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  1. caribb

    Skyline De Montréal

    Great photo comparison. Its incredible how many new towers have gone up over the past few years. Humaniti will fill in that gap nicely once it starts to rise.
  2. caribb

    LH A350 to YUL

    They are starting to retire their A340-300’s. In the mainline fleet. Not sure if they’ll do the same for Cityline at the same time. At some point in the near future they’ll have to consider retiring them. It could be like AC & RV Lufthansa will just move some of them over to Cityline. Personally I hope they just move it back to Mainline.
  3. caribb

    LH A350 to YUL

    I read that this morning on Great news all around. Looking forward to seeing an A350 here. Now I’m curious what will replace the Lufthansa Cityline A340 on the Frankfurt route. Lufthansa mainline or perhaps Eurowings?
  4. caribb

    REM de l'est

    High speed rail is incredible but really expensive. In Japan I was told only the Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka run is profitable. It’s where most of Japan Rail’s trains are placed. They have the population density there to run it since it’s basically a giant urban region with a population similar to all of Canada combined. To run it just to Quebec would be financially risky in my opinion. Toronto needs to be included. The original Windsor to Quebec City corridor through Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal proposal still makes the most sense to me. It’s the one urban region in Canada with the population to support such a venture. And please, make it maglev.
  5. caribb

    Air Canada adds Montreal-Bordeaux

    Madrid would be good. Marrakech maybe. Manchester, Shannon and Toulouse other possibilities if the market is there. Another possibility is to buy the A321NEOLR for Rouge. I think it can fly deeper into Europe.
  6. caribb

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    Ok thanks. More and more routes seem to be going back to mainline Air Canada. I wonder if this more to do with Rouge aircraft shortages or the market up scaling enough to warrant full service.
  7. caribb

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    More news. Air Canada new a new weekly 737MAX nonstop to St Lucia.
  8. caribb

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    Corporate travel can be difficult in that way sometimes. Perhaps you can make some changes if needed at the airport? Nevertheless cool that your going there. Have a great trip.
  9. caribb

    Air Canada adds Montreal-Bordeaux

    Excellent! I wonder what other niche routes Air Canada will open up across the Atlantic with those 737MAX’s. Can they go as far as Milan?
  10. Awesome news! YUL continues to grow Austrian introduces Montreal
  11. caribb

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    A nice round of upgrades. I’m really happy to see Tokyo and Shanghai move up. It’s a good sign they’re doing well on those routes. Now fingers crossed Air China goes daily to Beijing.
  12. caribb

    Project Yeti - Oslo Airport

    Interesting.. it would be a good idea in principle here too. I wonder if they make heated runways as well these days, to cut down on snow and ice accumulation. I saw a video also of a new type of ashphelt that fully absorbs water which could be useful on taxiways to prevent aquaplaning. Lots of new and potentially good innovations out there these days.
  13. caribb

    Un monorail proposé pour Montréal

    I see this more as an entertainment/touristic transport, not a real serious functional transport even if in theory it can be if people want to endure the winding path from a theoretical south shore start to the Palais des Congrès. Still a viable concept and idea. Maybe even an eventual extension to Mont Royal if that’s technically possible (albeit expensive)
  14. caribb

    Un monorail proposé pour Montréal

    It would make sense to go one stop further and end (or start) it on the South Shore. Interesting idea. Hopefully it’s would be worth the investment.
  15. caribb

    Solstice - 44 étages

    I doubt the promotional ads are incorrect. It says 44 floors of bright living spaces. It suggests to me there’s 44 stories above ground. Maybe there’s 4-5 premium floors integrated into the very top that’s not clearly shown in the renderings.