/621496 Le Chou Chou de notre societe d'IA au Quebec (Canada) est maintenant vendu au interets Americain. Like I've mentioned previously, don't get too excited about the AI sector in Montreal until we can form world-class companies that can survive on their own (i.e. Shopify/Lightspeed etc.). Meme si ServiceNow preservera le siege a Montreal, c'est une tres tres mauvaise nouvelle pour le secteur Techno a Montreal. C'est bien d'avoir des sieges de recher
  9. Means nothing. All changes are done a month out.
  10. That's incorrect. The Quarantine act applies to all Canadians leaving the country until Aug 31.
  11. Doug - British Airways will be back in YUL. Right now there's no agreement between Canada and the UK - UK citizens are not allowed in the country and Canadians must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the UK. Unfortunately there's very few UK Nationals who live in Quebec, and few Quebeckers who live in the UK - unlike Toronto/Vancouver. Conversely, Air France flies to Montreal but not Toronto nor Vancouver at this time. Even Air Canada isn't flying Montreal-Heathrow and I assure you they will be back.
  12. SOmetimes its better to say nothing. Moderna/Pfizer/J&J/and GSK will all be ready with billions of doses by mid-2021. For sure the Western World gets its first, and the at risk population is prioritized. You have zero credibility to come up with such pessimistic nonsense. I'll go with the experts. Thanks.
  13. SNC shareholders today approved a resolution that calls for full flexibility to move their headquarters outside Canada after 2024. Watch this one closely.. the damage has been done...
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