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  1. Baltimore/Pittsburgh avec Air Canada (May 2018)

    Great news. Hopefully this will gradually continue right through to the CSeries introduction. The more feeds we get the stronger the intercontinental routes will be.
  2. Lol!! Extended range This is kinda of an overall trend though. WOW, Norwegian, Level and Eurowings hitting all sorts of Western Hemisphere cities now. There is rumour of Jetblue eventually going trans Atlantic. If Ryanair, Easyjet or Southwest break their traditional models and start flying across the pond I’d think premium traffic will become even more marginal. YUL has never been a huge magnet for premium travelers so if airlines go after volume traffic over higher yielding passengers them I think it’s where we will be headed along with several other cities.
  3. From a planespotting perspective this is good news. One more carrier to add to our repertoire. I agree MAD or BCN would have been nicer. There more than enough flights to Paris although to be honest I wish it was Westjet instead.
  4. That was basically my point, there’s s lot of development to do before we get these routes. I agree though, Hong Kong is likely the next one but I wouldn’t even predict when at this point. For the MAX & CSeries I’m curious too what routes will open up. Surely some US cities we can’t get to directly now as you and others suggested. Maybe also Monterrey Mexico, Hamilton Bermuda, Manchester England, Lisbon, Nantes, an Orly or Gatwick flight? .. lots of possible interesting places if the demand is there. Also replacing larger planes with increased frequencies. New Orleans is one route I’d like to see. looking forward to it all.
  5. I’m not to sure if they would run a Hong Kong flight through Tokyo. Nonstops are preferable. Seoul and Taipei are other outside or eventual long term goal destinations. I think though we need to go through a few years building up China and getting Montrealers used to the idea of going to Asia and Asians to Quebec. Business relations need to be built, tourism needs to be developed. It doesn’t happen overnight. We are only at the beginning. Deleted Apple inserted (read unwanted & unasked for) word
  6. Caught this beauty flying over my house last weekend. Was coming in from Havana.
  7. Good to see. Air Transat & Air Canada both go beyond Paris on their flights to France. I wonder why Air France is so fixated on CDG as a single global hub. You’d think by now they’d be making more use of Nice or Marseilles, Lyon or Bordeaux for flights to North America. France isn’t just Paris.
  8. Statistiques PAX

    That’s quite interesting and to be frank, surprising. You’d think a major hub by definition would be an airport where more than 50% of its traffic is transferring to another aircraft. In effect YYZ is just a busy airport that offers transfer possibilities to roughly a quarter of its users. I now wonder now how many hubs there are by this criteria.
  9. This is great news! Good to see AC branching out of YUL. I’m wondering if YUL will start looking seriously at a new terminal now. Volume is building. New airlines are being added every year. New growth from Asia and hopefully Latin America. Now is the time to get that ball rolling.
  10. BOMBARDIER C series

    Best way Bombardier can fight back against this absurd penalty is to sell the CSeries in large numbers to China and other countries around the globe. The USA isn’t the only market in the world despite its importance.
  11. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB I believe Mark or someone posted this in a seperate thread.
  12. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    Oh true. I forgot. Anyway YUL-DUB with the 737MAX was announced this morning. So nice addition
  13. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    I'm wondering in the end if it will be LIS since TAP has said it wants to start YUL service in 2018. This could be AC protecting its hub. Although it would likely be a Rouge destination could the 737MAX fly it?
  14. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB just announced Air Canada goes mainline A330 YYZ-DUB. So does this mean the Yul announcement might be something else completely different? Anxiously waiting...
  15. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    Sorry. Yes. Hong Kong. Although a 773 to Oklahoma would be a cool ride :-)