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  1. Tour des Canadiens - 50 étages

    Ok, so I ended up going tonight with amigos, here are my thoughts/observations 1. The place is underground, and it's huge! I only explored the first two floors so idk about the 3rd floor. 2. It was very busy, very fast service as well 3. Loved all the murals made for the restaurant, very unique. 4. I had the poutine, it was ok... I've had much better elsewhere. The dessert was good, I had a giant cookie with marshmallows 5. I highly recommend the place, and I'm sure it'll get better as time goes on 6. Habs are horrid so far.
  2. Tour des Canadiens - 50 étages

    Soft opening today at 4 pm, I'm not gonna go today but maybe sometime this week I'll stop by. Hope it's worth the hype.
  3. Tour des Canadiens - 50 étages

    Some info about the new restaurant opening up in 2 days 1. The menu came out, yes it's pricey. For example, 3 tacos = $18, plates of pasta are in the $20-$23 range, steak in the usual $30-$45 range, plus triple AAA Angus tomahawk 50oz steak for $150. Nothing on the beer menu yet, but I'm assuming it's the usual $7-$9 range for 16oz. So $20-$45 range total. 2. Planning on opening a terrace summer 2018 3. From what I heard, dress code is business casual but not confirmed yet.
  4. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 53(?) étages

    "Once in a lifetime opportunity" until 600 peel when it'll be TDC 4,5,6. 3 more rounds after and we'll mistake CF as a cat with 9 lives.
  5. Montréal, métropole du Québec

    Montreal is on an upswing and will continue since the younger generations are more aware of the world and how it works. MTL is already an International city and we're attracting billions in investments. Political stability is at its strongest, so is confidence in the city. Sure the city has regulations, some can argue over-regulated, but QOL is one of the best in the world, we don't have rampant poverty like successful cities in the U.S or increasing class segregation like in Toronto. This is the only city where I see people actually enjoy life. I lived in Toronto and Miami, both cities are too expensive, too divided and only drive on foreign buyers (Miami has a fake economy) T.O will always be #1 in Canada, so MTL has and will focus more International.
  6. AC Hotel - 34 étages

    Not gonna lie, every time I see this building it gives me a "cozy" feeling. Smart of the developers for that, a design that makes people cozy and just so happens there's a hotel located in there
  7. From the people I know/go to uni with, I'd say almost all are undecided. They understand Coderre has helped our economy but they hate his ego and his spontaneous decisions, and with PM they like their ideas but are concerned because they've never led the city before and some say they're too left. Some love the idea of free transport for students and seniors and fewer taxes for families but how will they compensate? will they raise business tax and parking? if so then that can ruin the economy. So it's still too soon but it's still a very important election.
  8. BOMBARDIER C series

    This decision pissed me off, not only cause of potential economic losses here, but I have many family members who work at Bombardier. So I'm hoping Canada cancels the contract with Boeing and their fighter jets, along with the U.K, and I hope our allies add a tariff on Boeing products and I'm hoping airlines cancel contracts with Boeing and go for Bombardier or Airbus. The U.S is just ruining everything with allies and causing trade wars, so why focus on them most of the time, I'd start increasing deals with China and Euro.
  9. Skyline De Montréal

    Just imagine if/when the de la Montagne project, the maybe tower in between rocca and L'Avenue and there could be another 1-2 towers above the train tracks all come to fruition. The density around that area is gonna be insane.
  10. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    UBER literally just left the most important city on earth (London), them leaving Quebec isn't cause we're "anti-tech", especially since FB and Samsung will open up AI centres in Montreal. If UBER has a hard time with training their drivers and stricter background checks, it just shows their business model is pretty pathetic. They have until October 14th to negotiate something with the gov't, if not and they leave, whatever. I'm sure Quebec will allow others to be created or someone from Montreal will make their own UBER like service that actually respects guidelines and industries and a proper business/ethics model.
  11. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    It's really not surprising, I even said from day 1 that it's most likely Boston getting it and it's understandable why they're front-runners.
  12. Projet du Groupe Brivia (Guy/René-Lévesque)

    I would like the tower to be at least 100M tall, and if anything maybe they can get a waiver to build up to 130-135M? (just for variation purposes though, I'm aware it'll take too much time and resources with ocpm) Anyways what I would like to see the most is commercial at the base. I really want to see more restaurants or bars on R.L and that'll spark more competition for the street. R.L needs some animation at night time IMO, and it's slowly getting there, so hopefully, whatever goes here contributes to this.
  13. Tour des Canadiens - 50 étages

    It's part of a much much larger wall
  14. Projet du Groupe Brivia (Guy/René-Lévesque)

    Oh shit! I passed by this morning and this wasn't up... sweet!
  15. 628 Saint-Jacques - 35 étages

    YUL x2, HI, Humaniti, Altoria and this are all 120M. Rocca x2 147M, Icone 146M.