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    Chemistry major at Concordia
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  1. Kotar

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    They can call the project Americano
  2. Kotar

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Support for the Habs logo would be my guess,
  3. Kotar

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    Well if this random photographer says so, it must be true!
  4. Kotar

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    The last section is being installed today.
  5. Kotar

    151-157 rue Sainte-Catherine est - 7 étages

    As well, most of the reviews on google are 5 stars, but from people who have only ever reviewed one place. Likely they are fake accounts, or people are asked to leave a 5-star review for a discount on their dinner.
  6. Kotar

    YUL - 38, 38 étages

    It is this project.
  7. Kotar

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    I think this project might start going up sooner rather than later. There are already marks all around the site where the pile driving will be.
  8. Just put cameras on the buses. If you're in front of them in the bus lane, $150 ticket in the mail.
  9. Kotar

    Parc Mary-Griffin

    I would have been nice if they had closed Dalhousie and tried to extended the park all the way to the tracks. That would have been the perfect area to have a couple shops under the tracks.
  10. Kotar

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    It is an eyesore, but they have a great youtube ad.
  11. For the project on the corner of R-L and Bleury, the thread is in the Renovation section. And no, we don't have any information on what it is.
  12. It's taken somewhere in Europe based on the equipment. Unsurprisingly, Mtlblog doesn't care. It's a trash clickbait website for idiots.
  13. Kotar

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    They have been using the site to store material and machines from the YUL site for a few years. I don't think this is from 1500.
  14. Kotar

    628 Saint-Jacques - 35 étages

    The delay might be related to a project on Notre-Dame. There is a request for demolition on the 639-643 Notre-Dame West. http://applicatif.ville.montreal.qc.ca/som-fr/pdf_avis/pdfav25531.pdf