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  1. I totally agree. Edmonton doesn’t deserve that.
  2. There is rumor IAG might buy them out so things could change for Canada if that happens. Also I heard there were interested in flights from Guadeloupe to YUL. Europe seemed like more distant rumours. Who knows?
  3. AC Hotel - 34 étages (2017)

    This turned out a lot nicer than what the original renderings portrayed.
  4. This project looks awesome. I love the open airey environment the renderings portray. The QdS is going to be an even more amazing place once it’s finished.
  5. Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    Merci bien!
  6. Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    Ok thanks. I like the building overall. It needs that punch of colour though.
  7. Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    Nice pics! So.. what’s the deal with the proposed red section? Is it going to be back lit red and only visible at night? It’s nothing like the rendering at the top as it stands now. It just looks like uninviting dark grey glass panels.. kinda disappointing considering the colour is what made this project stand out.
  8. Lien rapide entre Montréal et Québec

    I’ve gone between Tokyo & Osaka and you are correct Osaka isn’t part of the Tokyo metro region but I can confirm it was one continuous urban area from start to finish. A couple of spots of countryside but essentially a giant urban region. Imagine 3 cities the same size as Montréal, Vancouver & Ottawa squeezed between Montréal and Toronto with little country side in between. This is the richness of the region there. So to summarize Japanese high speed rail - too expensive but woukd get us there to QC faster Tokyo region - heavily populated even to Osaka/Kyoto & wealthier, better suited to expensive rail no need to go any deeper so please get back to topic sorry if I derailed it (pun intended:-)
  9. Lien rapide entre Montréal et Québec

    Tokyo-Yokohama-Nagoya-Kyoto-Osaka is one huge gigantic urban region. Basically a single city that goes from Toronto to Montreal if overlayed onto Canada.
  10. Lien rapide entre Montréal et Québec

    I was really only mentioning those for the purpose of pointing out what we’d need for speed. It could be argued the Shinkansen is too expensive for us too. I think anything on that level would have to be used on the Windsor to Quebec City corridor, not just Montréal-Quebec. Getting it down to an Hour or 2.5 hours to Toronto would, as someone mentioned earlier, make it competitive with Air travel... without the hassle of getting from the airport to downtown. Still worth looking at in my opinion.
  11. Lien rapide entre Montréal et Québec

    Yes, for sure. Only on the heavily populated and wealthy Tokyo-Osaka corridor does Japan Rail make money. You don’t see high speed rail much outside that region.. none on the west coast. But in terms of speed that’s what we’d need to get a 60 minute trip to Quebec unfortunately. Now if they reconsider the Quebec-Windsor corridor again it could be a reality but both Quebec and Ontario seem to be going forward on high speed rail alone.
  12. Lien rapide entre Montréal et Québec

    Japan Rail with the Shinkansen does the 323 (car) mile Tokyo-Osaka run in 2 hours and 30 minutes. 59 miles to Drummondville should be overcome in a blink of an eye using their technology. Quebec is 157 miles away so it should be accomplished in roughly 75 minutes at most. Throw on a maglev and you could probably cut that in half. Drummondville would be a metro stop away..

    I just thought I’d share this website with those of you who aren’t familiar with it. My IT manager in the Netherlands recommended this website to me, it lets me look in-depth and compare cities on the basis of many critical criteria like cost of living, crime, purchasing power etc. If you want to know how Montréal compares to other places around the world this site will give you the data. I’ve found it very interesting and revealing in some ways
  14. CCS down the road then. Political/economic instability makes it hard now. Honolulu could be a mid term possibility. I also think Dubai eventually with Emirates depending on a revision of the UAE-Canada Air agreement.. but the probably will do YYZ daily first. TAP to Lisbon and Aer Lingus to Dublin are often mentioned as possibilities this or next year. Maybe Norwegian at some point. A colleague came back from Guadeloupe and told me he spoke to someone ( I have no idea who) that said Level wants to start flights from there to YUL. Take that for what it’s worth given the limited market but it’s an interesting possibility I guess
  15. With the 737MAX, CS300 or A321LR we could see some marginal destination becoming viable. Perhaps Manchester, Bogota, Caracas, Monterrey. Hopefully Sao Paulo will be part of our network st some point too... maybe after the 797 enters service. I could see Dakar and/or perhaps Abidjan too unless Ethiopean uses their new hub in Lomé as a jump off point to YUL. I believe though a French West African destination will be in our future at some point. Just not sure when.