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  1. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I usually don't like developments like this, but! if this means more competition between Royalmount and downtown + taking customers away from Laval and the Southshore and bringing more people + $$ to Montreal? I'm for it.
  2. Faubourg Lacordaire - 11 étages

    Passed by it today, it's already at the 12th floor.
  3. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    It was around midnight. I was able to look at the tower without the blinding effect.
  4. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    Passed by tonight, seems like they made the lights less bright,
  5. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Had they kept the game glass as the base, it would've looked amazing. I usually love dark blue colour glass, but the one they used is way too heavy and cheap.
  6. Maison Manuvie - 28 étages

    I love the lighting! hopefully they'll get creative with colours and patterns as well.
  7. Limite de hauteur à 200m, pour ou contre ?

    I'm ok with the height limits, although I do want more 150-215/220m buildings. When it comes to the main core of downtown, it should be no less than 150m (also depends on demand, developers, etc...). I would also prefer taller buildings over 16-floor stumps everywhere but because you can consolidate more units in taller buildings and add more green space (again, depends on factors such as money and developers and all that)
  8. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    I like the lights, looks great! but they have to dim it down a good amount as well.
  9. EstWest condos (Square Children’s) - 2 x 27 étages

    Good news! really awesome to see the second phase going on sale this quick. On the other hand, what in Gods name do you do with only 270 sq. ft of space?
  10. Maison Manuvie - 28 étages

    Same, but we got silver rings representing a moving hockey puck instead! whoopie! ....sigh
  11. Maison Manuvie - 28 étages

    ^ whoa that's awesome!
  12. Saks to open in Montreal/Bay Store

    article about this from October, but the delay was known for a couple of months. It's a shame, there's always delays with stuff starting or opening here, pretty ridiculous.
  13. Réseau électrique métropolitain

    Now we know why there's a delay! a different branch will be in control of the project! no but seriously as a journalist how do you mess that up?
  14. Réseau électrique métropolitain

    ^ was just about to post that haha, but yeah, the delay sucks and hopefully it won't be too long. Also to the people who say it'll cost $8B or $12B.... they need help.
  15. Tour Deloitte - 26 étages (2015)

    The lights are back on! quick, someone take a picture before they get turned off for another 6 months.