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    I am a young university student currently studying civil eng. and I studied architecture in college. Love urban design and architecture
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    Architecture, city-planning, urban design
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  1. Gio22

    Nest Condos - 11 étages

    YUL phase 2, TDC 2 and 3 are going up, 1000 de la montagne will begin shortly, and hopefully soon 1175 Mackay and Enticy. Work is being done on streets and sidewalks in the area, the area is getting better and better so for me I hope its 1500RL next.
  2. Gio22

    QUAD Windsor: projet global

    I think what really bothers me is that CF had a great original design for 750 peel, 150 and 180m resprectively and the overall building was different, curvey and circular, very unique, not like any other in Montreal. They downscaled to 120m, its ok i understand but they changed the design to 2 square boxes. Its not diffrent, it is simply boaring and too generic. Thats what bothers me the most. Hopefullly they can get it right with the 3 towers at 600 peel. If one tower is 200m and the other 180m and the third 150m, i think i can forgive them
  3. Gio22

    Hôtel 1175 - 26 étages

    I'd imagine theyre waiting for the conpletion of centra condos across the street to begin since the construction reduces mckay to one lane near RL
  4. Gio22

    Enticy - 24 étages

    Dissapointed in the height, they could have built between 30-35 floors on RL. That being said I am happy that RL will be another highrise (even if it is a small one)
  5. Victoria sur le parc, new BN building, centra condos phase 4, TDC 2 and 3, quad Windsor, 1500RL. Montreal is on fire, bring on more high-rises!!!!
  6. Gio22

    1020 De la Montagne (Esso) - 35 étages

    Give it time, some developer will see how fast the area has developed and that there is no signs of slowing down
  7. Gio22

    1020 De la Montagne (Esso) - 35 étages

    Really sucks that there is still no news on the project. Im so excited to see when this and 1000 de la montage begin construction, the area will be amazing
  8. Gio22

    1000 de la Montagne - 45 étages

    Past by their sales office today. They just installed windows, also at the centre left of the picture, stairs have been erected, wonder if it is for the future job site?
  9. Gio22

    montreal bell center renovation

    Work is being done on avenue des canadiens de montreal between de la montagne and stanley. Wonder if it is the proposed pedestrian walkway that was planned.
  10. Gio22

    QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Whats strange is that if you go on their website (, they still show the old design with two office buildings at 150 and 180m each. They also show another condo between TDC2 and TDC3. But when you go on the website of TDC3 it shows the current design. I find it hard to believe that cadillac farview doesnt update their website on a project of this magnitude. Or maybe were in for some sort of suprise, which i believe were all hoping for.
  11. Gio22

    Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    Very surprised how fast they excavated, I wouldn't be surprised if its completed ahead of schedule
  12. Gio22

    1000 de la Montagne - 45 étages

    Spring ends officially Thursday June 21st, so I guess they have until them to have the launch party
  13. Its a shame this project wont see the light of day, it would have been something special
  14. My idea would be to improve the area around Gare centrale (shown in red). My vision would be to gare centrale on Saint-Antoine and the corner Mansfield and Robert-Bourassa (shown in blue). I think the building should be in the same styles as Toronto's union station and NYC Grand Central (neoclassical and beaux-arts style of architecture). Additionally I am not a fan of Place Bonaventure, I think its really dated and out of place. My vision would be to have two twin towers on the lot (similar to Time Warner center in NYC), connected by a two or three floor atrium that would have restaurants and stores. In doing that it would eliminate that horrible underpass on Saint-Antoine. I know my idea is not perfect but given all the developments near the Bell Centre and on Robert Bourassa near Tour de la Bourse, I think it would really complete our skyline and would be able to add more high-rises where the current Gare Centrale is. Would love to know everyone's vision for the area.
  15. News regarding the road construction. Its official, there will be one lane for parking and one lane for truck delivery. The traffic this will create...