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  1. why are the streets cleared of snow, ice and slush but the sidewalks always remain a mess the corners are always puddles of slush not looking forward to being older i believe in NY the buildings are partly responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalks - they even remove gum off the sidewalk with steamers.
  2. Exalto - 17 étages

    it is disgusting that anyone in the city approved this and why the ugly purple brick showing up everywhere in Montreal
  4. There is no limit of height to protect the Mont Royal on the South Shore, why not build the tallest building?
  5. CHUM - 17, 20 étages

    worst, they seem to be bragging about behind the CRCHUM… should we call them to let them know?
  6. Métro - Ligne Rose

    the 1953 plan has only 3 stations below Rene Levesque blvd Square Victoria connects to a station at Dominion Square
  7. that building is nice, i’m talking about the brick building south of these, it appears on the render
  8. Always looked like low income projects
  9. why are thye keeping that terrible lackluster brick building on Beaver Hall we destroy beautiful buildings and they save that?
  10. Métro - Ligne Rose

    came across this 1953 original plan makes so much sense for the Downtown to Old Montreal link
  11. MaryRobert - 22, 22 étages

    this is going to be at the forefront of Montreal’s entance sad and cheap Montréal ville de design ? Really?!