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    j'etudie a ts, je joue d'hockey et j'aime bien voir tous les nouvelles de notre ville extraordaire.
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    Hockey, Architecture, Inginerie
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    Etudiant, Travail a une entreprise d'eclairage architecturale dans le departement d'innovation.
  1. This forum is a prime example of how both of those affects are true at the same time. Some will always feel like loi 101 PQ ruined things and they will always do something to justify that, unfortunately I know plenty of people who think there aren't welcome and there are no opportunities here and that going to Ontario is just the solution. At the same time, there are many people like myself who look deeper, who feel a connection with our province and especially our city that when someone like the PLQ are making anglo's and others at least feel more welcome it is extremely positive and good things happen and it gets pointed out. So you have companies just like people who will find anything to move or not need to be here, and you will find companies who will find anything to stay because they love it here. Though I very much agree with your second point, Ontario doesn't seem to care about looking into corruption because evidently there is none there
  2. Agreed, I see them daily, a good proportion of the taxis I see have the new livery .
  3. Shanghai is probably the most sci-fi, some super modern super talls and low-mid income towers further than one can see in all directions...
  4. Not terrible, it's like bit of each of Amanti and Noca and Arbora all together.
  5. griffintown

    I spoke to a rep the other day who said they sold over 30% already.... Hmmm not that don't believe you but i'd rather be right where more was sold haha
  6. ville-marie

    Unfortunately not, the Mackay one, quicker they sell that the quicker they start this project.
  7. ville-marie

    55% Sold according to their website!
  8. ville-marie

    A banner has just been put up on Lucien-L'Allier. I guess they'll be trying to sell their project on Mackay before anything here. Which, you'll all be pleased to hear, is already 55% sold according to their site.
  9. Hey Guys, The new jobs numbers for the country are out today and Quebec just keeps on doing well (BC & Ontario as well). The unemployment rate in Quebec is now at 6%(down from 6.6%), the lowest ever recorded (i.e since 1976). Montreal is down to 6.6% (from 6.7%). Labour market stays hot with surprise gain of 77,000 full-time jobs Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press Published Friday, June 9, 2017 8:42AM EDT Last Updated Friday, June 9, 2017 10:23AM EDT OTTAWA -- The labour market rode a surprisingly strong wave of new jobs last month as the country churned out 77,000 full-time positions, Statistics Canada said Friday. Overall, 54,400 jobs were added in May after accounting for declines in other categories including part-time work, the latest labour force survey says. The agency found that the national unemployment rate edged up to 6.6 per cent, a rise of 0.1 of a percentage point, as more people entered the job market in search of work. The fresh numbers added to several positive labour-market gains since the middle of 2016. The survey said the latest monthly number means overall employment was 1.8 per cent higher compared to a year earlier. Analysts applauded the above-expectations headline figures Friday, as well as most of the finer details in the report. "There's a lot to like here," said TD senior economist Brian DePratto, who noted it added yet another good set of data to a growing stack of positive economic numbers in recent months. "We think the Canadian economy is in a very good place right now." In his research note to clients, BMO's Benjamin Reitzes called the jobs survey "a solid report almost from top to bottom." A closer look at the data showed healthy gains in some of the survey's more-desirable categories -- with 59,400 new jobs created in the private sector and 68,500 new paid employee positions. By industry, the services sectors gained 31,300 jobs last month while factories added 23,300 positions, including 25,300 more in manufacturing. In services, there was a gain of 25,900 jobs in the professional, scientific and technical services category. Youth employment gave the overall number a boost as 38,200 more young people found full-time work last month. The unemployment rate for youth slipped 0.3 percentage points to 12 per cent last month as more young people participated in the job market. The numbers easily eclipsed expectations leading up to the survey's release. Economists had expected a gain of 11,000 jobs and for the unemployment rate to move up to 6.6 per cent, according to Thomson Reuters. By province, the Statistics Canada said Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec saw the biggest job gains last month. Quebec's unemployment rate dropped 0.6 percentage points to six per cent -- its lowest level since Statistics Canada started collecting the data in 1976. DePratto said the only soft numbers in the report Friday were the still-weak data for wage growth and hours worked, although he added they did improve somewhat in May. The agency said hourly wages for all employees grew 1.3 per cent year-over-year last month, an increase over the April's all-time low of 0.7 per cent. The number of hours worked rose 0.7 per cent, the report said. DePratto said the jobs numbers combined with other robust economic figures of late, including growth, trade, and retail, will likely start to tilt the Bank of Canada towards hiking its benchmark interest rate. A quick look at May employment (previous month in brackets): Unemployment rate: 6.6 per cent (6.5) Employment rate: 61.5 per cent (61.4) Labour force participation rate: 65.8 per cent (65.6) Number unemployed: 1,288,900 (1,265,000) Number working: 18,365,700 (18,311,200) Youth (15-24 years) unemployment rate: 12.0 per cent (11.7) Men (25 plus) unemployment rate: 6.0 per cent (6.0) Women (25 plus) unemployment rate: 5.3 per cent (5.1) The jobless rates last month by province (previous month in brackets): Newfoundland and Labrador 14.8 per cent (14.0) Prince Edward Island 10.0 (10.3) Nova Scotia 7.9 (8.3) New Brunswick 8.4 (8.7) Quebec 6.0 (6.6) Ontario 6.5 (5.8) Manitoba 5.3 (5.4) Saskatchewan 6.3 (6.2) Alberta 7.8 (7.9) British Columbia 5.6 (5.5) Statistics Canada also released seasonally adjusted, three-month moving average unemployment rates for major cities. It cautions, however, that the figures may fluctuate widely because they are based on small statistical samples. Here are the jobless rates last month by city (previous month in brackets): St. John's, N.L. 8.5 per cent (8.3) Halifax 7.0 (6.8) Moncton, N.B. 6.1 (6.9) Saint John, N.B. 5.6 (6.2) Saguenay, Que. 6.8 (6.5) Quebec 4.6 (4.2) Sherbrooke, Que. 6.2 (6.2) Trois-Rivieres, Que. 6.5 (6.5) Montreal 6.6 (6.7) Gatineau, Que. 5.6 (5.7) Ottawa 5.8 (5.1) Kingston, Ont. 5.5 (5.8) Peterborough, Ont. 6.7 (5.2) Oshawa, Ont. 5.9 (6.1) Toronto 6.9 (6.9) Hamilton, Ont. 5.2 (5.4) St. Catharines-Niagara, Ont. 6.9 (6.8) Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Ont. 5.3 (5.2) Brantford, Ont. 5.1 (4.7) Guelph, Ont. 3.9 (4.6) London, Ont. 6.2 (5.7) Windsor, Ont. 5.0 (4.9) Barrie, Ont. 5.4 (5.8) Sudbury, Ont. 6.6 (6.7) Thunder Bay, Ont. 5.5 (5.7) Winnipeg 5.9 (6.3) Regina 4.7 (4.6) Saskatoon 8.3 (7.8) Calgary 9.3 (9.3) Edmonton 7.9 (8.1) Kelowna, B.C. 4.0 (4.8) Abbotsford, B.C. 5.6 (5.7) Vancouver 5.2 (4.8) Victoria 3.9 (3.7)
  10. Well I can say I work in Lasalle, I drive from Lachine, and over a 10 minute drive there are two expansions, along with one brand new commercial/industrial being built and two places that went up for rent a month ago and are already rented out. So there is definitely something going on, when it will actually become a landlord's market is yet to be seen. None the less Lasalle is heating up.
  11. griffintown

    Maybe there will be adding a sidewalk, as there currently is not one on that side of the road. The building would then be very close to that new sidewalk.
  12. ville-marie

    Then launch sales for phase 2 and build the two phases simultaneously, at least for the excavation and foundations.
  13. Nashville
  14. Alexandre Amancio and Guy Laliberté launch a new entertainment company and will be hiring 150 people in Montreal, to be housed in Maison Alcan. ANNOUNCING REFLECTOR ENTERTAINMENT ALL NEWSMay 25th, 2017 Reflector Entertainment, a Lune Rouge company, was launched today. Co-founded by Alexandre Amancio and Guy Laliberté, Reflector Entertainment is a multiplatform business that develops intellectual property in Quebec, with a view to distributing it internationally and reaching a wide-ranging audience. Movies, television series, video games, novels and comic strips are just some of the platforms Reflector will be using to bring its worlds and creations to life. Founded more than a year ago, Reflector is helmed by Alexandre Amancio (former creative director of Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Unity) and Guy Laliberté. By joining forces, they have enabled the rapid development of multiplatform ideas and concepts, some of which are already in production. According to Alexandre Amancio, what makes Reflector unique is “the creation of original content across a wealth of tandem and complementary platforms, under the guidance of a creative brain trust.” He explained that “several agreements have already been signed with major industry players, and we will be unveiling a number of new storyworlds in the near future.” Reflector has entered into a partnership with Unity Technologies, developers of the high-performance game engine, and is currently developing a project with global independent studio Entertainment One. Guy Laliberté added, “Quebec’s prime asset is its creativity. Reflector Entertainment is the embodiment of this unique strength that sets us apart. Our partnership aligns with the mission of Lune Rouge, which aims to support the next generation of entrepreneurs. We have the best resources and are developing worlds here in Montreal, intended for an international market.” More than 150 positions to be filled Located at Maison Alcan in the heart of Montreal, Reflector Entertainment is currently seeking more than 150 employees in the gaming and creative development fields.
  15. Wow, a positive article from the Montreal Gazette. That's a nice change.