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  1. ville-marie

    Not what I expected. Looks like a rental building in VSL circa 1980. Not good.
  2. Actually, I find PVM looking rather tired. In particular, the grill-work at the summit. Rusted, dirty, mangled in some areas. It really shows the age of the building.
  3. ville-marie

    From this perspective, it's ok-looking.
  4. What is the story behind the Wanda's building not being included? Did the owner just refuse to sell? It's really such a small sliver that its development potential is limited. What's worse, it's such a horrible little thing that is basically a shack - almost looks like a tool shed. It can be rebuilt and improved for a retail space but still…
  5. ville-marie

    So that woody section to the south isn't part of this project and it belongs to CP? * I do remember hearing about CP's new interest in the area, given all the developments… but I can't recall if they wanted to sell the land and the air rights over the station or develop something themselves - perhaps in partnership with someone (the best solution in my opinion). * Also, the lot line with the McDo is weirdly crooked; it really stands-out now.*
  6. ville-marie

    Looks great with CIL House… they compliment each other well. *Altitude is a mess - especially the east facade.*
  7. ville-marie

    I don't think it's so bad to be honest. *It's rental building with a mid-priced hotel: it is what it is. *Lots of similar stuff and worse in much wealthier cities. *I LOVE the density here. *That makes-up for its lack of architectural merit. *
  8. ville-marie

    Those "strips" of aluminum siding on Altitude and Icone are brutal *though… really grab your attention and not in a good way.
  9. ville-marie

    I'd rather have the "picket fence" of 120M than nothing; just open sky on the horizon.*
  10. ville-marie

    Well, that IBM building part of CCE is zoned 200M. *I guess, lucky that CCE was designed that way? **
  11. ville-marie

    Air rights should become a thing. *If a developer doesn't built to the allowable height, the balance could be sold and transferred to any neighboring lot, regardless of whether it is a 65M zone for example. **
  12. ville-marie

    In this location, overlooking an expressway, the tower portion should have been twice the height. *
  13. ville-marie

    Very interesting looking. *
  14. ville-marie

    For what it is, a mid-priced hotel (the AC brand is targeting Millenials) and a rental building, it's pretty typical *- you'll see this kinda preface stuff in the Times Square area in NYC too - the QdS being the emerging Montreal equivalent. * Love the density though. *