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  1. Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    It would be a shame. Given our climate and home to one of the largest hydroelectric companies in the world, we should expand it to include not just sidewalks but streets as well such as Mont Royal, St Paul, lower St Denis, Place Jacques Cartier and so on and so on...
  2. HEC Montréal (pavillon centre-ville) - 8 étages

    It's too bad they are demolishing the buildings on the northern part of Beaver Hall instead of the MK building.
  3. Maison Manuvie - 28 étages

    The coloured lights need to go
  4. Le Drummond - 24 étages

    I would take a bunch more of these instead of what they are building on Crescent and Bishop.
  5. Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    I am not understanding the discussion. These both exist. If anything bringing, them together will make them much stronger and much more interesting. Also, we can already see the impact of this future change to what is currently happening on the street between de Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke. As for the current Holt Renfrew a boutique hotel or combination hotel condo is the most probable outcome. There would be huge demand for both outcomes.
  6. From what I can see, it seems that there is a raised band between the old and the new.
  7. Once decontaminated, it would be prime for high density residential - next to downtown and along the Lachine canal.
  8. Instead of building a low rise services installation on the western edge for the whole length of the promenade, they should put in a high rise mixed use hotel/condo and use part of the ground floor for the services. The views would be amazing and would accelerate the redevelopment on the east side.
  9. Métro - Ligne Rose

    Wow?!? What a price to pay!
  10. Statistiques PAX

    Does anyone know how many Montreal passengers transit through Toronto every year?
  11. Montréal, métropole du Québec

    I totally agree with Andre. Protecting the French language does not necessitate sovereignty. Once everyone gets it we will rock again.
  12. L'Avenue - 50 étages

    Tower is great but I am not liking the Ground Floor at all.
  13. Does anyone know if there is enough room to put the stadium on the north side of Sherbrook between Atwater and College de Montreal. If so, this would be an amazing site.