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    I'm interested in urban infrastructure projects.
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  1. J.S

    Échangeur Turcot

    Brock South extension. Future Falaise park.
  2. I've been reading about how American cities revitalize their alleyways, and in many cases it involves opening up cafes, shops, and restaurants facing the alley, making them into cozy hubs of pedestrian activity. Here's an article with photos about revitalized alleys in Detroit: http://www.modeldmedia.com/features/green-alley-revolution-112717.aspx In Montreal we have Ruelles Vertes, but as far as I can tell these are all located between residential streets. We have plenty of alleys next to commercial streets too. How cool would it be if those alleys were brought to life by not only making them green alleys, but also having businesses opening entrances and terraces on the alley? They could have a similar layout to the businesses on the north side of Jean Talon market, which have entrances on both ends on Rue Jean-Talon (front) and Place du Marché-du-Nord (back).
  3. Love the urban boulevard idea. A city is no place for a highway. But given the dominance of car culture here, it's hard to believe they would actually go with that option.
  4. Google Earth has a new satellite photo taken September 21.
  5. Do they really need the exit ramp to merge with Saint Antoine? Why not an intersection at Gosford and a traffic light? Then people could cross.
  6. There's already room for a bike path. Just reduce the southbound side from 5 lanes to 4. Then it will be even with the northbound side.
  7. I spot these differences between the rendering and the real thing: 1. The stone trim around the grass was supposed to be beige, but its white. 2. The rendering has several smaller paths linking the central path to the Duke sidewalk. 3. The rendering has some trees very close to or in the middle of the central path. 4. The trees are way bigger in the rendering. It will take a few years for them to look like that. 5. The real thing has benches. 6. The real thing has more diverse vegetation near the cross streets. IMO, they should have kept the beige so there would be a bit of color, and had more trees in the center like what was originally shown.
  8. J.S

    Échangeur Turcot

    Are they really demolishing an entire section of a highway just to put in a bus lane? I'm all for public transit but that seems like a big waste to me. And then why even demolish the west bound side when there won't be a bus lane there? I think there must be other reasons to rebuild the highway.
  9. I took these photos yesterday evening https://imgur.com/a/oQSjz It's basically just the portion above Wellington that's still standing now.
  10. J.S

    Échangeur Turcot

    Here are some pictures I took in Montreal West today.