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  1. vincenzo

    Rénovations à l'UQAM

    It should not be brick. Should be grey stone
  2. We need a nice iconic building with superb integration at street level to hide the Samcon project and close the loop around the squares
  3. vincenzo

    Victoria sur le Parc - 56 étages

    All in the Family!
  4. vincenzo

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    I am very impressed by the execution of both the New Champlain and the Turcot projects.
  5. vincenzo

    Tourists Explore Basilique Notre-Dame

    It's a shame that the oratory's square is more like a parking lot instead of a grand piazza like it deserves.
  6. We could do better than that
  7. vincenzo

    VIA Rail - Discussion générale

    Why are they not limiting the study to proven and reliable technologies that would decrease the time not by 25%, but by 60 or 70% significantly increasing travel from the two largest cities and the most densely populated area of the country? Is the airline lobby that powerful?
  8. vincenzo

    ÉTS : Complexe Dow

    IMO very poor design and treatment of the corner. It should open up to Peel and to Notre Dame. Also, like the rest of the ETS it doesn't open up to the street.
  9. Totally agree with Normand. Bill 101 was the glue that kept the country together.
  10. I don't think a CAQ victory would change much. As a society we're beyond the quarrels and ineptitudes of the past 4 decades.
  11. vincenzo

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    In Toronto, the Yorkdale mall, probably the busiest in the country, has direct accesses from the 401. The solution, although costly, is to have direct access through overpasses or underpasses from both the 40 and the 15.
  12. We could remove the roof for the World Cup and build the tempered glass one after the cup
  13. vincenzo

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Not too difficult to calculate: sales = 3 million sq.ft. X $1,000 per sq ft (sales per a good mall) = $3billion (annual sales). employees = $3billion divided by $150per hour (sales productivity per hour per employee) = 20 million employee hours divided by 2,000 hours (number of hours per year per employee) =10, 000 full-time employees
  14. vincenzo

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    minimum 10,000 employees just in retail and a few thousand more for the entertainment and maintenance portion.