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  1. This is great news! Good to see AC branching out of YUL. I’m wondering if YUL will start looking seriously at a new terminal now. Volume is building. New airlines are being added every year. New growth from Asia and hopefully Latin America. Now is the time to get that ball rolling.
  2. BOMBARDIER C series

    Best way Bombardier can fight back against this absurd penalty is to sell the CSeries in large numbers to China and other countries around the globe. The USA isn’t the only market in the world despite its importance.
  3. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB I believe Mark or someone posted this in a seperate thread.
  4. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    Oh true. I forgot. Anyway YUL-DUB with the 737MAX was announced this morning. So nice addition
  5. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    I'm wondering in the end if it will be LIS since TAP has said it wants to start YUL service in 2018. This could be AC protecting its hub. Although it would likely be a Rouge destination could the 737MAX fly it?
  6. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB just announced Air Canada goes mainline A330 YYZ-DUB. So does this mean the Yul announcement might be something else completely different? Anxiously waiting...
  7. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    Sorry. Yes. Hong Kong. Although a 773 to Oklahoma would be a cool ride :-)
  8. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    I think I read it's going on YVR-CLK or YYZ-CLK. I forget which. Replacing a 77L.
  9. It's quite nice. I wonder if they'll put kiosks and an outdoor café and or a permanent exhibition site somewhere there to draw people to it. Outside of local traffic it will be harder to attract tourists or even people from downtown to it if there isn't much more than this to see. But hey compared to an ugly elevated expressway this is a miraculous change.
  10. Statistiques PAX

    It doesn't necessarily have to be Air Canada in Seoul's case although it likely will come down to them or a partner. I'm not convinced even Seoul-Montreal will be mature enough for nonstop service before the 50 are delivered. Hong Kong should be the priority. Rouge could serve Dakar if they have a plane or get rights to acquire more than 50 long haul jets but there are other priorities elsewhere on that side of the Atlantic as well.
  11. Statistiques PAX

    Ultimately why can't we just have service to to both cities? Dakar is a natural fit both having French influenced. Seoul should be next after Hong Kong once we get to that point. Both regions have future economic potential for Quebec's economy. We need links to Mumbai and Sao Paulo too but hey baby steps so long as down the road we eventually get there.
  12. Top US destinations from YUL for 2016

    Where is New York (JFK & LGA) & Newark? Interesting where Hawaii stands I read somewhere online that Hawaiian might fly to YUL. Probably just speculation. Perhaps there's a real possibility in the next couple of years if those numbers grows though
  13. Le Jardin Domtar sacrifié pour un projet immobilier

    It's s little gem of a park in the middle of the city. It will really be a loss if it goes. This is sad news.
  14. Fantastic news! This is wonderful for YUL and Montréal on many levels. Tokyo is an awesome city as is the rest of Japan. Great for business and tourists alike. Now after Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo we need Hong Kong snd Seoul to round out all the realistic top tier destinations we could probably have flights to. Hopefully that will happen in the next 6 years or so. Cathay Pacific or Asiana/Korean Air or Air Canada let's see how all this developes. Fingers crossed for success across the board.
  15. This will be good news if confirmed. AC is certainly broadening our horizons and making it more valuable to other carriers to fly here.