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  1. 2017 Muralfest lineup/program revealed! This is one of my favourite festivals in Montreal, which is considered to be a street-art capital of the world. This event is the biggest of its kind in North America. Interesting news is that it's expanding to Old Montreal this summer, along with more free shows for the public.
  2. From my friends who go to Concordia or McGill, after they graduate most want to leave Montreal to go to the U.S or Toronto, even though I keep telling them MTL has a bright future for everyone, it goes over their heads. Main reason to them is French, which is funny because even though I'm struggling my ass off to relearn my French (which is more difficult than I thought sadly. On the contrary, I speak Italian and some Spanish so one day I'll speak the top 4 languages in the city) I'm still sticking here because this city is special, amazing and has a bright future ahead Plus coming back here was the best decision I made. On the flip side, I've convinced many of my American friends to move to MTL, so far I have about 10 coming this summer and they chose MTL over T.O because it's different, affordable, diverse, artsy, etc... This city is just amazing, quality of life is amazing, the culture and community spirit is lovely to see and rare in a big city. So all those butthurt people who complain about language, the weather, the taxes, the roads, good riddance, more opportunity for me. And if they think this city/province is the "worst" they're in for a rude awakening, trust me.
  3. Looks like they took out the lights, haven't seen the blue lights for a week or so.
  4. Finally! something I've been waiting for the city to do for years, huge murals on blank skyscraper walls.
  5. ville-marie

    Hm... I think its for TDC2, since that's structurally 54 floors tall. Kinda weird that it went from 170 to 166M tho. Also it has 590 units, for TDC3 less units so does that mean the rumour of the hotel is true?
  6. ville-marie

    I'm curious, is the big sports bar still in the plans for TDC1? Haven't heard anything yet and playoffs are around the corner.
  7. ville-marie

    Ville-Marie is 89K, but remember downtown now includes Griffintown and parts of Le Plateau (downtown strategy). Also I love how a 120M tower will look there : Thumbsup:
  8. ville-marie

    I agree, seems like everytime height is mentioned people flip out for no reason. It's a downtown for F*** sakes, what do people expect? that every tower should be 60-80M max? It's not like they want to build supertalls everywhere, 120M in that sector is fine. I also agree that downtown should densify, we're already more dense than amost all downtowns (except for NYC, Toronto, Chicago etc..) and have a population of roughly 120K+. If the city wants to have 150K by 2030 and 200K+ by 2050, you do that by desnifying and building higher.
  9. They think what we have right now is more than enough haha, maybe they changed their minds as this was years ago but still. This REM project along with all the new developments downtown and on the island are needed. Edit: here's an old video, showing both of them
  10. He was one of my teachers for world views regarding politics. He, along with another teacher I had were always against big developments happening downtown.
  11. ville-marie

    My pic from yesterday : Thumbsup:
  12. ville-marie

    My pic from last night : Thumbsup:
  13. ville-marie

    My pic from last night. Amazing how much has changed in such a short time
  14. ville-marie

    My pic from tonight