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  1. Canada - Israel expand air services agreement

    Westbound is tight, but doable. YUL-BOD is 3000 nm, range of the max 8 is 3550nm.
  2. Canada - Israel expand air services agreement

    Ca va être 4 A333 de plus d'ici le 31 Décembre, 2019. La provenance des avions n'est pas encore confirmé. Page 42.
  3. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    Indeed. 1x daily, as of July 1. YUL-YQB will lose a frequency or two, however. The flight seems to be year round, as I`m showing it in the schedules until next January. AC1700 YUL1540-1640YQB A319 D AC1701 YQB1725-1810YUL A319 D Edit: corrected arrival time of AC1700 into YQB.
  4. Statistiques PAX

    Je ne crois pas qu'on arrivera a 9 ou 10% d'augmentation cette année. J'estime plutôt une augmentation entre 6 et 8%. Donc le 20 million devra attendre jusqu’à 2019. YVR est a 24.1 million. augmentation de 8.4% YYZ n'a pas encore postulé ses résultats pour 2017, mais devrais être aux alentours de 47 million de passagers.
  5. Canada - Israel expand air services agreement

    Ca me surprendrais ben gros si c'est des neo.
  6. The problem is not the 520. The problem is at the airport. The departure level only has 2 lanes. Same thing with the ramp leading to it. That is not enough, and creates a backlog all the way to highway 520 during certain days. The pedestrian crossings from the multi-level car park to the terminal doesn`t help either and slows down the flow of vehicles. ADM needs to add lanes to expedite this flow. For that, you need to expand the departure level.
  7. Canada - Israel expand air services agreement

    AC clearly doesn't see it that way. Italy is a heavy tourism market, mostly active in summer. Tel Aviv also draws heavily from tourism (mostly Christians, believe it or not). Again, mostly during the summer season. Hence why both routes are summer seasonal. Things can always change however, but for now, AC seems content to serve both markets in winter from YYZ only.
  8. There are already 5 carriers on YUL-Paris. AC, TS, SS, AF and new this year, Level. So if i'm WestJet, would I launch YUL-CDG and battle with 5 other carriers (and lose), or launch YHZ-CDG and be the sole provider of service on the route ? We can essentially ignore ASL Airline's 1x weekly summer seasonal CDG-DUB-YHZ service. Hardly a player on the market, especially once WS begins daily service. I think this is a smart move by them, as they can draw from a decent feed from their network at YHZ, including BOS, YUL, YYZ, YOW, YFC, YDF, YQX, YQY, YYT, YVR and YWG.
  9. No it's not. The new terminal wont happen until well into the next decade, at best. It takes a lot of money to maintain an airport the size of YUL. Costs are going up, so the AIF is going up as well. Runway 24R will be repaved entirely in summer 2019 as well. We will be getting new high speed taxiways as well. Road access to the airport also needs to improve. Huge traffic jams during rush hours.
  10. WS adding 9x weekly flights on YUL-YYZ next summer, for a total of 14x daily, as well as boosting YUL-YYC from 19x weekly to 20x weekly.
  11. Canada and Israel expand air services agreement, effective immediately. The expanded agreement allows designated airlines to operate up to 19 passenger flights per week (up from 12). AC operates daily YYZ-TLV AC and TS are adding 1x weekly frequency each on YUL-TLV, for a total of 3x weekly each. Total for Canadian carriers will be 13x weekly frequencies next summer to TLV. LY operates 4x weekly YYZ-TLV. AC and TS are hinting at additional service to TLV.
  12. Vol direct Montréal-Beijing

    Non. CA n'a jamais opéré 6 fois par semaine l'été dernier. Seulement 5x par semaine.
  13. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    Rajoute a ca BOS et MCO. BOS passe de 5 a 6 vols/jour, et MCO passe de 2 a 3 vols/jour.
  14. Air Senegal