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  1. MaryRobert - 22, 22 étages

    New An upscale project of distinction On the outskirts of the Bonaventure aacess road and at the end of Peel Street, MaryRobert Condominiums is a manifestation of 2 towers in perpetual interction 1-3 bedroom units and sumptuous penthouses.
  2. Condominiums Maritime Montréal - 39 étages

    i love the cool kitsch look it could be modernized with proper glass windows
  3. Promenade Fleuve-Montagne

    someone is putting a lot of money in their back pocket just walked from Place dYouville to McGill Gates - the entire stretch has no improvement - rather cheapens the experience perhaps above Sherbrooke is better - but looks just Quartier Int'l. Nothing that makes me feels there is a link to a mountair or water. Coderre is losing his mind
  4. Vision of Reconnected Jeanne-Mance

    the entire site should be a public park - downtown needs a greenspace - currently it is used by a minority of people and for parking. the connection between downtown and quartier latin would create a a harmonious link - hotels and restaurants could have frontage on both.the new park and Ste-cathrine street creating jobs and wealth. the affordable housing could be broken up and located elsewhere to stop the 'ghetto' effect it has on the east side of St-Laurent. it is also not the ideal location to bring up a young family or elderly person in the current hood.