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    24 year old university student, studying cinema.
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    Film, urbanity.
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  1. Happy Bastille Day! Little short film I made:
  2. Haha thanks MtlMan!
  3. ville-marie

    My photos from Sunday, July 9
  4. Here is my latest Montreal video, featuring tourists discovering Old Montreal. Share it if you like it! Making these tourist videos of Montreal has given me the idea of creating a channel where I post similar videos for cities and destinations around the world, and my first non-Montreal video is Paris! Here it is, please share it if you like it! Thanks everyone.
  5. ville-marie

    Went by it last night, it has quite a presence. Brilliant addition to the Old Port.
  6. ville-marie

    This morning at sunrise, taken by a friend of mine.
  7. This will sound crazy to some of you, but what a time to be alive! I never got to witness the 60s boom, or the 76 Olympics, and all the infrastructure that was built during those two decades, but this is just as exciting. New towers, rebuilding of all our crumbling infrastructure and the construction of entire new projects. Thumbs up to the PLQ, and to Coderre. They're not perfect, and Coderre really rubs me the wrong way too often, but how can you deny what has gone on in the last few years? I was raised in a climate of Montreal is a "has-been city." How wrong they were.
  8. Could not agree more. As I said last month in a post somewhere on this forum, in the not too distant future, one may look back at Montreal's 40-ish years of stagnation and say it was nothing more than a small blip in the grand scheme of things.
  9. Thanks Lindberg! The music at the beginning and end comes from the Planet Earth II soundtrack, led by Hans Zimmer.
  10. This is great, I'm definitely going to use this for something in the future. Thanks everyone for the feedback!
  11. Hey everyone, here's my latest film in honour of Montreal's 375th. This one has taken me awhile, I've included clips from TV shows, movies, celebrities, etc. If this gets seen by a few Americans thinking about their next travel destination, great, but I think deep down, this is more a film to get Montrealers to see how much this city resonates with people around the world and how lucky we all are to live here. Share it if you want! Thanks everyone, and Bonne Fête Montréal. I was at the bridge illumination last night, like I'm sure many of you were, and the buzz in the city completely floored me. Everywhere I went, the streets were packed, people were excited and loud, and it really did feel like a new wind is in our sails. Last night, after the show, walking through the Quartier des Spectacles, a tour bus got caught at a red light next to the musical swings and you should have seen the faces of the tourists. They were all smiling ear to ear, glancing around at the space, at the fountains, at all the LIFE going on around them, taking as many photos as they could. I'm glad I got to see that, it was truly a special moment.
  12. This thread seems to be the most active lately so I'm going to post this here. Bonne Fête Montréal <3 In honour of the 375th today, I've published a new film; featuring clips from TV shows, movies and famous people sharing their thoughts on our great city. It's long but please check it out. Enjoy (It may not work on all mobile devices, so make sure to try it on a computer)