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  1. Développements commerciaux sur Sainte-Catherine

    There's a lot of new stores opening around Atwater where all the new condos have been built. They aren't interesting architecturally, but these new building make the area very lively. The first is 2162 Saint Catherine Ouest, a consignment store called Chicha, it used to be a shoe shop: The second is a crossfit type gym close to Colllege Lasalle, it has been open a couple months: The old Guess located at 1101 Sainte-Catherine Ouest is being renovated. This store used to have two floors, the renovation notice says that the 2nd floor and RC will be separated in to two different stores. Desjardins will be the tenant, which is odd because there is a Desjardins in the Gazette building across the street: Last is a candy store that has replaced the Pizza Pizza by Place Des Festivals.
  2. Le rez-de-chaussée est presque complet:
  3. 628 Saint-Jacques - 35 étages

    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!
  4. Centre Eaton de Montréal

    A lot of stores have been eliminated close to the entrance to complexe les ailes. This wide corridor makes the area feel much more open. You can see how wide it used to be by looking at the tiles on the floor. They have also put up giant prints of the renovations inside, if anyone wants a detailed look. The entire ceiling will be covered in mirrors, this will make the area appear bigger as well.
  5. Montréal sur Instagram

    Est-ce que je suis la seule person qui aime l'hotel Intercontinental? J'aimerais voir plus de tours comme ca...
  6. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    If you look inside, you will see that the construction workers are using them as office/cafeteria.
  7. Projet Le Bourbon (1560 Ste-Catherine Est) - 9 étages

    So sad to see this building go. I really hope someone courageous enough can put to use Le Drugstore which closed down a few years ago, I would hate to see it demolished as well.
  8. Griffintown

  9. 355, Sainte-Catherine ouest (Musique Plus)

    On peut clairement voir les harnais qui vont soutenir les écrans géants sur le coin. Je crois qu'il y aura un écran style "news ticker" autour du bâtiment, il y a des harnais plus petits qui font la longueur du bâtiment.
  10. Le Smith - 26 étages

    Une petite estimation pour les curieux, ...
  11. Le StanBrooke - 19 étages

    Le p'tit Stanbrooke grandit rapidement