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  1. I like it. Good move. It will make our taxis stand out more. The "Bonjour" is a nice touch.
  2. Ok sorry. I looked but didn't see anything. Mods delete this thread then please.. two people have already complained.
  3. *That's where I wrote it but when I went to post it just vanished. I couldn't find it after that. I don't know what happened but I intended it to be in the YULAviation section.*
  4. This article suggests YULis considering a new mid field terminal for future expansion. Discussion has started on*
  5. Interesting.. Tokyo probably has market potential so someone will eventially fly it if not ANA. TAP/Lisbon I think is a shoe in. Maybe Abidjan if it's politically stable (an add on from Dakar?). Also lots of things happening over the next couple of years. I wonder what will replace the A330s and 767s once they leave the fleet (737-10's and 789's perhaps). What type of routes will the CSeries open up.. might bring some new feeds into YUL from cities that aren't obtainable now maybe even trans-Atlantic (Rekjavik?), Dublin?) or northern South America.. plus some needed US connections (Detroit to feed the North African routes, Seattle, New Orleans?).. and what will they contribute to or seek from the Boeing MOM concept. The remark about Hawaiian mentioning YUL is interesting.. I've known more people to go there lately than at any time in my life here, maybe it's a possibility. Fingers crossed,, it's interesting times.
  6. I read this morning Air China is keeping their 3 class 77W's on the YUL route (5x weekly this summer). It had been scheduled to be run with 789's. I take this as a positive - staying with more seats and not switching to a 2 class version. Perhaps these China flights are drawing in more people and wealthier clientele than expected.*
  7. chomedey

    Every building over 5 stories in Laval looks the same to me.. it's suburbia to ad nauseam.. not particularly ugly, not particularly attractive just bland..nothing stands out and like the city everything is scattered all over the place with no rhyme or reason. Somewhere in there there's a soul but God knows where and if you can possibly find it. :-)
  8. I'm with all of you above.. especially Tokyo (maybe with ANA if not AC) and Bogota (although Lima might be good too).. hoping Aer Lingus puts one of their new A321Neo's on a Dublin run from YUL.. and a long shot would be Dakar to add to our exotic destinations list..
  9. I by chance came across the bridge all lit up last night as I was coming back from the Village. It looked great! I just wish I had my DSLR with me. At that time it was purple with rain drop effects on the side. Loved it! It's going to be quite a showcase for the city. Anyone know if the middle section will be lit up too when it is officially unveiled? I'm presuming so but you never know. It's like a missing link at the moment. Maybe they're waiting for the full unveiling to show everything. Regardless it looks teriffic.
  10. That would be a significant customer if it materializes. CSeries planes would go to Aer Lingus, Vueling and perhaps British Airways or a subsidiary (likely aimed at flying out of London City Airport). It's the sort or order that would draw confidence in the design and bring smaller carriers onboard. I hope it happens! I also read Luxair is interested too.