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    j'etudie a ts, je joue d'hockey et j'aime bien voir tous les nouvelles de notre ville extraordaire.
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    Hockey, Architecture, Inginerie
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    Etudiant, Travail a une entreprise d'eclairage architecturale dans le departement d'innovation.
  1. Tour 6 Le Square Children's - 20 étages

    Social housing right? More windows = more losses of heat and or cooling and thus costs money. So social housing = Less windows (at least less big windows)
  2. 700 rue Saint-Jacques - 56 étages

    Yes exactly, and instead of being the "classic" Montreal business they are agreeing there is money to be made here and doing something about it. It's just the kind of companies we need more of.
  3. Petit jeu : quelle est cette ville?

    Got 90%, thought it wasn't going to end!! 30 or so q's down, only 25 to go haha
  4. Sixty Hotel

    I was going to say I saw that. They're definitely new so I hope that means they're doing something with the building, it's really starting to look bad with graffiti and broken windows.
  5. Nouveau Pont Champlain

    When you rivet and or weld them together(while you support them) they will then act as one beam which is then(or previously) fastened to the support structures which keep them in the air. It's like if you take two stumps and you want to make a small bridge with 2x4's, you don't have one that is long enough to just sit on top of the two stumps so you put a few together with screws and then they are held in the air by the stumps. It's just that with a real bridge you can't really put such huge stuff together beforehand on the ground so you put them one by one while building these support structures to keep them up and aligned while you fasten everything together. and you add extra support with cables for longer stretches like this one.
  6. Charlotte - 8 étages

    Oh man I was just about to post this project!! haha
  7. Le Duke - 25 étages

    This is a guess and someone can correct if need be. But based on the fact that it is very low on the island and they want underground parking they are probably digging into the water table, as a result they need to create walls around the project that makes it as though they are not digging into the water table otherwise the concrete would either never cure or always be at risk of water damage.
  8. Evolo X - 36 étages

    It’s above ground already!
  9. 700 rue Saint-Jacques - 56 étages

    With there own upfront investment for the land they have to do something of quality. Especially since they are doing the project for themselves and not Radio-Canada.
  10. Le Jardin Domtar sacrifié pour un projet immobilier

    Guys they also built the nice new Marriott courtyard/ Le V on the corner of Bleury and Rene-Levesque which looks quite good I'd say. Obviously they built some shitty stuff but they can and have potential to build something alright.
  11. 36 Lakeshore - 8 étages

    They have been building this for a few months already and it is at ground level. They hadn't had any signage or anything up though so I didn't really know where to post that something was being built.
  12. TOM Condos - 42 étages

    You know that could be good news actually, with all the renovations and new buildings going on around downtown Busac may be put under pressure to do something or lose a major tenant in Rogers.
  13. L'Économie du Québec

    Was there not an article last year that said Lightspeed was Montreal's first unicorn? I can't be the only one to remember that lol In any case it looks like we'll have a few in the next couple of years!
  14. Icône - 40 étages (2017)

    I like the optimism, and maybe just maybe your right, I hope so anyway.
  15. Home 2 Suites - Dorval - 6 étages

    Yeah, I drove by there yesterday, it's pretty much done at least externally, fully covered in prefab and some of the windows. Other interesting thing, just beside there is a lot that was recently cleared and fenced off but there is nothing saying what it is. Also on the street behind(just north) there is a new commercial building being built and another that was just sold. Nice to see the positive action in the area.