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  1. thenoflyzone

    Primera Air FRA-YUL, Aer Lingus DUB-YUL

    C'est confirmé pour Aer Lingus. YUL et MSP.
  2. Merci bxlmontreal, En ce qui concerne WestJet et leur carte de destinations possible avec leur dreamliner, il ne faut pas oublier qu'il vont seulement recevoir 10 B787. Il vont certainement pas utiliser ces avions pour commencer quoi que ce soit a partir de Montreal. WestJet n'est pas interessé par le marché Quebecois. Ils on/vont annuler FLL, MCO, BOS et ont reduit leur fréquence sur YQB. Ils vont certainement pas commencer YUL-CDG ou YUL-FCO, surtout pas maintenant que la ligne Montreal-Paris va avoir 6 joueurs.
  3. As tu le lien direct vers ta source? Je ne le trouve pas sur pagtour.
  4. thenoflyzone

    Rumeur: nouvelle liaison vers une ville majeure

    Well, it's late in the year to announce a winter route. So i guess if an announcement is coming, it's for summer 2019. Like i said previously, there is going to be additional Rouge 767s in eastern Canada as of November 2018, as YVR is getting de-Rouged. YUL and/or YYZ can get a new route for next summer with those frames. There are also those 4 additional A333s coming online next year. AC could very well announce something in the next weeks or months.
  5. PTP0800-1145YUL B738 135 YUL1255-1850PTP B738 135 FDF0800-1205YUL B738 246 YUL1325-1925FDF B738 246
  6. thenoflyzone

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    BA has zero destinations from MAN to North America. In fact, they have zero interest in developing a hub or focus city out of MAN. They fly to 4 destinations year round from MAN, and two of those are to London airports. The rest of the flights from MAN are all seasonal, and only to 10 other destinations. Hardly hub or focus city status for BA at MAN. All they are interested in is feeding their hub at LHR. Period. Same for AF through CDG.
  7. thenoflyzone

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    Let's not forget that this is a look at one week during the busy summer season. Toronto-London, throughout the year, is probably a larger market than Montreal-Paris, on account that YYZ has several airlines operating daily flights to LGW as well. WS and TS are year round on YYZ-LGW, and BA is summer seasonal. YYZ even has flights to STN this year, a third London airport. Whereas YUL only has CDG year round, ORY being summer seasonal. However at peak season, YUL-CDG is massive, as illustrated.
  8. BWI is Southwest's second largest hub by daily departures, after MDW. That's probably the main reason why they chose BWI. It can also absord new flights to Canada without much trouble, unlike MDW, which is at capacity and doesn't have room to grow.
  9. Politics at play, unfortunately. The AC-CA JV is more important for Air Canada than calling Taiwan a country. The JV has many more benefits to AC and its hubs than the possible loss of some passengers on the YVR-TPE flights. So from a purely aviation standpoint, I understand their decision. From a moral one, it lacks maturity, as mentioned above.
  10. thenoflyzone

    Statistiques PAX

    Indeed. March was up 9.3%, no doubt boosted by Easter traffic as well.
  11. thenoflyzone

    Rumeur: nouvelle liaison vers une ville majeure

    I doubt either. Just discussed why ref. GRU. The reasoning behind DXB is much easier. Bilateral don't allow EK or AC to launch YUL-DXB, and if those two can't, no one will. Another Canadian airline can launch Canada-DXB, but I doubt it's on WestJet's or Transat's agenda. So that's that!
  12. thenoflyzone

    Rumeur: nouvelle liaison vers une ville majeure

    Like i said, deep south america (GRU) will be difficult, especially if you want to time it to connect with YUL-NRT-YUL. The flight from NRT arrives at YUL around 16h30. So let's assume this potential YUL-GRU flight is timed to connect well with the NRT arrival. An ideal departure time would be around 19h00 or 20h00 local. YUL-GRU is around a 10h30 hour flight, so arrival time at GRU will be in the morning, around 7 or 8 am the next day. (GRU is 1 hour ahead of YUL) Here is the can't turn the plane back around right away, as that flight would land in YUL around 8 pm, well after the departure of the YUL-NRT flight, which is at 2 pm. In fact, a late evening arrival like that is poorly timed to connect with anything significant out of YUL. This means that ideally, that aircraft needs to wait at GRU for around 12 hours or so just to connect optimally with the NRT flight (and other destinations). That's far from ideal and kills aircraft utilization ! Yes, you can push back the departure time for YUL-GRU to 10 or 11 pm, similar to AC's schedule on YYZ-GRU, but now the connection is less than optimal, and its still a 9-10 hour layover for the plane at GRU. (which is what AC does with YYZ-GRU-YYZ) North America-Brazil flights always face this kind of problem for connections. So since AC already does this out of YYZ, the question is, will they want to duplicate it and do it out of YUL as well? Personally, I don't think so. BOG, on the other hand, is a much shorter flight and can rely on O&D and connections on both sides of the Americas. So timing it wont be as difficult as YUL-GRU, and AC or AV can operate it with a narrowbody, keeping costs low, and aircraft utilization in check.
  13. thenoflyzone

    YUL Busy

    Taxiway B2 is closed until May 14, (E, B1 and B3 have been closed for over a month now) meaning everyone landing on runway 24R must exit at G taxiway, (10,200 ft down the runway). This means arrivals spend more time than usual on the runway, so a 3 nautical mile spacing between arrivals is impossible. Spacing is increased to 4 nm during daytime (still tight), 5 nm at night (due to difficulty of flight crews to spot G taxiway at night, and again, still tight), thus meaning the AAR (airport arrival rate) needs to be reduced, from 34-36, down to 28-32 an hour. So during peak times, GDP are put in place, and delays ensue, especially if you miss your flow time, like what happened in this case. Like i said, even a rate of 28 or 32 is tight, and overshoots are possible. YUL is the new LGA....Our AAR is crap, even on good days when all taxiways are open. Hence the need to realign some taxiways (and build new ones) to reduce runway occupancy time, and increase the AAR. The AAR at YYC, YVR, which are airports with a similar layout to YUL, is consistently in the 40-44 range. YUL can barely do 38. It averages anywhere from 34-36 on most days. taxiways, taxiways, taxiways........They're either in the wrong spot, or they're closed. Either way, it's no good.
  14. thenoflyzone

    Rumeur: nouvelle liaison vers une ville majeure

    I don't know why, but I feel like mentioning CAI for some reason. MS used to fly the route, it's definately a major city, and there is definately demand, now that the policital and economic situation in Egypt is a bit more stable. Not saying it will be CAi, but there is an outside chance.....Rouge B763 is a perfect fit for the route.
  15. thenoflyzone

    Rumeur: nouvelle liaison vers une ville majeure

    AC seems to be doing well on YUL-TLV. Flights resumed last week, and will operate for 8 months.