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  1. Good regional add. I believe this was served about 10 years ago or so.
  2. AC does not have service to YXU from YHZ.
  3. Besides LIM, BOG and GRU, I would assume that the largest South American markets out of YUL would also include GIG, no?
  4. How well is the route timed for Northeastern US connections? Thinking BDL, BOS, NYC, PHL, WAS, PIT...
  5. BOG would have been a good connecting point for travelers going to/from Brazil. Or for all of South America, for that matter.
  6. My guess: look out for SEA and SAN in 2020 with the arrival of the A220s.
  7. LHR occupies a rectangle where its terminals are situated between two parallel runways. Essentially, it's the perfect shape for an airport. YMX's current land area does not occupy a perfect rectangle like LHR.
  8. Not exactly - it sort of depends on how this land is configured/spread out.
  9. How big is YUL? How many acres of land does YUL occupy?
  10. I happen to totally agree. YHU never seemed closer to me to downtown than YUL.
  11. Canada Jetlines Announces Planned Routes out of Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport
  12. chris

    Montreal's Future Skyline

    What is that CN building???