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La réception ducale à Montréal : Les décorations : 1) L'édifice de La Presse ; 2) Arc de triomphe McGill ; 3) Arc des citoyens, angle Peel et Sherbrooke ; 4) Arc, angle Windsor et Dorchester ; 5) Arc, angle St-Denis et Sherbrooke ; 6) Vue de la rue St-Jacques ; 7) Rue Windsor, près Ste-Catherine ; 8) Arc, place Jacques-Cartier ; 9) La gare Windsor ; 10) Rue Sherbrooke, près St-Laurent




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merci pour les commentaires, I appreciate all the comments :).


Here are some facts about the Windsor station:


-located at 1100 De La Gauchetière Street West

-built between 1887 and 1889

-was the Canadian Pacific Railway's (CPR) headquarters until 1996

-built by New York architect Bruce Price who is also the architect of the Château Frontenac in Québec city.

-was constructed at a cost of $300,000 CAD

-structure no longer is connected to the rail network

-CPR still uses part of the building for some of its operations, such as rail traffic control in Quebec and Southern Ontario

-rest of Windsor Station been redeveloped into an office and hotel complex and is famous for hosting an annual beer festival.

-Windsor Station was designated in 1990 as a heritage railway station by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada

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Old Montreal: The Windsor Hotel at the corner of Renée Levesque (then Dorchester) and Peel streets appears in this undated photo from The Gazette archive.


For a daily look at vintage Montreal, follow @OldMontreal on Instagram:


For our timeline of Montreal history through the pages of The Gazette, visit:

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  • Contenu similaire

    • Par IluvMTL
      A feasibility study to consider the addition of various options in proximity to McTavish Street to facilitate access to the Belvedere Kondiaronk/Chalet and other areas up the hill from downtown, especially for seniors and the mobility/physically challenged, but also to serve other users.
      Making the Mont-Royal and other points up the hill more accessible 
      As it now stands, as far as reaching the lookout or chalet is concerned, the Peel steps and various inclines encountered are out of the question for many, including families. The closest alternate route by public transit is via Guy, plus 2 buses and a walk. That is not very convenient for many. Another important consideration is that there are no elevators in the Guy metro for people who need them.  The McTavish route could let people off in the Allan Memorial Institute parking lot, a few steps from the  Route Olmstead which has a much gentler slope for going the rest of the way to the lookout. If a bus route is the option selected, the service could be seasonal, or only in service on week-ends, holidays and special events. Other options for the mountain could be a funiculaire or an electric shuttle that would travel on the Olmstead Road at a reduced speed about once an hour.  Advantages
      A more convenient route would be an enticement to visit the mountain, and more often, since it would be much simpler and quicker for tourists and montrealers to reach the lookout. It would also ensure that the chalet be better utilized since it would be so much easier to get to, no matter the season. More concerts and special events could be held there throughout the seasons. Since the McTavish line would run though the McGill Campus, it would also be a N-S shuttle of sorts, getting McGill students and employees between the various campus buildings and the REM/Metro/downtown. This line could also be used for residents in the Square Mille, McGill Ghetto as well people going to games at Molson stadium or the other McGill athletic facilities. Being part of the Fleuve-Montagne makes it an natural draw for tourists and this line is only steps away from the main tourist office on Square Dorchester as well as Sainte-Catherine and may major hotels. People could also transfer to the ave des Pins bus for other points east and west. The line is a short hop from McGill Metro, the REM and Central Station, making it part of the hub. The route could be extended further southward to the Tourist office at Dorchester or  widened to cover a broader area if need be. This line would be an alternative to the bus lines that run north, on Guy and du Parc. Easier public access means fewer private cars and tour busses traveling to the mountain, and fewer vehicles on the road. A fee structure could be put in place to include the shuttle and funicular, or just the shuttle to the site (reg. STM bus pass) (close to the Grand Escalier et the Route Olmstead). Access to PVM & Olympic Tower are in the ($20-25). The Kondiaronk summit on Mont-Royal is a major tourist attraction.
      Let's facilitate access for all groups & promote another way to experience the mountain.
      Image 1: McTavish Funicular Shuttle Route (in orange)
      Image 2: Funicular (universal access) inspired by the one in use at Montmartre (Paris) 

    • Par Marc.PMR
      Ce n'est pas la nouvelle la plus récente, mais je m'étonne qu'elle n'ait pas été reprise et commentée sur ce site.
      Avec la collaboration d'une société comme Kéolis ou Transdev (opérateurs de trains pour passagers en Europe et toutes deux bien présentes au Québec), j'aimerais croire que l'exploitation d'un tel service est au moins envisageable. Un train régional entre Montréal et Sherbrooke desservirait un bassin de population non négligeable et offrirait une option de transport pratique aux amateurs de sports d'hiver
    • Par andre md
      Bonne nouvelle.
      Tres bonne chance d'avoir prochainement des douanes a la gare centrale.
      Ce qui pourrait contribuer a retablir une liaison Montreal-Washington et aussi reduire le temps du trajet en train vers New-York.
    • Par roger
      Discussion génrale sur la Gare Centrale de Montréal
      Historique de la gare: