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    j'etudie a ts, je joue d'hockey et j'aime bien voir tous les nouvelles de notre ville extraordaire.
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    Hockey, Architecture, Inginerie
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    Etudiant, Travail a une entreprise d'eclairage architecturale dans le departement d'innovation.
  1. Wow it's actually much nicer than I anticipated. That's Fantastic
  2. Petit jeu : quelle est cette ville?

    Tokyo from an irregular view?
  3. 628 Saint-Jacques - environ 35 étages

    True, but even with the Le square Childrens , the renderings for the first phase changed from the projects first renderings a few months back, not by a huge amount but enough to go from an MTLURB "please don't" to "ummm that's ok I guess" lol.
  4. 628 Saint-Jacques - environ 35 étages

    Sure, but no one said this was the final design. It can easily be drastically different
  5. 628 Saint-Jacques - environ 35 étages

    Let's be optimistic, Broccolini themselves have not unveiled their plans, it is possible they are still going to change it before it's launched in the fall/end of summer. Who knows it could even be good looking by that point haha
  6. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    Yeah but then you get into your private elevator and take it up 4 floors to your bedroom in said house lol
  7. 628 Saint-Jacques - environ 35 étages

    To me this looks like one of the new ones that have gone up in Ottawa in recent years, there are 3 or 4 like this including right in front of city hall. They're really unfortunate looking in person.
  8. Top Cities Index

    Well if you look at it in a different way it isn't so bad. A beggar can survive in Montreal because the cost of living is so low, I'm sure most have somewhere to live(the people asking for money aren't usually the ones sleeping on a park bench, at least from my experience) it is almost physically impossible for someone like that to survive in a high cost city. Also Montrealers are more kind than Montrealers make them out to be. Maybe if we were as mean as we say beggars wouldn't even try to ask for money and they would just hide away out of sight. I don't know but there are always positives and negatives with every situation we just have to juggle between to get the best overall result for the citizens of this great city.
  9. Le Daly-Morin (4 phases) - 6 étages

    Well two floors up already.
  10. Terrain coin René-Lévesque/De Bleury - ?? étages

    Huge development where they build a tower over 200m, half for Snc and half for great west to move to Montreal? Haha wouldn't that be nice lol
  11. Amaya quitte Montréal et change son nom

    This forum is a prime example of how both of those affects are true at the same time. Some will always feel like loi 101 PQ ruined things and they will always do something to justify that, unfortunately I know plenty of people who think there aren't welcome and there are no opportunities here and that going to Ontario is just the solution. At the same time, there are many people like myself who look deeper, who feel a connection with our province and especially our city that when someone like the PLQ are making anglo's and others at least feel more welcome it is extremely positive and good things happen and it gets pointed out. So you have companies just like people who will find anything to move or not need to be here, and you will find companies who will find anything to stay because they love it here. Though I very much agree with your second point, Ontario doesn't seem to care about looking into corruption because evidently there is none there
  12. Agreed, I see them daily, a good proportion of the taxis I see have the new livery .
  13. Skyline de Toronto!

    Shanghai is probably the most sci-fi, some super modern super talls and low-mid income towers further than one can see in all directions...