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    24 year old university student, studying cinema.
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  1. Montréal, 3 é Centre Financier en Amérique du Nord

    If they had us ranked dead last, you would have written something along the lines of "Brilliant ranking, perfectly summarizes my own feelings, Montreal is inferior to other places, I'm right, blah blah" but because they have us ranked higher than you think we deserve, the ranking is therefore "far removed from reality". A ranking that has London and NYC at the very top. Yes, how ludicrous a list indeed. LOL.
  2. The Legendary Montréal Crowd

    Episode II:
  3. CHUM - 17, 20 étages

    Logo being installed, August 26
  4. I made a compilation video of amazing concert moments between Singers and the Montreal crowd. There's clearly something in the water in this town. Try and watch it all the way through, it's worth it, I promise you! Enjoy!
  5. My newest video, featuring tourists trying smoked meat at Schwartz's for the first time. It's one of my favourite places in town, so I'm glad I was able to find enough footage to make it work. There's definitely some great reactions in here! I was also able to include a really cute moment with Céline Dion asking about the secret recipe. I'm going to try and make at least one MTL-specific video a month and post it on my channel. Please Share if you like it! If you have any ideas on what my next video should be about, or you would like to direct me to a video you stumbled upon, let me know! Thanks everyone.
  6. Montreal: A Short Film featuring Tourists

    ^ I saved those videos, hope to make something special with them. He really expressed his love for Montreal in those videos. Newest video by me: Tourists Eat At Schwartz For The First Time:
  7. Expos coming back?!?

    I follow Jack Todd on Twitter. He has no fucking clue what he's talking about, on any issue. His ignorance and ability to twist anything and everything amazes me. He once said the Expos would never ever come back. I wouldn't be surprised if he's hoping they don't, just so he can say he was right. What a tool.
  8. L'Économie du Québec Quebec (province) 5,8% Quebec (ville) 4,0% Montreal 6,3% Ottawa 6,5% Toronto 6,9% Never thought I'd see numbers like this, I'm stunned.
  9. Statistiques PAX

    YUL revised up in June! ADM posted official numbers on their page: 9.8% increase in June now, instead of 9.1% 8.8% YTD total of 8,548,131 International was up 15.8% in June and 17.8% in the 2nd trimester. International traffic alone is already up by more than +400k vs 2016. We could end the year with +1 million more international passengers versus 2016, NOT including Transborder. Absolutely insane numbers! In fact, YUL grew more in absolute numbers in June than YVR did (152k vs 146k). Montreal is back baby! Vive 375!
  10. Statistiques PAX

    6 months in and YUL has seen an increase of 679k passengers versus 2016, and we haven't even hit July and August. If things continue like this, we could be looking at an increase of 1.2-1.4 million for the year and perhaps 18 million total. Incredible!
  11. 628 Saint-Jacques - 35 étages

    Don't know what you guys are seeing. It's dreadful
  12. YouTube

    I hope people don't mind me posting these here
  13. YouTube