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  1. internationalx

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Love this shot! Wanna see the same pic when TDC2 is complete.
  2. internationalx

    1000 de la Montagne - 45 étages

    Renderings aside, I think their marketing is a little further flawed.... they shouldn't be branding the building Centra Condos. It should be called 1000 de la Montagne - that address ought to get to top billing. Isn't Centra the brand of the builder?
  3. internationalx

    Le Smith - 26 étages

    I actually think it looks better than the rendering.
  4. internationalx

    LeART - 16 étages

    I saw this in person a few weeks ago when I was in town and I liked it - looks better in real life rather than in photos.
  5. internationalx

    Humaniti - 39 étages

    This project seems like it's moving fast!
  6. Given the neighboring pre-fab fiesta, that this is mostly glass is a very good thing!!
  7. internationalx

    Nouveau terminal

    Ouf. It's gonna be a complex job to re-work the entire landside of the terminal.
  8. internationalx

    Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    Looks gorgeous at night... the black is very sexy.
  9. internationalx

    Place Bonaventure

    It's just an odd building. The vocation it was designed for is completely different - it's no longer a trade mart. But it is like 2MM+ square feet of space though... I don't think the economics work to demo this thing. The only thing that works for it is the huge floor plates... companies love that feature. Definitely needs a cohesive master plan for the exterior.
  10. internationalx

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    This is going to be an amazing project for Montreal - and clearly Carbonleo have some ambition and vision.
  11. I agree.... this name change is so generic. McCord is pretty widely known name for the institution.
  12. internationalx

    QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Ugh. That's all.
  13. internationalx

    Carrefour Montreal - 42 Floors

    Wow! This is one I had never heard of. Certainly, had it been built (I wish), we'd have a little cluster of towers in the east, close the the J-C Bridge. That would have been awesome.
  14. internationalx

    800 rue Saint-Jacques (Banque Nationale) - 46 étages

    You have a mega-sized city block - it has to broken-up somehow to build towers. It can be a park, a square, a plaza, whatever... PVM has its plaza, for example. BNC has decided to build a park. Good for them.
  15. internationalx

    Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    My God, the installation of these red panels is slow...