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  1. Kotar

    Enticy - 22 étages

    I was thinking the exact same thing. One more block would have been a 10/10. I still love it though!
  2. I could have sworn I saw it was potentially office space. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Maybe they can all work from home
  3. Hopefully this building and the rumored 1600 employees of a British It firm come together.
  4. Kotar

    15, ave Viger ouest - 9 étages

    Interesting to see there is a Loblaws on the first floor...
  5. Kotar

    Enticy - 22 étages

    Ahh, I believe that is the VVIP list. for very very important people.
  6. Kotar

    Ouvrages d'art - Antenne Rive-Sud

    Probably a staging area for the work on the bridge.
  7. Kotar

    Faubourg Molson (site sur la rue Notre-Dame)

    LOL Dinu is off his rocker. Most of the site is 60s industrial building that most people have only seen from Notre-Dame anyway. The only part worth keeping, they are actually keeping. How can a non-profit NGO staffed mostly by retired volunteers, demand explanations from a land owner who can do what they want with the land they own. It's embarrassing that these people have a voice at all about development in this city. They should stick to tours.
  8. Kotar

    YUL - 38, 38 étages

    That's a great price.
  9. Kotar

    Solstice - 44 étages

    Actual human scale means how the building integrates into its surroundings, and the impression that it gives on pedestrians. Is it dark and imposing, giving off a sense of impending doom, or is it set back slightly with an open atrium that makes it feel welcoming and smaller than it actually is. Human scale to developers means $50,000 more per unit. Human scale to Project Montreal means 4 floors.
  10. Kotar

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    They can call the project Americano
  11. Kotar

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Support for the Habs logo would be my guess,
  12. Kotar

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    Well if this random photographer says so, it must be true!
  13. Kotar

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    The last section is being installed today.