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  1. Skyline De Montréal

    Great stuff!!!
  2. 700 rue Saint-Jacques - 56 étages

    If we build Comcast right in that plot, it would at least shut every Calgarians up for the next decade about whose skyline is better.
  3. Wow! Did I kill the thread!!! Well - an island that is 10 ft above sea level!
  4. YUL - Diversions

    They shut down the city and declared a state of emergency in NYC. And really - it wasn't too bad, but I guess the city wasn't prepared to deal with it. I know half the flights got suspended. My office has 100 people, and only 3 showed up (me included!)
  5. Well, after this week and its freezing temperatures. I petition to buy an island somewhere in the Pacific near Hawaii and move the entire city there. Not in the Carribean, because we don't want to deal with that hurricane shit. To the Pacific! We can build robots to defend us from Gozzilla, but no to Hurricanes and freezing temperatures.
  6. Skyline De Montréal

    I don't know what it is but the Rock Hill is one of my favorite buildings in Montreal!
  7. I don't think Bill 101's intent was to create a bilingual city. Montreal is bilingual/trilingual because everybody knows French (1 language) but we all know English because of erm North America and globalization?
  8. Speaking of more opportunities in Montreal - I was talking to a friend from Calgary, and from what I gathered from her, there seem to be fewer jobs in Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton these days and Montreal does have more jobs. I know at least 2 people from Calgary who now work and live in Montreal.
  9. It is not always bad when a thing that people leave. Because they are still connected to Montreal - in NYC, I am learning a ton of new skill-sets and getting mentored in a way that I would not have had in Montreal, but this is positive from MTL's perspective because I am def. still anchored to my Montreal - because Montreal is home. I can bring those skill-sets back. Also, I also become an ambassador for Montreal. You can thank me for at least 5 Americans making their way up to Montreal last year.
  10. Because you are working with clients outside of Quebec? That makes sense. But, you would have to be somehow specialized in that sense to get away with just English in Quebec. You can be an engineer and work for Bombardier even if your French is no good because most of Bombardier's contract is in English. But unless you have such a job, it would be difficult to just show up in Montreal and find a good job.
  11. To be fair, even if everyone is bilingual in Montreal - you still need to speak and write in French. The inter-province migration that often does not get talked about is that many French-Canadians outside of Quebec seek Montreal. Makes sense - I would imagine if you were a French-Canadian growing up in Sudbury or Rural Manitoba, the idea of moving to the big city would be Montreal.
  12. Are you saying this anecdotally, or are you basing this on some sort of study? I would imagine it would be the other way around that migration would be from less populated areas to more populated areas.
  13. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Sure - I will try to snap on tomorrow morning!
  14. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    From Verdun, this seems to have a pretty impressive impact!
  15. Is it fair to say that Montreal gets its energy from hydro-electricity? If that is the case - I would be curious about what the actual reduction in carbon emission would be. I did a full energy model comparing the geothermal on a much larger building. What I found interesting is the system is quite efficient - but when you take into consideration the auxiliary device of the systems - such as the pumps to distribute all that water - it can potentially reduce the energy efficiency of the system.