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  1. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    I understand that, but my point is that they only look more sophisticated because they are round and have tiered roofs... I can't imagine how making them rectangular would lead to them being significantly cheaper to build
  2. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    Agreed - but (and this might be due to lack of architectural knowledge) why would CF do that? Those buildings don't appear to be particularly avant-garde. They're round and have tiered roofs... I can't imagine that making them box-like or generic looking would result in significant cost savings. The materials for those buildings likely aren't different from what they are using on TDC2
  3. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Rather than shortening the buildings at 750 Peel to ensure occupancy, I wonder why they did not opt for a mixed use (condo/rental + offices/commercial) that reaches the height limit here. The area obviously has high demand for residential units...
  4. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    Hopefully this means that Brivia/Tianco will move forward soon with another major project, perhaps on the lot to the west of YUL. It's pure speculation, but given the success of Phase 2, they may see potential to revitalize more of this area.
  5. Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    With condos costing ~$1500 per square foot, I sure hope the glass is high quality
  6. Maison Manuvie - 28 étages

    Agreed - and I think that's arguably more valuable given the enormous lot that it filled. I think the value in having beautiful streets lined with nice buildings is greater than a skyline dominated by super tall structures.
  7. Tour des Canadiens 2 - 53 étages

    That's because TDC2 is backed by a major corporation, and TOM was originally backed by a deceptive and unprofessional group of people. They are somehow still involved, but they are receiving major financial assistance from another wealthy individual (who also contributed to help complete the long-delayed Redfern project in Westmount)
  8. Tour Stingray (Prince et Wellington) - 8 étages

    Agree, but I think what @swansongtoo was referring to is that the bottom half is brick, somewhat reminiscent of older industrial-era buildings in Griffintown, while the top half brings in some modern elements with the glass extension. It's certainly more creative than a lot of what we've seen pop up in Griffintown. That said, there is still PLENTY of space to be developed in the neighbourhood and I'm optimistic that more creative projects will appear in the future.
  9. Développements commerciaux sur Sainte-Catherine

    I completely agree... I have no idea how the comparison of Vancouver and Toronto are relevant. The fact is, that stretch of Sainte-Catherine is considered part of the "core" shopping district, and so the storefronts should be worthy of such a designation. It actually has nothing to do with gentrification as we're not talking about a low-income area being updated and elevated to appeal to a higher economic class.
  10. Développements commerciaux sur Sainte-Catherine

    That entire block on the south side is in need of a makeover, and getting rid of that sign and (hopefully) remodelling the building will be a good start
  11. 975 Lucien-L'Allier - 50 étages

    There is a difference between the sales team for Centra Condos and the actual developer/promoter, Centra Condos Group. The sales team is working for a specific project and (more than likely) has little to no information regarding the timeline for a separate project, even if the developer is the same
  12. 975 Lucien-L'Allier - 50 étages

    Totally agree - the people in the sales office are (from my experience) extremely unreliable. Their sole motivation is to sell the units currently listed. I would look out for permits and news from the actual developer before trusting someone at the Centra sales office!
  13. Le Smith - 25 étages

    I meant to say the dilapidated parking "structure" - my mistake.
  14. Le Smith - 25 étages

    The dilapidated parking lot adjacent to the Smith and the large parking lot across the street are prime development spots now. I'd say that is lots of potential!
  15. Laur&nt Clark - 20, 25 étages

    Great news! I love that this project has two phases with so much contrast, rather than two identical towers. This is going to have such a nice impact on the area