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  1. caribb

    1201-1215 Phillips Square- ?? étages

    Imagine if in a perfect world there were no height restrictions. YUL would/could have been a single 78 story tower, Roccabella 80 stories and Tour des Canadiens 2 & 3 105.. and there’d be 3 less entire buildings to obstruct the mountain view. But whatever., hopefully this project will go to maximum height given it’s absolutely prime location.
  2. caribb

    Moxy Airways order 60 CSeries

    I wonder if they took Frontier’s 40 CSeries order. Nice to see though. Seems like a knowledgeable team with past successes putting all this together.
  3. caribb

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    I must have been thinking about old routes or routes from Glasgow or Prestwick. Seems a shame though, MAN is quite busy and would make s good Heathrow by-pass for some airline. BA and AF’s route strategy seems stuck in the past while Airlines around them are flying to secondary cities all over France and the UK. Look At Air Transat’s and AC Rouge’s penetration into the French market alone.
  4. I took one of Heritage Montréal’s architectural tours and they stopped and pointed out that the Domtar building is architecturally significant. So I wouldn’t want to see too much alteration to it. They also went in about the importance of the garden too so it’s a shame it’s being replaced. Hopefully the new one will be even better. Domtar Building
  5. Whatever we do we need to fix the whole issue of integrating the two 15s along with it so we resolve the rush hour congestion slowness by taking those cars off the 40. Personally I’d prefer a tunnel since it would be dryer during winter and keep traffic flowing better. Creating a by pass along the 440 or 640 for trucks and traffic heading beyond Montreal would also alleviate a lot of congestion. Open tunnels like Decarie and the 20 have only been vilified and divisive in their neighborhoods.. they are the worst options. Replacing the current 40 with an urban boulevard would significantly slow down driver’s ability to move around the city quickly if they include stop lights. For example Henri-Bourassa and Pie IX at rush hour now is a slow nightmare versus a quick flowing over/under pass prior to the elimination of the H-B overpass. So many possibilities.. only so much money. At some point though the city has to deal with it.
  6. caribb

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    Manchester though is a pretty large airport with a lot of connection possibilities. I believe BA does offer some trans Atlantic flights to Toronto and the USA, Montreal could potentially be a good city to add to that. For Air France though... they are sticking to an old model which I think is to their detriment.
  7. And while they do that use the tunnel diggers to join the two 15’s underground as well.
  8. caribb

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    Ah good point. Your probably correct. Still though the two routes are quite impressive. I’m a bit curious though why BA and AF only fly to Canada from London and Paris respectively whereas Canadian carriers took the leap to secondary cities. Surely BA could operate a Manchester flight to Montreal or Air France could launch a secondary hub (Lyon or Nice) to North America. Seems to me they are not very innovative on the Canadian market. BA is dropping YYC to seasonal service and seems to be stagnant here at YUL. At least Lufthansa uses Munich to open new markets beyond Frankfurt.
  9. caribb

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    I was shocked this morning too. This guy lived what I saw as the greatest life.. travelling the globe, meeting the greatest chefs, eating the best meals, sitting with Presidents and everyday people alike. He was so humble. In the end though you never know what’s going on underneath it all. Very sad and tragic and he’ll be greatly missed.
  10. caribb

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    Yeah that surprised me too. I guess it’s s lot of government officials and French sun seekers.
  11. caribb

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    Interesting article. I never knew YUL-CDG was a larger route overall than YYZ-LHR. Montreal seems to stand out well especially given our size versus the much larger competing hubs.
  12. Outside of those mentionedon this page there’s Portland and St Louis (and Honolulu/Anchorage far afield). I can’t see service starting to them any time soon but perhaps in 5 years or more.
  13. caribb


    Been there too as well as Osaka. One of the best adventures of my life. Loved Kyoto!! I’ll confirm on the humidity though. It’s a killer lol but they have a lot of mist sprays on the streets to cool you off.
  14. No just the juxtaposition of the two towers to Place Bonaventure. It looks like all three line up beside one another when they don’t. I just couldn’t figure out right away from which direction the shot was taken.
  15. I’m presuming that’s a test boat in the picture (haven’t seen the video yet). If successful they’ll need a small ferry like they use in Istanbul that can hold a sizeable number of people (over 100). Otherwise you’ll end up with hundreds of travelers trying to get on a tiny boat. It’ll frustrate those waiting if it’s a long wait. Istanbul has an incredible ferry service buzzing around the Bosporus at fast speeds and frequent intervals. It could work here too.