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  1. REM - Expansion future

    From a friend of mine who worked on this project as an urban planner. He told me that they're discussing a second phase, but obviously it won't come anytime soon.
  2. Humaniti - 39 étages

    Whoa, black glass now? I like.
  3. GH Griffintown (W phase 4) - 15 étages

    I'm still in awe of the neverending transformation of Griffintown, truly amazing.
  4. Griffintown

    I would consider Griffintown a part of downtown now "greater downtown".
  5. Nouveau Pont Champlain

    Also, today on Global Montreal, they had an article saying the bridge will be open before Christmas.
  6. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    How many more floors to go with this one?
  7. Heavy Montreal 2018

    And here's the **** line-up. Why is Evenko so cheap when they actually have money to spend.
  8. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Beautiful project, hopefully, it goes through. More business, more stores, more work + more competition.
  9. Heavy Montreal 2018

    The lineup is not official yet, but there have been some bands confirmed/rumoured. They are Rob Zombie, Emperor, Hollywood Undead and Helix. There's also a rumour that they're adding a hip-hop group ala Rockfest.
  10. Sommet immobilier de Montréal

    Well considering Broccolini will be present, perhaps the Robert Bourassa project? just speculating.
  11. Griffintown

    I'll tell you guys this, aside from architecture, the transformation in Griffintown was executed better than Brickell in Miami. At least the pedestrian level here is fantastic, plans for green space, a good amount of businesses. Brickell forgot to do that during the first boom, so now you have pockets of activity and the rest is an uninviting ghost town.
  12. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    The new version looks shorter than Place Du Canada. I'm sure they'll revise it since the office market is starting to heat up, but we'll see, still got a long way to go for this project.
  13. Expos coming back?

    I've heard the same from my political circles (with business ties).
  14. 600 Peel (tour résidentielle 210 mètres) - ?? étages

    From what I heard, sometime this year/2019. Nothing specific but the guy who told me this also told me about TDC3 going on sale/starting in 2017/18 and that's exactly what happened. Edit: I should add as a way to not get peoples hopes up, they still have to go through consultations and approval for the project. They do have the desire to build to the max but we don't know if they'll obtain it. Also, the date I was given is subject to change due to market conditions, OCMP consultations and all that jazz.
  15. 600 Peel (tour résidentielle 210 mètres) - ?? étages

    I'm aware of this, it's just a suggestion as to what to expect with PM, so relax. I know it's prime real estate and I would let them build up to the max but when you have PM in charge, you're going to expect stuff like I mentioned. I'm an investor myself, have contributed to many projects in N.A and I know that this is how you drive entrepreneurship away, but things are a bit different here.