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  1. À démolir...

    A lot of these stores are vacant and have been for a while... perfect time to tear it all down. Lots of space to build behind these lots as well, on Stanley.
  2. 1201-1215 Phillips Square- ?? étages

    And it won't become a parking garage
  3. Solution Bonaventure

    I forget who said it/on which thread, but there was mention of a "plan" (using the quotations because I'm sure it's very vague) to move the autoroute 10 away from the Secteur Est. Does anyone know of this? If it were possible, this could be a major development for the city - prime waterfront land in close proximity to downtown.
  4. Le Roccabella - 40, 40 étages (2018)

    I'm not sure what you're talking about... I live in this area and only shop at this Provigo. It's actually quite busy especially given its size. I know you tread on the pessimistic side, but there's no need to lie in the forum to justify your false assertion.
  5. Développements commerciaux sur Sainte-Catherine

    In addition to that, J. Crew is on the verge of bankruptcy. I don't think they'll be opening up a store here anytime soon.
  6. 700 rue Saint-Jacques - 56 étages

    I can attest to that. Having lived in both CF and Broccolini buildings, it's 100% clear that Broccolini builds with superior quality.
  7. Myriade - 22 étages

    This one actually turned out a bit more interesting than its rendering. I also feel that once Laurent&Clark is complete, and some other buildings inevitably pop up around it, the area will look interesting given that these aren't super generic buildings.
  8. Développements commerciaux sur Sainte-Catherine

    Ça pourrait être Ted Baker qui va s'installer içi
  9. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Another floor almost complete
  10. 895 De la Gauchetière (Gare Centrale) - ?? étages

    Depending on the height, it could pop up in the distance behind the Sun Life building (from this angle, at least).
  11. MaryRobert - 22, 22 étages

    Je suis entièrement d'accord avec toi, mais pourtant, les gens continuent à acheter leurs unités! J'aimerai voir des projets de Broccolini dans ce quartier. On en a besoin d'audace dans ces développements.
  12. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    C'est une meilleure idée que de le garder comme une maison unifamiliale, mais ça sera toujours difficile à vendre. Cela aurait pu faire un bel espace pour des bureau.
  13. Développements commerciaux sur Sainte-Catherine

    Hotel Birks is looking great. Once Philips Square is rejuvenated and TOM is complete (so around 2042), that block is going to be really impressive.
  14. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    If the population of the city (and by that I mean the downtown core) continues to increase, I don't think that commercial arteries will suffer as much as people think. The biggest problem that I have with this development is the traffic nightmare that it will bring to the area. As mentioned many times in this forum, that part of the city is a traffic nightmare. I hardly think that an overpass to the de la Savane metro and shuttles to the REM will alleviate any traffic brought on by this project... I also find it odd that a residential component is not part of the initial plans. Given that it's aiming to be a "destination" rather than just a mall, I would have thought that they'd have plans for housing rather than 5 hotels.
  15. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    Je suis entièrement d'accord avec vous. Cependant, dans le cas des TDC, les acheteurs étaient tous conscients de cela lorsqu'ils ont acheté leurs unités (ou du moins, l'information leur était disponible). Je pense qu'il y a une place pour Airbnb dans la ville, tant qu'elle n'a pas un avantage injuste par rapport aux hôtels.