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Chris1989 a gagné pour la dernière fois le 29 novembre 2017

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    24 year old university student, studying cinema.
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    Film, urbanity.
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  1. Yes! It's slightly off, I love that small detail. A photo I took and posted on Instagram:
  2. I made one of these last year and it ended up becoming quite successful so here's a new one with a little more punch. The music licence was quite pricey ($$) so please share it!
  3. Couillard gave a pretty optimistic speech about the future of this province, and what he has planned for it. Fingers crossed for a PLQ bump in October.
  4. Trains for the REM will be built in India according to La Presse.
  5. Campus MIL

    A stunning project. Adding to Montreal's incredible array of university campuses.
  6. Nouveau Pont Champlain

    From @itsbiyological on Instagram:
  7. Maybe $3.9 billion also includes more trains? Couillard had said a second order for Azur trains was most likely coming.
  8. Build it build it build it, stfu and build it!
  9. Le Grand Déblocage

    Hahahahaha the PQ is such a joke. They've been slowly eroding support for decades now and this is the grand plan that will fix their terrible fortunes? Stick a nail in their coffin. They are finished. Good fucking riddance.
  10. Saw it the other night, really nice. It harmonizes well with Sun Life and Aldred
  11. It's coming. All the naysayers will be proven wrong.
  12. Statistiques PAX Janvier 2018 1 421 794 +5.5% Domestic +4.2% International +7.0% Transborder +4.5%
  13. Somehow we got a lower score vs Toronto in food, transport and festivals. Lol, wut?