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Chris1989 a gagné pour la dernière fois le 29 novembre 2017

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    24 year old university student, studying cinema.
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    Film, urbanity.
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  1. Chris1989

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    What's amazing about this is the New Tappan Zee Bridge is 56 metres wide with no rapid transit line, just more lanes. Our New Champlain is even wider at 60 metres wide.
  2. Chris1989

    Statistiques PAX

    I think you got International and Transborder mixed up. My guess is about the same 19.4 million, with a strong 2019 maybe we can bypass 20 million entirely and go for 21 million.
  3. Chris1989

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    Hey Rocco! Look! It was just raised AGAIN
  4. Chris1989

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    It's been upped twice in the last few weeks, including this past weekend. Pay attention. Stop whining.
  5. Chris1989

    Expos coming back?

    I am keeping the faith but... they're about to announce a new stadium for Tampa Bay
  6. What a bunch of fucking whiners. You're about to get a metro station in your area, how are they unable to see the upside of that? "I'm outraged that Montreal is booming and adding world-class infrastructure that will end up actually making my life EASIER in 4 years because I am CURRENTLY being inconvenienced!!" Fuck off.
  7. Chris1989

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    from the report: it will be lit along the entire 3.4km edge on both sides, as well as the main pylon.
  8. Chris1989

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    Spectacular shot by Harald Wilhelm on Flickr (Make sure to zoom in and get a closer look)
  9. It amazes me how Quebec journalists are the one's bashing Quebec the most. Every time there's consensus that we might be good at something, the articles start popping up arguing we aren't. They will write anything, just to keep a job and sell some papers.
  10. Pics from this link, thanks marty.