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    j'etudie a ts, je joue d'hockey et j'aime bien voir tous les nouvelles de notre ville extraordaire.
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    Hockey, Architecture, Inginerie
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    Etudiant, Travail a une entreprise d'eclairage architecturale dans le departement d'innovation.
  1. ville-marie

    looks like they'll be placing a sign as well
  2. ville-marie

    Well I can tell you they are done the roof and it looks fantastic, when the next phase starts however not sure.
  3. Most notably Mr.Facebook, went to school and started Facebook in Boston and as you may know it is based in silicon valley. I.e no matter how reputable your schools and education you will not keep everyone who went through your system. It's just a matter of keeping a better proportion.
  4. griffintown

    The red brick looks alright, why couldn't they do the whole thing in red brick? Couldn't have cost that much more and wouldn't have looked nearly as bad. I don't understand why they try to make the co-ops stand out, they should just fit in really well as to not bring any attention to them.
  5. Nashville Edmonton New York Pittsburgh I realize I can't win as I missed the first round but still taking my chances
  6. ville-marie

    They are over a million, they come with there own private elevators from the garage.I checked a few months ago and it looked like half were sold, maybe those sales didn't go though or the site is incorrect, not sure.
  7. While looking looking for a home on Centris I stumbled upon this story. Some nice positive news. April 6, 2017 HOME SALES JUMPED BY 11% IN MARCH Québec’s real estate market is currently very active and the number of sales concluded through a real estate broker jumped by 11% in March. As indicated in the table below, all of the province’s census metropolitan areas (CMAs) registered an increase in sales in March, with the exception of Trois-Rivières. The Gatineau CMA led the way with a 38% increase. As for the median price of single-family homes, it was up in all CMAs except Québec City, where it remained unchanged. For the province as a whole, the median price for single-family homes rose by 4% in March. According to Daniel Dagenais, President of the Greater Montréal Real Estate Board, this strong performance can be partly explained by the new mortgage rules that came into effect in March. “Some first-time buyers purchased their home a bit sooner, wanting to get in before the cost of mortgage loan insurance increased on March 17,” he said. “This may have slightly inflated the results for March.”
  8. lachine

    There is already some foundation work happening.
  9. Well with the amount of money we already wasted building the airport we might as well spend a few million more doing what should have been done in the first place by connecting the Mirabel airport to Montreal via light rail. This way if Montreal really wants to expand our airport capacity in a meaningful way we can.
  10. ville-marie

    We have had this argument many a time and we have discovered that there is a reason as to why that is not simply Montreal cheapness. The reason being (I am not 100% sure who explained this but it was on this forum by someone in construction) that prefab is tremendously robust and can handle large variation in temperature and humidity that many others materials cannot. So if the idea is to build a decent building that will last a long time, rather then spend an arm and a leg to get very expensive materials or procedures to install things like glass in a way that won't deteriorate quickly(which has become a recurrent problem in places like Toronto) then you go with prefab. We aren't in a climate like the mild Vancouver or even New York where there is less fluctuation in climate or in Florida they only have to build to one extreme being heat. I despise prefab as much as everyone else but it really isn't just because we are cheap or have no care for aesthetic appeal. I think the solution is maybe just building really high end buildings where the price for exterior doesn't change things OR we could spend more money on developing really nice materials that aren't tremendously expensive that show what Montreal and Montrealers are capable of, which would be ideal.
  11. Taken yesterday, I always think of this as Montreal's actual skyline. Our skyline taken from Griffintown or from the Belvedere it really doesn't give justice to our city's actual downtown size.
  12. lachine

    Phase 4 is now under construction, there are 3 excavators on site as well as a contractors office.
  13. CN is still Montreal yes, also it would be interesting to see if someone can gather the value of private companies from Montreal as well to add to this list and simply turn it into "most valuable companies based in Montreal".
  14. I drove by the other day and all sides have small billboards for a company called "Axxys Construction" and it looks like they are doing something inside. Anyone know whats's going on? There doesn't seem to be any information on their website.
  15. ville-marie

    Yep the excavation is well underway, I drove by this evening.