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  1. caribb

    Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    This building just gets better and better..
  2. caribb

    ORA - 12-12-12 étages

    I’m ok with the “X” also. It breaks up the monotony and makes it stand out in a way you can easily reference these buildings. Overall it’s a nice project and enjoyable to watch going up as I pass by on the Met everyday.
  3. caribb

    Nouveau terminal

    They are effective trains. I’ve been on both Zurich’s and Detroit’s, both super efficient. It would be expensive compared to a bus but it might impress people from other continents leaving them with a better impression of YUL all the whole shuttling travelers above the traffic and weather. Anyways, it’s just a fantasy wish, reality is another story.
  4. caribb

    Nouveau terminal

    I’m talking pre-security zones. It could even be outside if that’s easier or cheaper to setup. YYZ & IAH both have external trains. If it was a loop then it would be a mile. It could include the parking area too then. Btw, I recall taking ZRH’s internal monorail between two concourses. I don’t know how far it was but it feel it’s shorter than what I’m suggesting. I don’t know it’s just an idea I’m throwing out, your probably right, there are other ways to accomplish the same goal.
  5. caribb

    Nouveau terminal

    Here’s a thought.. would it make sense to run a monorail like one other airports use (Zurich or Detroit for example) between the train station and the Marriott (US departures) and have it extend right around to the main terminal (int’l/Domestic departures/REM Station)? Or just do a full loop?
  6. caribb

    Vol Bogotá <> Montréal avec Avianca en 2019

    Thanks. Makes sense. BOG is really high up! I hope this happens. Latin/South America should be our next breakthrough continent for route development.
  7. caribb

    Vol Bogotá <> Montréal avec Avianca en 2019

    Good news! How are we suppose to read the aircraft type? A different model Airbus on each flight or one (or more) of the four will fly the route? I presume the latter but If the first then it’ll be our first A318 service here. Kinda cool.
  8. caribb

    Transat suspending YUL-TLV

    I was and still am skeptical about that remark. That’s why I questioned him (?). I’ve never heard such a strategy move mentioned anywhere else. And yes major markets like Paris and London will still need higher capacity aircraft in the future.
  9. caribb

    Statistiques PAX

    14.6% for international, wow!! For a mature market like YUL that’s phenomenal.
  10. caribb

    Transat suspending YUL-TLV

    Interesting. I had a brief back and forth with TS on Twitter about them taking on A321s. The Tweeter from Transat told me they were moving to an all A321neo fleet. I then mentioned YUL-TLV which I believe is outside the range of the A321LR and the conversation suddenly went dead. So maybe it’s true, the A330s might be history sooner than later. Good news for Air Canada and who knows maybe EL AL might make a go of it now with less competition on the route.
  11. caribb

    Croisières internationales sur le fleuve

    This is good news. I was looking into cruise ships coming into the Port de Montréal recently and was surprised at the caliber of ships coming here. Many high end cruise lines, one even on a 245 round the world journey. Imagine the wealth that ship brought to port here. Another on an arctic route that weaves through Scandinavia and around Iceland, Greenland and then Hudson’s Bay exploring Nunavut and on down to here. Another from Lisbon, seveal from Dover England. I really thought they were mainly US lines coming up the coast to see Fall colours but really it’s so much more. It’s a shame the bridges block the larger ships but the smaller ones bring much wealthier clientele so we still win. Love it, must be a great experience for them.
  12. Good news. I heard Porter and Flair were interested in developing YHU too. So maybe some momentum will happen on these lines. Swoop could be another Canadian carrier interested and who knows maybe Sunwing could move some flights there eventually. Allegiant, Spirit and Southwest would be nice US attractions eventually. So fingers crossed.
  13. caribb

    750 Peel - 23, 23 étages

    I agree. This is such a letdown, they couldn’t be more bland and ordinary. I’d rather have one 46 story tower over this and something more than a rectangular box. Instead we’re left with mediocre twin towers in prime space. Ugh.
  14. caribb

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    I admit you’re right in the most direct sense. It’s like another 737 flight added to AC’s weekly YUL-DUB schedule. If though you consider Aer a Lingus coming in with a similar schedule of A321s plus the added AC seats with the A330s it probably going to amount to more than double the number of seat offerings than existed this past summer. That’s a lot to fill. Again the bigger plane will likely be a draw for the business passengers and those extra seats will make it slightly more difficult for Aer Lingus. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. Grab your popcorn
  15. caribb

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    TI guess but that still is quite a hike in capacity. Perhaps the route is a big success for AC. I hope Aer Lingus has similar results too. The bigger A330 though could be a more appealing option for those who are regular fliers and aware of aircraft types. So it kinda works both as a solution for DUB to YVR/YUL and makes it s bit more difficult for EI