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  1. Réseau express métropolitain

    Juste comme ça, quelqu’un sait quand serait la première pelletée de terre, je vois toujours fin 2017 mais aucune daye précise.
  2. Mais pourquoi la formule de limpact nest elle pas une solution viable. Jouer les deux premieres semaine au stade olympique bien puis sortir lete dans son plus petit stade mais plus chaleureux au soleil?
  3. Expos coming back?

    Les futurs expos devrait faire comme l'impact et avoir leur propre stade du genre a pittsburgh et lors du mauvais temps, jouer au stade olympique.
  4. La raison pour laquelle il y a eu plus de touristes à Québec, c'est parce que c'était le 400e (2008).
  5. Place Bell - 2017

    Selon La Presse, le propriétaire des Bulldogs de Hamilton pourrait s'impliquer dans la construction d'un futur amphithéâtre à Laval où il pourrait déménager son équipe de la Ligue américaine. Michael Andlauer, qui est aussi actionnaire minoritaire du Canadien de Montréal, a révélé au Hamilton Spectator qu'il avait été approché par la Ville de Laval, qui pourrait construire un aréna d'environ 10 000 sièges. Andlauer, un Montréalais d'origine qui parle français, se cherche aussi une solution de rechange advenant le cas où la Ligue nationale de hockey déménageait une de ses concessions à Hamilton. Il a confié que Laval pourrait être une belle terre d'accueil. À la Ville de Laval, on confirme qu'il y a actuellement un appel d'intérêts, qui se termine le 30 avril pour la réalisation de ce projet de 93 millions de dollars. La construction du bâtiment pourrait commencer l'automne prochain et ouvrir ses portes deux ans plus tard.
  6. Canada to switch to plastic bills next year Last Updated: Saturday, March 6, 2010 | 2:19 PM ET CBC News They say money doesn't grow on trees. Well, the federal government has taken that adage to heart — it announced earlier this week that Canada's paper-cotton banknotes would be replaced by newly designed plastic ones next year. It's part of a plan to modernize and protect Canadian currency against counterfeiting. The new plastic bills, made from a polymer material, are harder to fake, recyclable, and two to three times more resistant to tearing, the Bank of Canada said. Australia has used polymer banknotes since the 1990s, and an Australian company will provide the material for Canada. Several other countries have adopted polymer banknotes including New Zealand, Vietnam and Romania. The new notes won't be in circulation until sometime in 2011. In the meantime, the central bank is keeping mum on what the new bills will look like. "I can't divulge that information because they will be issued in about 18 months — that's a long ways away," said Bank of Canada spokesperson Julie Girard. "We want to keep a little bit of information from potential counterfeiters so they don't get a leg up and start producing any counterfeits." CBC News wanted to get some local Canadians' impressions of the polymer bills. Reporter Sandra Abma took an Australian banknote and a classic cotton-paper Canadian bill and asked people on the streets of Ottawa to compare. The opinions were mixed. "It would be easier to lose, I think," said one woman, after rubbing her fingers on the polymer bill. "It's soft and smooth and it could slide out easier." "This feels like Monopoly money actually," said a young man. "It's like I took this out of a board game and then went to buy Timmy's with it." Read more:
  7. Plaza Swatow - 6 étages (2009)

    Have you guys ever seen the pacific mall in Toronto, the biggest Asian mall in north america.
  8. Canadiens de Montréal

    Premierement, Pouliot est meme pas quebecois, deuxiement, Laraque gagnais 4.5 million pour trois ans pour seulement jouer 4 min et quelques combats, et finalement, je crois que Bob a juste fait de l'espace pour un gros echange (et peut-etre que l'echange impliquera un nouveau quebecois meilleur que Laraque pour la coupe stanley).
  9. Cambodia and Thailand

    No Laos?? Just kidding because i'm half lao...
  10. Music in Montreal

    I would say: 1.The Stills 2.Sam Roberts 3.Winter Gloves Bonus: Patrick Watson
  11. Tunnel sous le Square Phillips

    Il y avait pas la meme chose aussi a la place d'armes???
  12. Alouettes de Montréal

    Nice win & nice uniform, remind me of the uniform of Nebraska.
  13. Canadiens de Montréal

    Moen to is a habs
  14. Michael Jackson dies at age 50

    Michael Jackson dies leaving legacy of award-winning music Michael Jackson, who died today at age 50, ruled the music world throughout the 1980s, selling millions of records and concert tickets and dubbing himself the "King of Pop." And while Michael Jackson won multiple times at such popularity contests as the American Music Awards and the MTV Awards, he also earned the respect of his peers in the music industry with his 13 Grammy Awards. Michael Jackson Grammy Awards Thriller Death News 1357986 After striking out on his own from the Jackson Five, Jackson won his first Grammy in 1980 for best R&B male vocal performance ("Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"). That track from his chart-topping "Off the Wall" album also contended for best disco recording. "Thriller" – his second solo effort as an adult – was released in November 1982 and spent a record 37 weeks at No. 1, producing an unparalleled seven Top 10 singles. In March 1983, Jackson debuted his moonwalk dance to "Billie Jean" on the TV special "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever." Michael Jackson earned an Emmy nod for best performance in a variety or music program. He lost to opera diva Leontyne Price for her concert with the New York Philharmonic on "Live From Lincoln Center." At the Grammys in February 1984, Jackson shared in seven of the eight awards won by the album (the exception was for best engineered recording). Michael Jackson shared the wins for album of the year and producer of the year (non-classical) with "Thriller" collaborator Quincy Jones, who also produced his Grammy-winning children's recording "E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial." For the three chart-topping singles off the album, Jackson won Grammy Awards for male vocal performance in an unprecedented three genres – R&B ("Billie Jean"), rock ("Beat It") and pop ("Thriller"). He shared in the record of the year win for "Beat It" with the production team. And as the songwriter, he picked up a Grammy for penning the best R&B tune ("Billie Jean"). However, Sting's "Every Breath You Take" edged out two Jackson compositions – "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" – for song of the year. Jackson's total of eight Grammy wins in one night broke the record set in 1965 by Roger Miller, who'd won six awards, most for the country hit "King of the Road." And the eight Grammys awarded to "Thriller" was another record haul as well. Both of these achievements were tied by Santana and the album "Supernatural" in 1999. Michael Jackson won another Grammy the following year in the category of best video album for the film that documented the making of the landmark "Thriller" video. That $500,000, 14-minute video, directed by John Landis, told the story of a boy (Jackson) and girl enjoying a date until he turns into a singing, dancing werewolf. In 1986, Jackson and Lionel Richie won the song of the year Grammy for the charity single "We Are the World," which also took home record of the year. As Jackson was one of the pioneers of the music video, it seems appropriate that the last two Grammys he won were for that medium. In 1989 he and his team won the short form video award for "Leave Me Alone" off his follow-up album "Bad." And in 1995 he and his sister Janet Jackson shared in the short form winning "Scream" from his double album "HIStory." Photo: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times