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  1. Djentmaster001

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    Looks awesome and another tower to go up on RL! also interesting that on the press release it mentions a shopping centre on the ground floor, never stipulates if it's private or not.
  2. Djentmaster001

    Consultation publique sur l’avenir du Mont Royal

    I knew this pilot project would be a failure and got a lot of hate for it, and I was right (again). This is why you need to have a proper consultation and also a government who won't act like authoritarian crybabies when they get backlash. Anyways, glad to see people saw this as a failure and will lead to a better action plan instead of blaming everything on cars.
  3. Stand-up coasters are either 1. getting demolished or 2. being converted to floorless coasters. Cobra was ok, nothing special honestly and it really hurts your huevos if you get what I mean. Honestly though, outside Goliath and Vampire, La Ronde is garbage. So expensive for little rides, the food is overpriced (as usual, but I even found cheaper food at Universal) and the operations are horrible. Six Flags can easily add coasters and will get an increase in attendance and $$ (Goliath made the park hit 2 million visitors) but man the park is just sad to look at. But like I said, thankfully CW is only 6H away, at least they're getting actual investments with Yukon Striker, the resort in 2020 and other future rides.
  4. I know I'm late to the party, but I was distracted by the ACTUAL coasters going into other parks like Canada's Wonderland (world's tallest dive) Copperhead Strike at Carowinds, Maxx Force, etc... And as typical, La Ronde gets a carnival ride that SF markets as a roller coaster. For all the GP on this site, remember this **A LARSON LOOPER IS NOT A COASTER**. It sucks that even all these years SF has owned La Ronde, that it's still a hand me down park that isn't even fully branded. The park itself is trash and poorly maintained and outside Goliath, Vampire and 2-3 flat rides, the park is well.. terrible. Thank God wonderland is only 6H away, at least they have big and good coasters and a huge selection of flat rides + a water park. 2019 they're getting a 3rd B&M + a world record and 2020 a resort.
  5. Urban Behaviour/Planet always have sales, it's not going out of business. Last year they had liquidations and sales and yet they're still there. Plus I got a pair of shoes + pants at UB for $30 with tax, that place is awesome.
  6. Djentmaster001

    Solstice - 35 étages

    Minus the crown, it looks like a glass version of TDC1 to me. Other than that, looks nice, clean and I love that crown. Plus it densifies the sector as well and I do hope that there is a bar or restaurant at the ground level. It'll add more life/options to the area and it'll feel more complete.
  7. Djentmaster001

    QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Disappointing! looks like something you'd see in Ottawa, or Winnipeg.
  8. Djentmaster001

    Bleury/Sherbrooke - +- 25 étages

    Damn, this area is gonna be insane density wise.
  9. Djentmaster001

    PC victory effect on Quebec

    I don't think it will have an effect in Quebec IMO and if it does it'll be minimal. Ontario chose the best of the worst (all candidates were trash). So it was either keep a premier that was making Ontario go deeper into debt and going full SJW, elect an even further left party in the NDP or go to progressive-conservatives to change it up. Now the hysteria that he is the next Trump is nothing but B.S, as he is nothing close to Trump. I agree with him with upholding free speech at universities(my cousin goes to university and the sjw militia on campuses are insane these days) and carbon tax uphold (carbon-tax is a scam, we're taxed enough). On the flip side, his lack of a platform, not believing in climate change etc... is worrisome. But let's give it some time to see what he does in Ontario. With that said, Quebec is now in better shape than Ontario politically, and if the Liberals win again in 2018, that'll continue as well.
  10. Djentmaster001

    Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    Not bad, the previous version was much nicer and better. This looks like it'll be a nightmare. Also, given the recent events in Toronto and globally, there is a lack of barriers between the street and sidewalk. They need to think of security issues as well instead of wide sidewalks and trees.
  11. Hilarious chart! I'm a die-hard metalhead and my IQ is 140!
  12. Djentmaster001

    1000 de la Montagne - 45 étages

    Massive, looks taller than 144m. Looks live a nice project though.
  13. Djentmaster001

    Nouvelle stratégie économique pour la métropole

    It simply did not exist! the deficit was more around $50M projected for 2018, but as usual, new political parties play that "deficit was much larger than we thought" card to push their agenda.
  14. Djentmaster001

    Nouvelle stratégie économique pour la métropole

    It's good to see that the city will invest in the economy (plus the money they got from the province). But merchants need help/tax breaks as well and businesses need a decrease in taxes. I've been hard on Plante (and I have every right to be given my background and as a taxpayer) BUT, it's a step in the right direction.
  15. Djentmaster001

    Tour 6 Le Square Children's - 20 étages

    Finally nice social housing!