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  1. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    Thanks. Good to see.
  2. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    Is the second tower a go yet? Any idea when construction starts?
  3. Ok your right I’m sure they’ve thought this out but it’s really odd. I’ve never seen an active shopping mall without obvious parking. Rockland might come close but the parking garage is almost as large as the mall itself. The structure in the lower left corner of the proposal looks like it might be a parking garage but it’s small and far from the mall itself. However the tallest building does look like a multi story parking lot now that I see it. The one near rue Sherbrooke might only be for the housing units. I’m curious to see the details if/once they come out at a more advanced stage. It is pretty interesting though and badly needed in this part of the city where it’s been pretty static.
  4. Ok going smaller on the parking lot might make sense although I’ve seen it completely full at Christmas. But.. in this rendition there is no parking other than the small lot on the west side. How can that be? It makes no sense not everyone is going to take the Metro there plus owners of these new housing units will have cars. The lot on the other side of Sherbrooke is a Provigo. The Metro parking is too small. I don’t see any underground entrances in the design or additional multi story parking garages. Something is not right about this.
  5. I’m not sure what I’m looking at here. Where are people suppose to park for the mall or is it shutting down? Or I s it all going underground? Looks nice though.
  6. Statistiques PAX

    Those are incredible numbers. Good to see a decent rise in trans border numbers, it’s been a while. Would be good to see expanded service by US carriers to the west coast. Also maybe Alaska eventually?
  7. BOMBARDIER C series

    The gov’t should start by asking Bombardier to make a CSeries maritime petrol plane. From there they could begin a military program.
  8. I wonder what will happen when they retire the A340s. Will it go back to mainline LH or maybe switch to Eurowings? Anyone heard any rumours on the longer term plans for Jump?
  9. BOMBARDIER C series

    Now I’m waiting on Jetblue, Spirit, Hawaiian and ..was it Allegiant who supported Bombardier? Also I hope Aeromexico still makes a decision to buy some CS100s too. It’s so good for them to get past this hurdle. And for everyone in Belfast, the CSeries just earned its wings today! Again congrats.
  10. BOMBARDIER C series

    Best news in over a year! Congrats Bombardier. So unexpected !! Hopefully now Delta will take some early CS100s from Mirabel
  11. I'll link my photo album here of my trip: Japan. The Senso-Ji Temple in Tokyo was awesome. The Edo-Tokyo Museum too was quite good and offered small group tours in French or English among other languages. The trip to Nara, Hakone & Mt Fuji was beautiful. The mountain was covered with clouds though and I only saw the top for a brief moment unfortunately but on a beautiful day it should be an incredible view from the lake at Hakone. In Kyoto make sure you see the Kiyomizu Temple up in the city's hills. I took a long walk up a trail that went through some Shinto cemeteries with some beautiful peaceful shrines.. it was an incredible experience and an awesome site. Also right near the entrance the houses around the site are traditional Japanese styles and equates a bit to Old Montreal in terms of authenticity.. was fun to explore and offers some good food. Back in town itself there is Sanjusangendo Hall, an original 14th century structure housing 1001 golden Buddha's. You can't take pictures inside but it's very sacred and moving.. people are barefoot and respectful. Next see Ninomaru Palace where the Shoguns ruled and experience the Nightingale Floor, I won't explain that and don't look it up.. best to go and experience it fist hand unaware.. :-) Also the creme de la creme is the Ashikaga Kinkakuji's Resort (the Golden palace) which is almost a symbol of Japan and well worth seeing... but most of all enjoy the food, the people, the vending machines, the subway in Tokyo (yikes!), the high speed Shinkansen trains and just walking around soaking up the culture.. have a great honeymoon, you couldn't have picked a better place.!
  12. I can vouch for Japan too. Awesome country. Take the Shinkansen to Kyoto after seeing Tokyo. It’s the most beautiful city I visited there. Enjoy your trip!
  13. Place d'Armes. Euhh..

    Gee I was wondering where I left those. Thanks!
  14. YUL - Diversions

    No pic but a little background info. Milan-JFK diverted to YUL - Medical emergency
  15. YUL - Diversions

    I read that there were three diversions to YUL yesterday during the big blizzard that hit the US northeast. British Airways & Swiss both heading to JFK and Alitalia that had a medical emergency due to rough turbulence over the Atlantic. Were there any others? Seems too few considering the number of airports closed unless most just returned to their home base or were cancelled from the get go