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  1. Is there any chance of extending Jaques Bizzard to Brunswick? (I’m not talking about the overpass and to Lakeshore.) This costs peanut, only a few hundred meters on empty land...
  2. While it's possible to shorten the SADB branch to save the cost, I doubt it's enough to make the east branch to PAT. Unless they cut the whole branch, otherwise it must go at least to Fairview so the saving is not enough. As CAQ brands itself as a business friendly, PLQ alternative party, I don't think they would cut the whole west branch. I personally would prefer they stop at Fairview and use the saving money to improve the road/bus network around (ie, open Jacques Bizard corridor, more buses to Fairview terminal) and extend orange line to Bois Franc.
  3. Walking a few minutes indoor is just a gym exercise for me, and I guess it’s true for most of udem students waiting/ walking outside in Montreal winter is another thing.
  4. Thanks for the interesting document. The problem is that, like everything else in Quebec, we likely to have to wait for a very long time to see if it actually be carried out. 10y, 20y? If it’s in China, it would be done in a (few) month. If the Caisse is not involved, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Honestly I wish the Caisse stops the line at Kirkland then use the remaining money to build the overpass. It would massively improve the traffic in West island.
  5. Regarding the overpass near Pointe Claire station, connecting ill Bizard and Lakeshore Hospital, is there any plan for that. I think that is a critical thing to address the gridlock traffic issue in West Island but it seems forgotten in the Caisse plan?
  6. Seems like West Islander need to wait at least until 2023 BTW, I can understand why some Francophones don't support this project but really surprised that a few anglophones are skeptical about this.
  7. Any one checking Trainsparence Facebook? WTF are they talking about? That the West Island branch may never be completed?
  8. CAQ indeed voted for the project. They are pro business. They understand how this project would help Montreal economically. PQ may ok too. Only QS would be against it but they will never be elected anyway.
  9. Something is wrong here. The location of Pointe Claire station will be on the east side of St Jean boulevard? I guess they mean east side of Fairview avenue?
  10. Another party pooper SMH **
  11. How come, it's the biggest English community newspaper in Quebec.
  12. This Caisse will not build Jacques Bizard corridor | West Island News | The West Island won’t get its promised fourth major artery after all—the Jacques Bizard corridor. “They’re not going through with that,” a senior Montreal Agglomeration official who is familiar with the file told The Suburban, Feb. 27. “The [new commuter rail line] is not following through.” Does this mean the West Island branch is dead?
  13. Well, not only that: "au lieu de chercher des «opportunités d'affaires», pour reprendre ce vil et intellectuellement paresseux anglicisme que l'on retrouve trop souvent dans la documentation financière d'aujourd'hui et dans la paperasse propagandiste libârale. " He didn't know how to use spelling checker? He seems both stupid (and/thus) racist.