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    Vive le Quebec uni!
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    Impact, Alouettes & Canadiens!
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    Dessinateur en Architecture

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  1. Mondo_Grosso

    Enticy - 22 étages

    I think that the height is respectable for that part of town. It will be a bit taller than 1600 R.L. Ouest right in front, or about the same hight as the Drummond towers close by. There will be a nice depth going from 3 story buildings on St Cat, up to 8 floor residential, then 15 floors (Le Art, Nest, Centra 3), 24 Enticy and finally ~35 floor Dorchester and Quinzecent.
  2. Mondo_Grosso - Diagrammes + infos

    Mon diagramme de Quinzecent est en attente de révision:
  3. Mondo_Grosso

    Highway 13 Bridge and Gouin

    What do you suggest as a fix?
  4. Mondo_Grosso

    Parc Jean-Drapeau : rénovations

    There's no need for personal attacks, I'm sure you can disagree with someone with attempting to put down their person.
  5. Mondo_Grosso

    Complexe Desjardins - Rénovations et Nouveautés

    Thank you for the insight, it gives me hope! The current hotel seems well placed and always occupied, I wonder if they are planning to move in to the hotel being built by Domtar.
  6. Mondo_Grosso

    Complexe Desjardins - Rénovations et Nouveautés

    Est-ce la même compagnie? Sinon, cela pourrait signifier un nouvel hôtel Hyatt au centre-ville, comme ce que Holiday Inn a fait.
  7. Mondo_Grosso - Diagrammes + infos

    Salut! Oui si j'ai le temps, ces petits dessins sont longs à faire. Si vous savez comment faire les dessins, n'importe qui peut l'ajouter sur SSP.
  8. Mondo_Grosso - Diagrammes + infos

    Mon diagramme de Solstice est en attente de révision:
  9. Mondo_Grosso

    ORA - 12-12-12 étages

    Bof, je respecte ton opinion, mais je ne suis pas d'accord avec toi. Les gens se plaignent toujours qu'is veulent un peu d'audace, et bien nous l'avons içi. C'est un projet de milieu de gamme qui utilise des matériaux de milieu de gamme.
  10. Mondo_Grosso

    YUL - 38, 38 étages

    Une fois la construction commencée, le nombre d'unités vendues n'affecte pas la rapidité du projet. La construction devrait s’accélérer maintenant qu’ils sont hors terre.
  11. Mondo_Grosso

    Forum de Montréal (rénovations)

    I think that this project is starting to take form. I have found renders that appear to be new, please correct me if I am wrong. If I am right, can a mod move this to "Rénovation"? "Montreal Forum located in the heart of DT Montreal, is getting completely redesigned and renovated! This building is known as the city's most diverse entertainment centre. Don't miss out on an opportunity to be involved in an integral part of Montreal's biggest project. More than 30,000 sq.ft available for restaurant business *ground floor only*."
  12. Mondo_Grosso

    Nouvelle Tour Banque (Big 5) - ?? étages

    There's no point in attacking people, it's going to discourage people from sharing rumours. It's highly possible that someone can hear a rumour but is not kept up to date about it, so it can evolve by the time it's made public. At that, I think we should have another subform, like for "visions" and another for rumours.
  13. Mondo_Grosso

    Place Montreal Trust (agrandissement portion sud)

    Le centre commercial garantissait que la tour aurait toujours une vue dégagée. Plus maintenant!
  14. Mondo_Grosso

    Place Bonaventure

  15. Mondo_Grosso

    Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    It's probably the best time now to sneak up there before the building is occupied