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  1. Do you know for sure it's 168m? La Presse might be off a bit. Your scoop from September mentioned 199m, which is closer to the 220m over sea level that was quoted. The elevation at that point in town is something like 30m and definitely isn't 52m. Also, they've mentioned these will be the tallest residential buildings in the city and Victoria Sur le Parc will be 200m...
  2. They will be rectangular, but Humaniti is quite a bit longer on the long side: roughly 75M, since it takes up almost the entire block it's on. If the schematic that @IluvMTL posted earlier on pg. 44 is accurate, these towers will be about 60x15 and will of course be a lot taller than Humaniti, so should present a much slimmer profile from either side.
  3. I just saw CTV Montreal`s report on the project and they interviewed Pierre Pelletier from Fiera. He mentioned something interesting: the floorplate of each building will only be 10 000 sq-ft, so they should be quite slim. I'm not sure what a typical residential tower floorplate is, but the CIBC tower is quoted as 15 000 and it's pretty slim itself, so looks good! *Edit: I just looked up 432 Park Avenue and it has 8250 sq-ft floorplates. These towers will be less than half the height of 432, but they should still appear quite slender; more so than even TDC2/3.
  4. Defy

    Hampton Inn & Serenity Condo - 13 étages

    Thanks! That gives us a better idea of what it'll look like as we wait for renderings. I guess with 196 parking spaces, there's plenty of time before this gets above ground; with a footprint that small it's going to be deep. Maybe they'll put the entrance directly on the Ville-Marie instead of on Saint-Laurent
  5. Defy

    1664-1682 Lincoln - 18 étages

    These buildings have already been hollowed out and renovated in the past. Keeping Victorians intact is a good initiative, but in this case, restoring the facades and building modern housing above them seems most appropriate. This is right downtown where 2-storey houses are somewhat out of place; it works if something like a pub or restaurant is a tenant (Bishop-Crescent-St-Denis-etc.), not so much for housing. Just my opinion of course, and I am glad they won't simply be torn down like their former neighbors.
  6. Defy

    Humaniti - 39 étages

    It's a little odd that the smaller building (western) is only out of the ground at the northern end, no? I see the steel rebar for the southern portion, but I wonder why it's behind. The STM ventilation structure causing the delay?
  7. I assume you're kidding, but if not, you might want to take a look lately. The congestion on the path resembles Decarie for most of the day. Even with snow on the ground it's fairly busy...
  8. Defy

    Le Carré Saint-Laurent - 10,20 étages

    I thought so at first, but I think the gap that Cafe Cleopatra provides between phase 2 and the wall might be enough for a mural to be worthwhile. Depends on the shape of the hotel tower as well.
  9. Defy

    Le Carré Saint-Laurent - 10,20 étages

    Could be a nice spot for a mural...
  10. Defy

    Le Grand Quai du Port de Montréal

    Nothing new, but thought I'd add my pic from this afternoon. It's looking good, hope to see it finished soon.
  11. Defy

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    September 16th