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    montreal, los angeles
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  1. ville-marie

    I'd like to see the two little buildings that front R-L eventually demolished so a 40-50 story tower can properly face the boulevard; I 'd also like to see a resi tower or a hotel tower from the Phillips Square side.
  2. ville-marie

    I much preferred one of the original plans that incorporated most of the Crescent side of the block too and turned bars/clubs into high-end retail. … I LOVE the size: de la Montagne wants to be this luxury shopping corridor and this will go a long way to helping it; I mean, for some reason the area around de Maisonneuve and de la Montagne is such a disaster and it can't seem to get its act together (i.e.: Wanda's). I hope some developer has their eye on the parking lot across the street from the rising FS Hotel. That is one lot that needs to be built on ASAP.
  3. ville-marie

    Hooters sharing the same block as the Four Seasons. Classy.
  4. ville-marie

    Roc Fleuri is a LOT worse than les Tours Lepine. Now that's a disaster.
  5. ville-marie

    It won't be blank if it's covered in the same black glass curtain wall - you won't know the difference.
  6. ville-marie

    It's the exterior glass. It's call a curtain-wall because it hangs/is attached on the superstructure like a curtain. The new renderings look much better than the initial one at the top of the thread; much more elegant. And the gold portions... Really looking forward to this!!
  7. ville-marie

    Well, a much larger building though.
  8. ville-marie

    On what lot? There's just the one south of Place Bonaventure.
  9. ville-marie

    Dying to see the curtain wall.
  10. griffintown

    There is so much more development potential in Griffintown; I mean, it has a long way to go before it starts to feel filled-in and lived-in. Don't forget, this is basically a brand new residential neighborhood rising from abandoned low-rise buildings and empty lots - it will mature and find the right mix of people and businesses over time.
  11. Interesting proposal. A diagonal line such as this allows for a lot of coverage/access for those inner-city neighborhoods. I do think it should extend my one station from Bonaventure to to Griffintown.
  12. ville-marie

    For office buildings, it sure as hell still is 28 stories.
  13. ...And EL AL flew to Montreal from 1969 to sometime in the early 2000's. So, definitely not the first time Montreal has been linked to TLV.
  14. ville-marie

    Hopefully, the look for a variance and aim for a170M project. This area could use it! But in all seriousness, as was mentioned, this area is a wasteland that is loaded with amenities including Metro access. The city would be wise to up zone the blocks around the new Boulevard and look at the area in terms of transit-oriented, high-density development; it's far enough from Mount Royal (and on the lowest ground) and it's not quite Old Montreal.
  15. Perhaps it's a mid-field concourse its own customs hall. That could alleviate the current customs hall problems. I agree, the problem is city-side; the ramp is totally inadequate. No doubt, parts of the parking structure are going to have to be demolished to make the needed improvements. This will no doubt be a huge undertaking. It's too bad ADM chose what airport design that they did for the expansion: it really limits expansion possibilities. The linear model that allows for parallel concourse to be built repeatedly, is the best and most efficient type of airport design. I also think the land-use at Dorval is totally messed-up. Poorly planned but that dates to the late 1950's.