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    Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.
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  1. Alexcaban

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    Air Canada rouge boosts Athens service in S19
  2. This kind of reminds me of Tour des Canadiens PH1 when it was first announced at 61 floors.
  3. Alexcaban

    Vol Bogotá <> Montréal avec Avianca en 2019

    Yes Air Canada and Avianca codeshare.
  4. Alexcaban

    Vol Bogotá <> Montréal avec Avianca en 2019

    Depending on when your season of travel is Transat has i believe 2 weekly flights in the winter.
  5. Alexcaban

    Transat suspending YUL-TLV

    Lots of talk of of TS wanting to give YUL-ZAG a go, now that they have a A330 freed up. I wonder if AC will move to 5 weekly on YUL-TLV.
  6. WOW, if this goes through it's definitely a game changer for the area!
  7. Alexcaban

    Nouveau terminal

    Here’s an update on the connections centre to open probably for next year.
  8. YUL-ORY heating up with competition.
  9. Alexcaban

    800 rue Saint-Jacques (Banque Nationale) - 40 étages

    This tower at night will be stunning.
  10. Eaton Centre would be a perfect location to start.
  11. Pop up shops usually leads to a permanent location, so hopefully they do well.
  12. Alexcaban

    Le Smith - 26 étages

    Actually turned out pretty nice, those windows really pop out!
  13. Alexcaban

    Parc Jean-Drapeau : rénovations

    This is truly a stunning make over, can't wait until it's complete.
  14. Alexcaban

    AC to start Montreal-Raleigh

    SEA and SAN will come eventually with the arrival of the A220.
  15. Alexcaban

    Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    Now something need to be done with the parking lot across.