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  1. 975 Lucien-L'Allier - 45 étages

    Massive, looks taller than 144m. Looks live a nice project though.
  2. Nouvelle stratégie économique pour la métropole

    It simply did not exist! the deficit was more around $50M projected for 2018, but as usual, new political parties play that "deficit was much larger than we thought" card to push their agenda.
  3. Nouvelle stratégie économique pour la métropole

    It's good to see that the city will invest in the economy (plus the money they got from the province). But merchants need help/tax breaks as well and businesses need a decrease in taxes. I've been hard on Plante (and I have every right to be given my background and as a taxpayer) BUT, it's a step in the right direction.
  4. Tour 6 Le Square Children's - 20 étages

    Finally nice social housing!
  5. 700 rue Saint-Jacques - 56 étages

    This will be a world-class condo tower for sure, very beautiful building.
  6. Le Smith - 26 étages

    Le Smith, passed by yesterday and yeah it's not super ugly but still cheap as hell. Also, there's just too much grey in the area, makes it a little depressing. Source:
  7. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    TDC2 Source:
  8. Le Jardin Domtar sacrifié pour un projet immobilier

    Downtown Montreal has a lot of green spaces/public squares, for sure more than almost any city on the continent. Losing a little park to a condo when you have Mont-Royal, Jean Drapeau, Parc Jeanne-Mance and more parks planned is not the end of the world.
  9. 700 rue Saint-Jacques - 56 étages

    Holy **** that's awesome! finally.
  10. 700 rue Saint-Jacques - 56 étages

    Whoa so two 200m towers?
  11. Heavy Montreal 2018

    Slipknot was by far one of the most intense bands I've ever seen live.
  12. Marché d'édifices à bureaux de Montréal : actualités

    I mean, when 70% of a cities revenue comes from property taxes, that's an absurd amount. It should be at least half or less (for example, Toronto is at 33%, other cities in the U.S are around below 30%-50%). The point is, with the new status that Coderre fought for us, it's time for the city to ramp it up. You can establish economic trade zones to bring more revenue to the city/investments, continue attracting more tourists + increase hotel rates (there's a tourist tax here too right?), increase cultural offerings/events etc...
  13. Marché d'édifices à bureaux de Montréal : actualités

    That's what happens when your economy isn't diverse enough. We ABSOLUTELY need to find new sources of revenue and decrease property taxes on businesses. It'll help businesses, make more open and help the economy. $37.23 per $1,000 is ridiculous.
  14. La NBA revient à Montréal

    I see the NBA working here for sure. Montreal is a big market and a lot of teams in the U.S are smaller. Second, many younger people prefer basketball/football over hockey and want an NBA team here. I know certain people would say our GDP per capita wouldn't support a team and "we're too poor" but when you see cities in the U.S like Detroit, Memphis, Miami, New Orleans, etc.. (who have higher poverty rates and GDP per capita is $22-$25K in the city) yet can support teams, then we'll be fine. The main demographic target will be millennials + we get another Toronto/MTL rivalry.
  15. Hexagone 2 - 22 étages

    That's a pretty dumb regulation IMO, I would love to see more terraces in Griff.