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    j'etudie a ts, je joue d'hockey et j'aime bien voir tous les nouvelles de notre ville extraordaire.
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    Hockey, Architecture, Inginerie
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    Etudiant, Travail a une entreprise d'eclairage architecturale dans le departement d'innovation.
  1. 36 Lakeshore - 8 étages

    They have been building this for a few months already and it is at ground level. They hadn't had any signage or anything up though so I didn't really know where to post that something was being built.
  2. TOM Condos - 42 étages

    You know that could be good news actually, with all the renovations and new buildings going on around downtown Busac may be put under pressure to do something or lose a major tenant in Rogers.
  3. L'Économie du Québec

    Was there not an article last year that said Lightspeed was Montreal's first unicorn? I can't be the only one to remember that lol In any case it looks like we'll have a few in the next couple of years!
  4. Icône - 40, 27 étages

    I like the optimism, and maybe just maybe your right, I hope so anyway.
  5. Home 2 Suites - Dorval - 6 étages

    Yeah, I drove by there yesterday, it's pretty much done at least externally, fully covered in prefab and some of the windows. Other interesting thing, just beside there is a lot that was recently cleared and fenced off but there is nothing saying what it is. Also on the street behind(just north) there is a new commercial building being built and another that was just sold. Nice to see the positive action in the area.
  6. Just as some inspiration, Comcast Centre in Philadelphia is 1.6 million square feet and nearly 300m tall.
  7. like creating the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange? wouldn't that be something
  8. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    Pile driving this morning...TDC3 here we come!
  9. Cryptocurrency

    When did you open your wallet? They may have waiting period before it's active. Try calling GateHub and telling them the wallet address you sent it to and that it was sent from coinbase at what time, maybe they'll be able to see it. For people who are enough in the how (Gatehub who supports wallets should be) Bitcoin shows the transactions and the address they were sent to.
  10. Appartements Dorchester - 37 étages

    They may but they're selling rental space, they aren't selling condos so they aren't going to put that much into renderings and other marketing media.
  11. Le Canal 2 - 7 étages

    I was driving along the south side of the Lachine canal and I noticed a large billboard up just east of "Le Myst". I apologize if someone else posted it but this is the first I heard of a second "Le Canal". Seems to be similar volumetrically to Myst.
  12. Petit jeu : quelle est cette ville?

    On the 720 going west, just before the exit for St.Jaques
  13. If you have been out of province, particularly Ontario, there are not even half as many accessible garbage or recycling containers on the streets. Obviously we can do more but we by no means have a dirty city, even by Canadian standards. If someone flips a garbage no doubt it will be a mess. We can always do more and we should, but last point is this, street cleaners will not be out when there is snow or very cold weather, which we have had in the last few weeks. So if those pictures are very recent that can be considered as winter which is not exactly fair.
  14. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    This is what pisses me of about Montrealers these days. Shit it's one year, if your a hockey fan or a Habs fan you are for life or you know at least a few years. Montreal literally has a poor 1/4 season and people no longer like the team, how could we possibly ever have a rebuild if a quarter season does this to the fan base. This by no means just illustrates the habs but the way in which we think, no patience for anything, with no patience comes no good things. Infrastructure anyone? We cry for better roads and bridges and cry while they are fixed/built.
  15. Tour Quartier des spectacles (Spectrum) - 14, 33 étages

    That idea has already been debunked with TDC2, they requested a significant height increase and it was approved.