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  1. newyorkontario

    800 rue Saint-Jacques (Banque Nationale) - 40 étages

    Photos of other side
  2. New photos
  3. They are already spending $700 million. The cost of another bridge might be "the straw to break the camel's back".
  4. newyorkontario

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Very ambitious project....I'm surprised they are not afraid of Amazon (online shopping) and the precarious 2019 economic forecast. I don't think there are enough tourists and locals combined to make this project viable.
  5. This is the most popular thread since VSLP- for obvious reasons. Imagine the skyline with VSLP, BNC, and the two Maestria towers. I hope the administration does not kill or scale down the size of this project. Unfortunately (especially in the case of Montreal), sometimes the regulation regime seems to hinder instead of help. I would love to see a maquette of the current proposal.
  6. On commence la construction de la tour du côté de la rue Sainte-Catherine fin 2019, début 2020. Dès que la première tour est complétée, on entreprend la seconde, rue Jeanne-Mance, en continu sans s’arrêter.
  7. Sky-bridges must be the new design. This project was proposed in Portland, OR (August 2018). The bridge is approx 200m above the ground.
  8. These Montreal structures have at least 50 floors: 1) 1000 DLG (51 floors / 205m), 2) VSLP (56 floors / 200m), 3) Avenue (50 floors / 184m), 4 & 5) TDC 2 and TDC3 (53 floors / 168m), 6) TDC1 ( 50 floors / 167m). There is quite a difference between 205m and 167m (assuming the builder can erect a structure (s) this tall on this lot). However, a tall building (at least 167m) in this area would visibly change the skyline. The tallest tower in the Desjardins Complex is 152m.
  9. newyorkontario

    Le Phare - 65 étages

    ‘Why 65 floors?’ Some Quebec City planners feel this project is too big and too ostentatious for old Quebec. Having the tallest tower east of Toronto is not in and of itself- a good enough reason to build the Phare. “That’s not a criteria for good land planning.” “Why 65 floors?” François Marchand, an urban planning lawyer who attended a meeting Monday, asked in an interview. “The reason is they want to have the highest building between Toronto and Quebec City, higher than the highest one in Montreal.” Marchand says the structure will stand out like a “sequoia in the plains.” Marchand, who is a former city councillor, said some at the meetings supported the project, but many more felt “betrayed” by the city because it plans to invoke a section of the city charter to sidestep zoning rules that limit new construction to 29 storeys. (This seems similar to the 120m/height of Mount Royal rule in Montreal). Quebec City may not have the rapidly growing population or soaring land values that might justify the expense and complication of a highrise (of this scale).
  10. newyorkontario

    Rioppelle : 300m, 74 étages

    Well ... maybe a new tower (250m-300m) would not be totally out of proportion with VSLP, the new BNC tower, the 3 TDC towers, the two (2) proposed 165m QDS towers etc. in the background. The picture below does not illustrate that (The Avenue, Yul, and " the rest of the current Montreal skyline" are not in the picture). The tallest structure would not stand out so much with more 165m-200m buildings nearby. The Exchange Tower, VSLP, BNC, and 628 St Jacques, would be very near the "supertall" building. Marie city Would finally have it's one (1) "big league" skyscraper without detracting too much from Mount Royal.
  11. Thanks to Broccolini for having the "testicular fortitude" to build taller projects (The Avenue and VSLP) and inspiring other builders to do the same thing.
  12. newyorkontario

    Solstice - 44 étages

    Okay ... the two (2) Rocabella towers are both 147m tall. The Avenue is 183m tall. The CentraCondo project will be a little shorter (than Rocabella). If the Soltice tower were anywhere between 160-180m tall, this cluster of buildings would have more depth, variety, and dimension.
  13. newyorkontario

    Victoria sur le Parc - 57 étages

    Well ... I would think those photos were posted only in the brochure. I saw a new rendering this morning but I did not bother to post. The photo you take below is the best representation of this project. You got a clear picture of the model. The only better version would be the actual tower herself. She is a beauty. You got the "scoop", indeed.
  14. newyorkontario

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Here's another rendition depicting the walkway:
  15. newyorkontario

    Victoria sur le Parc - 57 étages

    I hope this project gives somebody ambition to re-think the 750 Peel project; and the three proposed condo towers at 600 Peel.