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  1. RBC main branch is now closed. New location downstairs opens on Tuesday on the 10th. a look back: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/20465730/royal_bank_place_ville_marie_main_branch/
  2. Mike Rivest

    Drummond Court Building - 10 étages (1924-2000)

    Drummond Court Building arcade motor - at 1500 Stanley newspaper article September 20th, 1957 opening article in the Gazette (Newspapers.com)
  3. Mike Rivest

    600 de Maisonneuve 1955 plan

    This was to be built at the site of 600 de Maisonneuve back in 1955. Montreal Gazette March 18th, 1955 - Newspapers.com Kind of an ugly building like the City Centre building on City Councillors. From the picture, this building was to have no central air-conditioning.
  4. Mike Rivest

    Seaway Expressway

    Seaway Expressway map from April 16th, 1955 - click to zoom in. This was never built except for what is now the Champlain Bridge. Ultimately built as the 15 and 30 much later on the other side of the 132.
  5. Mike Rivest

    Centre Eaton de Montréal

    New escalators Level 3-4 can now be seen.
  6. Mike Rivest

    Place Marc-Aurèle-Fortin

    Today's Gazette has an article about a mall that was never built. In 'wild east' of R.D.P., unfinished mall becomes city's albatross
  7. Mike Rivest

    1972 The Arcade (Mountain St.)

    This was to be built behind Oglivy's (or beside) as the ad did not state. The Arcade on Mountain behind Oglivy's
  8. Mike Rivest

    Tour Bonaventura - 80 étages

    Newspapers.com search came up with nothing about this tower.
  9. Mike Rivest

    1927 Terminal Tower and the PVM area

    Came across an ad for the Confederation building (1253 McGill) showing a massive building project at the PVM and Central Station area showing the future Central Station (1943) and a plaza where PVM now stands (newspapers.com)
  10. Mike Rivest

    Tour Bonaventura - 80 étages

    Seems like the website lost its picture. Here it is.
  11. Pictures were taken today of the construction work and a notice in the elevators. and an oldie I found from May 22nd, 1964.
  12. Mike Rivest

    Carrefour Montreal - 42 Floors

    Decided to check the French language papers and found more goodies there. Le Devoir Le Devoir mercredi 10 janvier 1973 La Presse 12 mai 1973, G. Bâtir au Québec
  13. Mike Rivest

    Carrefour Montreal - 42 Floors

    Apartment details. May 12, 1973 - Montreal Gazette Ended up in lawsuit. May 15th, 1976 - Gazette
  14. Mike Rivest

    Carrefour Montreal - 42 Floors

    This was to be built on the block bounded by Rene Levesque, Papineau, Cartier, St. Rose, where the Bell Media building now stands (CTV-RDS etc.) Montreal Gazette - March 31st, 1973 at Newspapers.com
  15. Mike Rivest

    West End Skyway

    This was to start at Cote De Neiges and go down on Lambert Closse and Vinet to the Expressway (unbuilt at the time) according to the Gazette of June 1st, 1945 page 2 West End Skyway Google Translate: Cela devait commencer à Cote De Neiges et descendre sur Lambert Closse et Vinet jusqu'à l'autoroute (non construit à l'époque) selon la Gazette du 1er juin 1945 page 2