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  1. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 53 étages

    Crazy how fast this is going up, you can even see it in the Rocca cam.
  2. Faubourg Lacordaire - 11 étages

    I pass by this site daily, I'll snap pics, but about time this goes up.
  3. Hey guys, according to Chris1989, the glass is going up on the complex and it's black colour glass.
  4. My Montreal pics

    Various pics that I've taken in Montreal, mainly of street art, but I also post pics of buildings, cars, neighbourhoods, etc.... I post plenty of pictures here at
  5. Montréal en pôle position

    I've been saying for years now that Montreal will shine again and now it's happening. Cool to see the GDP per capita in Montreal at over $60K, that's very high for a North American city (yes I know it's less in USD, but still). Also, immigration increasing, the island of Montreal got almost 39K in 2016 (incoming counted only), more investments, a greener city, more international HQ's, etc... fun times ahead here!
  6. 1441, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest - 16 étages

    Went downtown today, there's a crane up for this project.
  7. Project is on a Chinese website
  8. Montreal #13 for Venture Capital Investment in North America

    VC will continue to rise in Montreal, we have a bright future ahead of us. Also, Toronto down 41%.... ouch
  9. The whole show was breathtaking and amazing. We now have yet another landmark in the city!
  10. 255 Duke - 24 étages

    Interesting proposal, I like it! hopefully it's something that will get built and not a former project.
  11. Banque de l'infrastructure du Canada (BIC): où sera t'elle située?

    We're well on our way with that, remember slow growth over the long term is healthier than huge boom and bust cycles. The government has been more responsible lately and hopefully, this continues. Public transportation is improving and is more efficient than almost all transport systems in North America (trust me on this). We're being more open to immigrants and will be passing laws to increase immigration and to recognise their diplomas. As someone with a background in international business, and soon political science, and as someone whose lived elsewhere, Montreal is indeed on the right track! there is a renaissance happening and it's beautiful to see, even though it's slow in an economic sense, it's healthier. From when I left till I came back, poverty rates have decreased, infrastructure investments have been non-stop which in turn attracts more investments, people are moving back to Montreal, there's a positive vibe and future ahead, trust me. We have a lot of work to do, but we're going in the right direction. Amongst a younger generation, Montreal is seen as a desirable place due to language, cost efficiency, green environment, transportation, progressiveness, etc... It's a fun time to be in Montreal I'll tell you that.
  12. Forum des grands projets de la Chambre de commerce du montreal métropolitain

    I made a mistake, I saw a tweet from the Chamber of Commerce with this and the $500M price tag. It's a different developer with another $500M project.
  13. Banque de l'infrastructure du Canada (BIC): où sera t'elle située?

    Restaurants and Nightlife for sure go to MTL, museums is a toss up for me. I'm very familiar with Toronto, not only do I visit often but I've lived there for some time.
  14. Banque de l'infrastructure du Canada (BIC): où sera t'elle située?

    Toronto beating us in finance, I agree. In culture, they have none, it's basically an American city, architecturally daring? really? blue box condos with glass falling is daring? Jesus. Montreal a city in decline? no, in fact, we're healthier than ever before and there's a buzz about us in the business community. Every conference I go to for either Model U.N or business conferences, others always talk about their desire to come here, work here and live here, and talk about our great biomedical, tech/A.I/aerospace fields.