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  1. steve

    Viaduc Berri: réaménagement

    They should close it completely. The geography lends itself to an opportunity for a marvelous public space and amphitheatre in the style of the Spanish Steps.
  2. I find it so regretful that the Federal Govt is in charge of this land. I remember too well how they destroyed the police station which could now be the entance for their planned hotel. On another note - i find it strange how Montreal loves to put our tourists in close contact with our homeless clientele and shelters.
  3. steve

    Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    i love it’ wanda has to go and a slim tower needs to go right next to it
  4. steve

    Place Bonaventure

    what a mess
  5. some of it I like. but for the most part, it feels like a jumble of styles and attempts. throwing the kitchen sink. i would have personally much preferred a classic plaza to highlight the architecture of the era. the landscape architects want to grab all the attention from the master entrance of Wilfred Pelletier and the sobre Maisonneuve.
  6. steve

    Les Bassins du Havre : projet global

    The canal looks awesome
  7. steve

    Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    Walked Ste Cath, St Denis, La Main came home depressed boarded up, dirty, drugs and panhandlers worst parts of Chelsea or East Village look better i don’t see the economic boom and although much construction going on - it really adds nothing at pedestrian level example: new hotel on de la Gauchetiere - looks good from far. how many missions can you put in the tourist zone of old Montreal / Palais des congrès ?
  8. steve

    Toilettes publiques autonettoyantes

    You are nothing more than a « vespasienne »
  9. A public Square guarantees status it is nothing more than status cross the street and there are 2 Sq vic and the new Bonaventure entrance
  10. steve

    Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    Walked Ste Cath, St Denis, La Main came home depressed
  11. Any of the Royal Vic pavillions could do the job
  12. steve

    Brix (400 Dowd) - 6, 16 étages

    Concordia Campus Annex