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  1. Le Carré Saint-Laurent - 12 étages

    IMO in this sector of the city - it's not glass we want to see - it's lights!
  2. Charlotte - 8 étages

    One of the better ones. Along the canal we should "incentivize" to promote original design and top quality materials.
  3. Montreal's Time Square

    I think having a Montreal Times Square is not a bad idea. And, even though Concordia Square seems to have the right configuration for it, I think it should be at Ste. Catherine and the Main: Imagine: Create a square by clearing all buildings in the quadrilateral Ste Catherine/St Laurent/deMaisonneuve/Clark; and accommodate all types of electronic bill boards - to the west on the giant blank wall next to the skating rink; to the east on the east side of Ste Catherine above the Belle Pro building; to the north on the basillaire of the Myriade building; and to the south on the basillaire of the new building being built. Et voila!
  4. ÉTS : Complexe Dow

    I think the ETS needs to open up the ground floor to the street for all its buildings. Too much dead wall along Peel.
  5. Ancienne usine CRANE rue St-Patrick

    It's time to accelerate the decontamination of both sides of the canal and push for the repurposing of buildings such as this as well as the development of dense urban residential units.
  6. from reliable source...3 buildings:1-condo/hotel; 2senior residence; and 3- not decided - another hotel or condos
  7. Imagine building a square at it's base (entrance on Queen Mary) a la St Peter's Square with columns all around and religious/cultural/tourist spaces around the columns - Vatican II! The square would be an attraction onto itself and coupled with the oratory the number of tourists would go through the stratosphere.
  8. Le Carré Saint-Laurent - 12 étages

    In keeping with it's history, I hope they're going to light up the base (all 3 or 4 floors) a la "times square both on the St Laurent and Ste Catherine sides.
  9. SAX sur le fleuve - 7 étages

    Wouldn't it make more sense to build the same height as their neighbour. It would give it a much more European feel.
  10. Projet Sainte-Catherine Ouest

    It would be a shame. Given our climate and home to one of the largest hydroelectric companies in the world, we should expand it to include not just sidewalks but streets as well such as Mont Royal, St Paul, lower St Denis, Place Jacques Cartier and so on and so on...
  11. HEC Montréal (pavillon centre-ville) - 8 étages

    It's too bad they are demolishing the buildings on the northern part of Beaver Hall instead of the MK building.
  12. Maison Manuvie - 28 étages

    The coloured lights need to go
  13. Le Drummond - 2 * 24 étages

    I would take a bunch more of these instead of what they are building on Crescent and Bishop.