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  1. I said that, in general, Quebeckers travel less within domestic Canada due to lack of cultural links. WestJet flies more seats to Ottawa and Halifax to Montreal - this says it all.
  2. Issue being that the cultural dissimilarities between Quebec and the ROC leads a lower domestic travel propensity.
  3. I'm not going to be bullied by a little childish keyboard warrior such as yourself. You're a big insecure bully and frankly a pest. In fact, you're little downvoting nonsense is frankly getting tiring. I'll call you out at every opportunity possible until you decide to become polite and have an adult conversation. @normand hamel - some on this thread have suggested that the great emigration of anglo institutions have led to today's so-called revolution tranquille 2.0. I'm disagreeing with this view. I'm suggesting that the reason for Montreal's prosperity is its diversity, its educational institutions and plurality that has led to the impressive results of recent. It's our biggest strength and the foundation of what makes Montreal an international city. Hope you can see my point of view. And let's be honest with ourselves, the stability and predictability of the political environment in Quebec is foundational to investment and business confidence.
  4. Debate like a half-rational human, and stop being so darn childish. you're not much braver by taking cheapshots. The revolution tranquille 2.0, if we want to call it, is not caused by the turn over of the so-called anglo exodus - it's the fact that Montreal (Quebec's economic engine) is a diverse, multi-cultural and bilingual city that is attractive, and promotes creativity. It's a city that is oozing with talent, because of its diversity and its educational institutions (francais et anglais). Montreal has produced virtually all the jobs and all the growth in our province. This wealth was created by francophone, anglophone, and allophone. So to say that because we got rid of the banks, and because we send hundreds of thousands of Montrealers down to 401, and lost all the wealth related to numerous head offices sent to Toronto - that this is turned caused Montreal to finally come of its cocoon is a bit far-fetched.
  5. I'm talking about the fact that nearly 5 years ago, Quebec was heading down a road of disaster under the PQ leadership. Debt/Deficit growing, business confidence low, emigration and stagnant economic growth. Since 2014- the story is drastically different and if we call this recent history "revolution tranquille 2.0" - I would argue it's the effect of a stable pro-business and pro-fiscal discipline political party.
  6. YMQ

    Expos coming back?

    Please just stop. If you don't like the MLB thats your personal choice. Having the Montreal Expos back is a major boost for the cities touristic and hospitality sectors. The NBA wants no business to be in Montreal.
  7. YMQ

    Expos coming back?

    lets go EXPOS!
  8. So the city will de-facto block the stadium proposal?
  9. It's unbelievable what you can accomplish when you put sovereignty and other nonsense items behind you. We've had good governance and generally pro-business governments, and it has yielded an impressive turn around. We still have a ton of catching up to do, it's only in the last 3 years that our REAL GDP has grown by 2% - we could use another 5+ years.
  10. Seeing the hype/media hysteria over the Raptors clearly depicts why Montreal needs to get on the North American professional sports map. Nobody is talking the NHL final - and nobody in the US seems to care (or Canada for that matter). For those who want to see Montreal in the conversation again, we need to find a way to attract the MLB/NBA to Montreal. Let's stop this "we are Montreal, we're unique and charming in our isolated way" nonsense.
  11. Maudit que Canderel a aucune vision. Lot #1 - Maestria Lot #2 - 1 Philipps Square.
  12. Yeah because we've done so great in the last 3 decades