Montréal, 3 é Centre Financier en Amérique du Nord

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We need to look at this last gfci ranking compared to the previous one in Mach. 


Usually there is no significant change to notice over such a short period of time, only 6 months. We would expect major changes to take place over a long period, unless something serious enough happens that will change the global picture.

The ranking of all US cities  plunged between march and sept. Examples.:

                   March       Sept

Chicago     7                24

Boston       9                19

SF               6                16

Us cities score much lower in this survey. NYC  lost 24 points, but still ranks no 2, as it is such a powerhouse anyways.

It is obvious that this survey reflects the fear of upcoming trade wars with the US. The financial centres rely on more than only capital. They must have the right conditions for effective trade.

Canadian cities are moving up in the ranking, not because we are on an upswing ( we also lost a few points) but because the US are on a major downswing.


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Il y a 6 heures, mont royal a dit :

Is this a useless indicator for New York? for London?

Useless yes, in the sense that these cities do not derive their strengths from this indicator, or from any other, for this matter.  The fundamentals do.  

It is difficult for me to «believe»  that the above fundamentals could be affected in any significant way by the publishing of any such ranking surveys.  If they were, we would witness frequent, inordinate shifts in the actual primary locations of the finance industry.  

Changes in the regulatory environment are far more important.

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7 hours ago, YUL said:


If it alerts some financial leaders (for which the criteria used are in line with their own) that maybe Montreal should be considered for their relocation/expansion projects, all the better.

That survey just show (using those criteria) that Montreal is currently an attractive place to be located (for financial business activities) nothing more, nothing less.

Nobody is pretending that Montreal became a financial powerhouse overnight... (but if those indicators keeps improving, maybe we will in 20 years from now ;-) 


Great points made by YUL. I completely agree. If these rankings keep showing that Montreal is a good place to do business, then who knows  where we'll be 20 years down the road!

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6 hours ago, franktko said:

mark, mark... this survey asked hundreds maybe thousands of people and you turn around and ask 3 of your pals and then discredit the entire survey? You're starting to sound like andre md :P


What's the point? 

J'apporte toujours des liens pour appuyer ce que je dit. Je ne me fie pas a 3 personnes pour justifier mes propos. Et je ne me fie pas non plus a MtlIURb qui ne représente pas la majorité de la population. 

Certains on la très mauvaise habitude de prendre seulement une partie de ce que je dit. 

Les sondages et enquêtes faut en prendre et en laisser juste a voir les sondages avant le Brexit ils se sont planter. 

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