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  1. Isn't the lot this project is supposed to be built on zoned at 80m? how are they going to put up a 40 floor tower?
  2. TOM Condos - 42 étages

    You can put up at least 3 towers on that huge parking lot, thank god it's more or less hidden from public view
  3. 975 Lucien-L'Allier - 50 étages

    The city shouldn't allow these developers to tear down buildings and leave the area abandoned for 5-10 years, it borders on criminal
  4. Le Roccabella - 40, 40 étages

    Should be topped off in a couple of weeks
  5. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    hopefully they'll come up with a great project for that lot (YUL 3 ?), it's one of the biggest eyesores on RL
  6. What's happening with the old Dow brewery? last time I passed by they were working on the building
  7. TOM Condos - 42 étages

    I don't think the height of 122m is correct, the building looks like it's over 130m
  8. TOM Condos - 42 étages

    With construction cost of 70 million, this project is as cheap as it gets
  9. Tour des Canadiens - 50 étages

    I guess the CH on top of the building stands for coke and heroin
  10. Brix (400 Dowd) - 6, 16 étages

    This horrible building was put up many years (2 decades? ) before Rogers put their name on it, you can't blame the company for this eyesore
  11. Le Roccabella - 40, 40 étages

    TDC2 will have a major impact on the skyline when viewed from this angle
  12. Great photo, despite all the new construction most of Griffintown is still an ugly wasteland
  13. Hôtel Monville - 20 étages

    Is that pile of junk next to the convention centre supposed to be art?, I'm sure the hack who designed that mess laughed all the way to the bank.:
  14. Icône - 40, 27 étages

    Didn't they already built the foundation for a 27 floor tower, I don't think they can add many floors if they wanted to (maybe 2 or 3)
  15. TOM Condos - 42 étages

    The crane is high enough for another 5 floors, very strange