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  1. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Exactly. We may have a private investment profitable by itself, but that’s causing an even bigger harm to the collectivity. It has to be professionally assessed Such new retail space WILL necessarily cannibalize other existing retail space, including proximity retail. What’s the overall value added of additional retail space for the greeter Montréal area? Or to this particular area? Now, what will be the effect on the strategic east-west mobility? Permanent traffic jams now from 6 am to 10 pm? (Agree, that's Transport Quebec fault which never corrected the east-west mobility anomaly) I fully respect and understand the promoter for wanting to develop the area. They were clever in acquiring the area for cheap and then creating a land assembly to dream of. Their project is really “estheticaly” attractive and a HUGE improvement to the current state. And for sure it will attract customers due to its superb location. But still, collectively, we would probably lose more than we would win. I’ll leave it to more competent people to properly make this assessment.
  2. Let's hope at least a CRJ705... I just can't fit in a CRJ200...
  3. Métro - Ligne diagonale

    En fait, voici bien des années, la ligne bleu devait se prolonger en diagonal vers Montréal Nord plutôt que vers les Galeries d'Anjou. Un tel prolongement aurait traversé des zones plus densément peuplés (et moins fortunés), dont un fort % aurait pris le transport en commun.
  4. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Suis 100% d'accord que ça ne doit pas être n'importe quoi. Et il semble en effet qu'un centre commercial à cet endroit n'apporterait pas de valeur ajoutée à la grande agglomération. Et en effet, ça cannibaliserait les commerces existant de Montréal… Alors, en tenant compte de l'épouvantable congestion / saturation routière et du désert environnant, quel serait le meilleur développement à y faire?
  5. Andrew Coyne is on a mission. He always believed in a strong/centralized federal government. Quebec being an obstacle to this goal, he's been on a "search and destroy" mission since then. Any distortions of the reality will work in achieving the mission... (Sorry, my 13 years in the Forces influenced my vocabulary)
  6. How about a CS300? It has the leg, and would be "right sized". (Well a CS100 even more so, but AC did not order it). Don't think we can fill a 738max.
  7. Efectivement, AC va problement avoir ses appareils avant Delta...
  8. Bonne nouvelle! Certains ressortissants n'auront plus à passer par les USA / Stanstead via des moyens inusités / novateurs http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/human-smuggling-ring-smashed-by-canadian-border-guards Du Globe: "...travelled into Canada in packed cars that rushed up the wrong lane to avoid border guards" https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ottawa-gets-tough-with-romanian-asylum-seekers/article5992117/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com
  9. Tout à fait! Surtout que le coût unitaire final du Azur a considérablement (et mystérieusement) augmenté par rapport à la première offre "sole source". Suite à cette hausse de coût, la réfection des MR-73 est devenu plus rentable (et crée aussi des emplois) que l'achat d'Azurs additionnels...
  10. We got to agree that Icelandair and Wow Air do not provide us much added value - except for no frills cheaper fares. They benefit from a superbly located hub (Reykjavik) that enable them to fly cheaper (to acquire + operate) narrow body equipment. Their segments are short enough so to bring crews back home the same day (thus saving on hotels/meals/salaries). I agree those no frills cheaper fares might bring in some new travellers (that would not have travelled otherwise). But it also siphons off some "economy" customers (FWIW) from current established airlines (that spends more $ locally). As they develop new secondary European destinations, Icelandair/Wow Air will acquire a bigger low fare market share thought. If you are stuck connecting in CDG/FRA/LHR/ZRH/AMS, may as well connect in Reykjavik at half the price...(but suffer those Icelandair B757/B737 narrow seats longer - but are they really worst than 777HDs?)
  11. Exactly! If it alerts some financial leaders (for which the criteria used are in line with their own) that maybe Montreal should be considered for their relocation/expansion projects, all the better. That survey just show (using those criteria) that Montreal is currently an attractive place to be located (for financial business activities) nothing more, nothing less. Nobody is pretending that Montreal became a financial powerhouse overnight... (but if those indicators keeps improving, maybe we will in 20 years from now ;-) )
  12. If Amazon was to move here, maybe the business case for such a flight could materialise. Perfect long - thin route for the CSeries. Maybe for Delta (that has CS100s on order) which is seriously developing SEA as a focus city, or obviously AC (with CS300s). Just hypothesis here as I don't know the current SEA-YUL market, nor if it would be willing to pay enough extra $ to warrant non-stop flights.
  13. FWIW http://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/274686/icelandair-s18-canada-service-changes-as-of-07sep17/ I guess that will take away some traffic from WOW Air, and to a lesser degree everyone else to Europe.
  14. Robert Miller: Crossroad

    So nobody knows who was the original owner/tenant of the ex Future Electronic property in Vaudreuil?
  15. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    I also read somewhere that AC will bring back a seasonal YUL - PHX for W18