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    24 year old university student, studying cinema.
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    Film, urbanity.
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  1. Chris1989

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    An operational roadway. All the non-essentials will be finished in January/February. If you happen to meet someone who worked on the bridge, you'll notice the pride they have in being a part of this project. The guy I know moved here with his family to help construct it, and says it's the most amazing project he's ever been a part of, and yet the media just keeps asking "yeah but when will it be finished?" I am so tired of the whining in this city. They've had to deal with dreadful weather conditions in the last year which cut into their work schedule (the deep freeze of last winter, the scorching heat records of last summer), the crane operator strike cost them half a month of work, the limitations put on the old Champlain which meant certain materials could not be brought to site in the way they intended and slowed down their progress... it's been one roadblock after another and somehow they're still on track to complete one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever attempted in North America. This new bridge was meant to be completed in 2022 and was only advanced to 2018 when the old one showed it was degrading faster than expected. They've somehow managed to construct one of the widest bridges in the world while dealing with persistent problems in an astonishing ~3 years (2015-2018). The old Champlain (1/3rd the width) took 5 years to be built (1957-1962). Sorry for the rant (this wasn't specifically directed at you Decel) but I had to express just how tired I am of the pessimism and negativity that bogs down this city. We're getting a stunning new piece of infrastructure that is designed to last 125 years and will no doubt be a new icon for our city and yet, if the bridge is delayed even a tiny bit, it will somehow be the end of the world and the media will go into hysterics.
  2. Chris1989

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    I still think they deserve an additional 14 days, after the crane operator strike. Give them until the first/second week of January and call it even. Someone I know who works on site claims they are pretty sure they can get it done in time... we'll see
  3. Chris1989

    Buzz Around Montréal Montreal has reinvented itself as the world's AI startup powerhouse Affordable office space and a community feel have helped Canada’s second-largest city develop into a thriving AI hotspot
  4. Chris1989

    Le Village gai - Projets et nouvelles

    Le Devoir is getting just as bad as The Gazette
  5. Chris1989

    Parc Jean-Drapeau : rénovations

    Montreal has a knack for building truly great public spaces. Can't wait to go discover this one.
  6. Chris1989

    Ouvrages d'art - Antenne Rive-Sud

    from REM twitter page, south shore pillars going up
  7. Chris1989

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    Thanks Rocco, perfectly said.
  8. So can we definitely say that this is Montreal's biggest boom ever? Two 200m towers (1000, 1250) to a possible 6 (Qds, BN, Victoria) and the boom doesn't look anywhere near over.
  9. Chris1989

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    Screenshot from video:
  10. Chris1989

    Victoria sur le Parc - 55 étages

    80% Wow unbelievable news. The ads everywhere paid off. This is going to brilliantly extend the skyline south (east?) when viewed from the Old Port and Ile St Helene. A pointed tower to the left of Tour de la Bourse that is taller and a building behind it (BN Tower) that is taller + wider. Bring on 2022!
  11. Chris1989

    Échangeur Dorval

    Wow great news! I'm glad they didn't bail on this one, finish the job.
  12. Chris1989

    Échangeur Dorval

    There's been workers digging every night for the last week around the circle at the 20. Looks like soil tests being done.
  13. New video I made highlighting how special it is to play a concert in this city. Share!