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  1. vincenzo

    Le Smith - 26 étages

    It is not as bad as it appears in pictures or renderings
  2. vincenzo

    Le Smith - 26 étages

    Another 8 floors and it would have been something else
  3. Logic dictates that it should have been done at the same time.
  4. vincenzo

    Viaduc Berri: réaménagement

    I have seen steeper boulevards. The number of lanes should be a continuation of the existing roadwork south of Ontario.
  5. All we need now is a project similar to Humaniti (Hotel,Condos, Appts, Comercial) to replace the ugly building facing this new place on Viger. That would be quiet a site looking north from Place Vaquelin
  6. vincenzo

    Quais De Lorimier - Nouveau projet

    There could be a larger commercial part as the provincial government is transferring many of its offices from ville marie to the eastern part of downtown. That would help achieve the mix that is so important in giving it a new life.
  7. vincenzo

    Viaduc Berri: réaménagement

    Can't we just get rid of the viaduct and have the streets intersect like all other streets?
  8. vincenzo

    Station Mont-Royal - Discussion

    Pourquoi pas nommer la nouvelle station - LA MONTAGNE/THE MOUNTAIN !!
  9. vincenzo

    Centre Eaton de Montréal

    Les Terrasses was a much more fascinating and interesting centre, but very difficult to navigate
  10. vincenzo

    Centre Eaton de Montréal

    IMO this Reno doesn't seem to do what it should do. What this needed to do is - once you're through those doors whether from Ste Catherine or McGill - Wow you. It won't!
  11. vincenzo

    Centre d'histoire de Montréal

    I am liking very much the visual on this building
  12. vincenzo

    Statistiques PAX

    It looks like we'll be short of the 20 million. Closer to 19.4. Next year!
  13. vincenzo

    Air Canada veut racheter Aéroplan

    I have not travelled as extensively as you have, but I've done my share accumulating over 2 million aeroplan miles and I totally agree with you. Air Canada is among the better ones.
  14. vincenzo

    Nouvelle Maison Radio-Canada - 8 étages

    I mean a REALLY busy intersection like Bleury/Ste Catherine, St Laurent/Ste Catherine, Guy/deMaisonneuve, etc...
  15. vincenzo

    Nouvelle Maison Radio-Canada - 8 étages

    This project is definitely at the wrong place. With it's square like entrance and animation it deserved to be at a busy pedestrian intersection.