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  1. Looks like Lisbon is year round now from YUL as well, Flights on Thursday.
  2. That's not really what AC is going for. It's more for Montrealers to escape the winters and timed with a morning departure for easy connections with in Canada. However 18:50 is still a reasonable time to catch CDG, LYS, LHR, BRU.
  3. The problem right now that ADM has is not gate or runway space, it is mostly check-in space, baggage rooms/hall and the customs hall.
  4. Not if you are booked on Star Alliance connections (i.e ZRH-YUL-YHZ with Swiss), you wouldn't have to change terminal.
  5. I hope this new terminal will be like they set it up in Toronto, Air Canada and Star Alliance only.
  6. For the first time !?! Transat has served this route for years.
  7. Thats a great idea. The location they're in right now is always full and claustrophobic
  8. I would hardly call them low cost, at best they match AC's prices. And in my opinion Air Canada on board product is far superior to Westjet's.
  9. I could definitely see Tokyo as the next asian route from YUL, whether is will be AC, ANA or JAL we'll have to wait and see
  10. I'd love to see Air Canada give some love to Domestic routes, like Regina, Saskatoon, London, maybe even Victoria. Other destinations I see AC rouge starting would be Tunis , Lisbon and Dublin. New US route like San Diego and Phoenix Mainline I'd like to say Tokyo and Beirut (788). Bogota, Seattle (737 Max or C Series). As for AC express I'd say Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburg as examples. Other Airlines TAP (Lisbon) Transat (Milan, Amsterdam)
  11. They are in the previous location of AC international Maple leaf lounge. I wonder what they will do with the old location?
  12. January 2017 Total 1,348,890 +6.9% Domestic 468,974 +10.1% International 580,212 +8.2% Transborder 299,074 0%
  13. They will not be getting the new J class cabin, they just added the Premium economy cabin.