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    I am a young university student currently studying civil eng. and I studied architecture in college. Love urban design and architecture
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    Architecture, city-planning, urban design
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  1. 1000 de la Montagne - 45 étages

    Hopefully the promoters release new information soon. I really hope that the building height surpasses 150m. Having another 170-180m building in that area would have a great visual impact on the skyline.
  2. 1000 de la Montagne - 45 étages

    Hi all, I am new to this site and recently joined. Please forgive me if I'm doing this wrong. New renderings of the tower have been posted on their website and in my opinion it looks amazing. Btw I been navigating this site for a while and I really love it, really cool how you can see proposed and approved projects across Montreal. Hope I'll be able to contribute