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  1. Air Transat parks at least 5 of their A330s/310s there everyday.
  2. My god, the future of travel is Rouge style....
  3. It would also hurt Lufthansa, Swiss and Turkish which carry a lot of traffic heading to India.
  4. Yeah it would mean goodbye Qatar....
  5. Until Air France can re-configure there A380 without First class and less business seats, I don't see them using the plane on their Montreal routes. As for Emirates, the bilateral needs to be changed, and if that happens, its YYZ daily before anything, even YVR before to try and grab some of that Indian traffic.
  6. ville-marie

    Beautiful tower, it just needs to add like 30 more floors.
  7. Time for the A310s to officially leave.
  8. Was so looking forward to a 789 operating this route. Think of the inbound connections from the US, all those potential routes that would have opened up. Maybe AC should think about operating a YUL-CAI few times a week.
  9. I can tell you right away, AC's flights to TLV are leaving with a pretty good load factor on their scheduled nights. I wouldn't worry to much.
  10. Nope, Vancouver will keep growing as the main Pacific hub into Canada, especially with Westjet bringing in their 787s soon.
  11. May 2017 1,408,187 +7.2% Domestic 583,243 +5.2% International 507,582 +11.9% TB 317,362 +4.0% YTD 6 955 915 +8.5%
  12. ville-marie

    The only thing missing in this area now is to re-clad that awful Rogers building.
  13. ville-marie

    Holy crap, did they finally top this thing out!!! After what 10 years...
  14. ville-marie

    Those spots on Crescent need to be filled up ASAP.