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  1. steve

    Les Bassins du Havre : projet global

    The canal looks awesome
  2. steve

    Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    Walked Ste Cath, St Denis, La Main came home depressed boarded up, dirty, drugs and panhandlers worst parts of Chelsea or East Village look better i don’t see the economic boom and although much construction going on - it really adds nothing at pedestrian level example: new hotel on de la Gauchetiere - looks good from far. how many missions can you put in the tourist zone of old Montreal / Palais des congrès ?
  3. A public Square guarantees status it is nothing more than status cross the street and there are 2 Sq vic and the new Bonaventure entrance
  4. steve

    Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    Walked Ste Cath, St Denis, La Main came home depressed
  5. Any of the Royal Vic pavillions could do the job
  6. steve

    Brix (400 Dowd) - 6, 16 étages

    Concordia Campus Annex
  7. steve

    2000 Berri (STM)

    enough with the dark grey brick and horizontal mash-up of windows Berlin on a bad day.
  8. steve

    LeART - 16 étages

    the 80’s renovation on the east side of the building shoulb be removed i believe that was one a hotel it needs to be cleaned up and restored could look very Manhattan-like
  9. if any place needs electric signage like on Times Sq it would be here on the Police Station and on Complexe desJardins making this public plaza the heart of cultural Montreal
  10. steve

    Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    looks like the wires behind my tv
  11. steve

    Station Bassin Peel du REM

    it takes me a long time to get from Old Montreal into Pl Bonaventure maze and underground to eventually ever find my way to the Metro or to Central Station. REM cannot imagine people from Old Mtl or visitors to Palais des Congrès using Bonaventure as a station. Locating along the new Bonaventure entrance and park is convenient for a larger clientele
  12. steve

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    They could put the AirBnB logo instead of CH on top
  13. steve

    Station Bassin Peel du REM

    it would make more sense for the station to be built within the batiment-pont since the new skyscrapers are being developed near Sq Victoria. This would create a much more vibrant area for the new Bonaventure Blvd. There are a lot of residents and workers who share the axis along this corridor Old Mtl / Cité Int’l / Multimédia / Griffintow versus having the station at the foot of Peel Street which has much lower density. In the future when developments are built a station could be located closer to Pte St Charles
  14. steve

    Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    I don’t understand why a Northern city cannot figure a way to use waste water from buildings to heat sidewalks/pedestrian zones. Seeing the crusted ice kills it for me.