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  1. So the article says that the mayor is still recognising the downtown strategy, which I'm happy to hear about. We do need to build higher and denser but to also make street-level lively and friendly. In North American terms, MTL is probably the best when it comes to street level.
  2. Djentmaster001

    Tour Quartier des Spectacles (projet mixte) - ?? étages

    Whatever tower goes here, I just hope it'll be a landmark. Seeing rumours of a mural on it + perhaps a museum and possibly 2x 50-floor towers? sounds amazing if legit. It'll definitely add more to the sector and make it more world class than it already is.
  3. Djentmaster001

    PPU du Quartier des gares

    Man, I love the pavers (stone or concrete). It definitely adds character and it's more aesthetically pleasing than asphalt. Hopefully, in the near future we see ones in different colours or artwork on them.
  4. Djentmaster001

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    Finally, this saga is over.... NYC and DC whoopie, like we didn't expect that. Also, Nashville is getting an East Coast hub, 5,000 new jobs created. So NYC, DC & Nashville are the winners today.
  5. Djentmaster001

    TOM Condos - 42 étages

    This is our version of the L tower in Toronto. One takes forever to finish because the promoter lost $$, the other was thinking about making the crane part of the tower.
  6. Djentmaster001

    Greater Montreal asks for tax increase to pay for public transit

    My god all this woman ever wants to do is to raise taxes. Typical narrowminded leftie thinking taxes are the only way to generate revenue.
  7. Djentmaster001

    2055 rue Drummond - 24 étages

    These maps are good but sometimes have the wrong info. For example Laurent & Clark Phase two 35 floors? Solstice 41 floors when it's really 44, just minor details but still not fully accurate.
  8. Djentmaster001

    Lowe’s ferme près d’une trentaine de magasins Rona

    I love how people are blaming the sale to Lowes as the reason as to why stores are closing. Rona has a lot of competition and there will/is an emergence of online giants who will sell products for less as well (Amazon).
  9. Djentmaster001

    Icône - 40 étages (2017)

    At this point, I lost faith for phase two to even happen. You look at other projects with multiple phases going up while the developers of this project are procrastinating.
  10. Of course Plante wants to add 15% tax on foreign buyers! she knows zero about economics or how markets work (what do you expect from someone with a museum history degree). The market is healthy, Montreal will not be near Toronto or Vancouver levels and we have more than enough taxes in Montreal.
  11. Djentmaster001

    Bass 2 - 8(?) étages

    All I know is when they get the permits, construction will start. All self-financing project as well, that's all I know from the developer atm, but him and I do communicate once in a while.
  12. Djentmaster001

    750 Peel - 23, 23 étages

    I always mention here how I know many people in the real estate business (developers, professionals, etc..). I know people who are looking for class A office space downtown, I showed them old and new renders of 750 Peel and they said the new design is boring and "belongs in Winnipeg", another one said she was disappointed in the new design.
  13. Djentmaster001

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

    Well.... they did say this building was inspired by NYC, hence you get a narrow studio with a maximum of one window at the end. PREMIUM STUFF! *no sunlight for you*
  14. Djentmaster001

    (Rénovation) 400 René-Lévesque Ouest - 17 étages

    So what's this mystery project? obviously, it's a renovation but is it residential? hotel? Very curious about it and glad that this hideous building is getting a much needed lift, although they need to fix up the concrete walls as well.
  15. Djentmaster001

    Montréal fera plus de place aux minorités dans ses C.A.

    Not at all, I used that example because we're seeing that on university campuses now! for example, my cousin got denied a job because he wasn't a minority and he was told that straight to his face. Or for me in Miami, I was not hired for not being Hispanic, even though I'm trilingual and have qualifications. Do I like the status quo? hell no, because everyone who is not French by birth gets discriminated here, and there are studies to prove that. This plan is supposed to give "equal weight" to minorities but in the end, they'll want more control and representation (just like in the states). Anonymous CV's are also a great idea, but bias can also play a role during the interview process. Like I said, as someone who's seen stuff like this first hand in government roles in the states, it never worked. All it does is cause more issues and no proper solution, this is only done to show how "progressive" a city is.