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  1. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 53 étages

    I don't know what everybody is bitching about, the cladding looks pretty nice in those photos,certainly much better than the horrible TD1
  2. Someone should raise $30-40 million (small by Hollywood standards) and have Denis Villeneuve make a movie about the Rizzuto family, this series is pure fiction and pure garbage
  3. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    "once in a lifetime opportunity" isn't this more like the 3rd in a lifetime opportunity
  4. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 53 étages

    The construction workers putting up this building must be on performance enhancing drugs, I never seen a building shoot up so fast
  5. Myriade - 22 étages

    Well we should be thankful this mess is only 22 floors tall, imagine this thing at 40 floors
  6. Isn't the lot this project is supposed to be built on zoned at 80m? how are they going to put up a 40 floor tower?
  7. TOM Condos - 42 étages

    You can put up at least 3 towers on that huge parking lot, thank god it's more or less hidden from public view
  8. 975 Lucien-L'Allier - 50 étages

    The city shouldn't allow these developers to tear down buildings and leave the area abandoned for 5-10 years, it borders on criminal
  9. Le Roccabella - 40, 40 étages

    Should be topped off in a couple of weeks
  10. Projet du Groupe Brivia (Guy/René-Lévesque) - ?? étages

    hopefully they'll come up with a great project for that lot (YUL 3 ?), it's one of the biggest eyesores on RL
  11. What's happening with the old Dow brewery? last time I passed by they were working on the building
  12. TOM Condos - 42 étages

    I don't think the height of 122m is correct, the building looks like it's over 130m
  13. TOM Condos - 42 étages

    With construction cost of 70 million, this project is as cheap as it gets
  14. Tour des Canadiens - 50 étages

    I guess the CH on top of the building stands for coke and heroin
  15. Brix (400 Dowd) - 6, 16 étages

    This horrible building was put up many years (2 decades? ) before Rogers put their name on it, you can't blame the company for this eyesore