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  1. Air Senegal
  2. Air Canada Announces Montreal-Lima

    This was reported 2 weeks ago, but still worth noting. YUL-LIM to now operate year round. AC must be pleased with the bookings. Canada Lima
  3. EI rumor to start YUL?

    Aer Lingus CEO has DEN and YUL as potential destinations. Will most likely happen in 2019-2020, when they get the A321LRs.
  4. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    Seems as though AC want to base all the A333s out of YUL, where their only pilot base for the type is. YYZ-AMS/MUC went from A333 to B787. The only other A333 route left at YYZ is to DUB. The rest are all in YUL for summer 2018. As for the missing 787s, could be they come from YYZ.
  5. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    Seems like YUL-TLV will remain an A333 for most of next summer.
  6. Been to both. Sucks that Desjardins no longer accepts Priority Pass. They did for the first few month of operations. I would say both are on an equal footing. I was pleased with the quality and service of both lounges.
  7. I highly doubt that. TS couldn't make BUD work, which is a bigger market.They wont try OTP, and certainly not with the A321LR. Range of the A321LR is 4000nm, straight line, with no winds. YUL-OTP is 3943nm. That's too tight eastbound, and a no go westbound.
  8. WestJet launches Montreal-Boston

    In all honesty, i rather have competition on YQB and BOS (with multiple daily frequencies) rather than more flights to FLL, LAS, PUJ, MBJ, all of which operated at less than daily and/or seasonally. We have plenty of competition to those sun destinations anyways. AC had a monopoly to YQB and BOS. Fares should be significantly reduced on those two routes because of WestJet, which is a good thing. Healthy competition.
  9. Statistiques PAX

    YYZ's traffic is about 25-30% connections, 70-75% O&D. As mark_ac said, that's not a lot of connections for such a huge hub. CDG is about equal (32% connections in 2016, according to this) Airports that are way ahead in terms of connections are DOH (70%), AUH (65%), FRA (55%), ATL (65%) and DXB (50%). Source: YUL is around 80% O&D, 20% transfers, according to James Cherry's RDI interview from last year. Still much better than LGW, which had a transfer rate of less than 3% in 2013. It used to be around 15-20% in the early 2000s.
  10. Excluding Hawaii (won't happen due to distance/low yield), RDU is the 4th largest unserved market out of YUL based on O&D, behind SAN, SEA and MSY. It is, however, the shortest route of the bunch, by far. A CRJ-200 can easily ply that route, so if I was a betting man, I would say YUL-RDU will happen sooner rather than later. Annual O&D of over 22,000 between YUL and RDU. That's 30 PDEW. Decent numbers for CRJ service.
  11. According to OAG Megahubs International Index 2017, YUL ranks 43rd in the world (14th in North America) in terms of international connectivity (ratio of possible scheduled international connections to the number of destinations served by the airport). LHR is first, obviously. YYZ is 5th. YVR is in 26th place. You can download the official report here for free.
  12. Correct. YYZ-KEF is also going mainline. YUL flights start June1, YYZ-KEF on June 2. That is a few weeks earlier than this year. This will free up a Rouge A319 for domestic or US ops next summer. Question is what route. AC812 YUL2345 - 0900+1KEF 7M8 257 AC813 KEF1000 - 1115YUL 7M8 136 AC816 YYZ2325 - 0900+1KEF 7M8 x257 AC817 KEF1000 - 1150YYZ 7M8 x136
  13. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    Announcement of a Canada-Ireland route tomorrow, apparently.
  14. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    LGW, MXP, DUB, GLA, EDI, LIS, MAD, NTE, TLS, BOD, TXL, PRG all possibilities.
  15. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    Some possible hints...... YVR-LGW will not operate next summer. It was 3x weekly Rouge B763.