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  1. universityst

    L’Habitation 21/22/H3C - 13-8-7 étages

    I so hope i'll be proven wrong... but THIS ONE is a yellow monster in the making man! have you seen the renders that appeared on the early pages? ps: by the way bassin peel next to this will look like the chrysler building!
  2. universityst

    L’Habitation 21/22/H3C - 13-8-7 étages

    This view is screwed... forever... CRIMINAL!!!
  3. universityst

    L’Habitation 21/22/H3C - 13-8-7 étages

    Scary shit!
  4. universityst

    Le Brickfield - 14 étages

  5. universityst

    Humaniti - 39 étages

    The balcony side scares me!!
  6. universityst

    Hotel Dix30 - 16 étages

    Boring as hell but waaaayyyy better than anything in Griffinbeigetown... Gallery apart!
  7. universityst

    L’Habitation 21/22/H3C - 13-8-7 étages

    This 'horror' is proof people involved in 'designing' and approving it do not give rat's a** about this city... and if you're passionate about mtl it's very frustrating when you realize these are the people in positions of power/decision right at this very moment of unbelievable real estate boom!
  8. universityst

    L’Habitation 21/22/H3C - 13-8-7 étages

    this next monster will be particularly ugly!!!
  9. universityst

    Exalto - 17 étages

    What a m***** f***** waste!
  10. universityst

    Les Bassins du Havre : projet global

    I hope faaaaar away from montreal!
  11. universityst

    Coop Griffin - 12 étages

    OMG!!!!!! Stanley Kubrick would've never gone this far! and I mean Griffintown as a whole!
  12. universityst

    Le Smith - 26 étages

  13. universityst

    Agrandissement Mosquée rue Berger

    And of course you HAD TO say something smart... right?