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  1. caribb

    Skyline De Montréal

    Yeah I realized it was a drone shot or some sort of personal access after I posted my comment. Would be a nice rooftop view though if they opened it to the public.
  2. caribb

    Skyline De Montréal

    Phenomenal photos! Love the one of the clock tower. I’ve never been to the actual Five Roses building.. I wish there would be a rooftop lookout.. I’d want to go. Btw, I personally like Flickr over Instagram. You get the full size photos there. It’s less “on the fly” though.
  3. Where’s my facepalm emoji?? Let’s see.. hum don’t see any so this’ll have to do
  4. caribb

    Statistiques PAX

    Good news. We’re making gains. Looking forward to the airport expansion which will boost that even more. Go YUL!
  5. Ok no worries. I’m just questioning how they’re doing this. Even with 13 foot ceiling like PV it’s still comes up short but hey I’ll go with the flow. I’m not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, I’ll be glad to be wrong in this case. Ok thanks for the explanation. It’ll be be a tall building given the floor count then.
  6. 10’ high ceilings x 46 = 460’ or 140 meters. Add in a few meters at the top. If it’s 12’ high then 552’’ or 168 meters with a few added in maybe 180. Either way not 200. Plus i really only count 43 floors. Place Victoria is 47 stories and it’s under 200 meters. I want it to be 200+ but I’m just don’t see it unless they do something unusual ( super high lobby, antennae at the top, unusually high ceilings per floor) but that’s not showing in the drawings.
  7. Me too, around 43 stories. It’ll likely be between 145-150 meters tall. The design though is good, very transparent and modern looking. It’ll be a nice addition to the skyline.
  8. So YYZ will get all the new service. Not surprising. Montreal, Vancouver and perhaps Calgary should get something out of the next round of updates but it’ll be years unless there’s a major shift in the market. I think I read somewhere Montreal was one of the top cities not served with a direct link to DXB and if true I’ll presume YVR is probably up there too. Anyways let’s now wait and see what Air Canada and Westjet does if anything.
  9. caribb

    L'Architecture dans le monde...

    When there no restrictions on height the innovative possibilities are expanded. This is admittedly odd but if they pull it off it will be Melbourne’s signature landmark building
  10. More than likely both Egyptair, Emirates and Air Canada will use it to increase service out Toronto to Cairo and Dubai. It’ll probably give Westjet some opportunities there too. There’s always an outside chance Montréal may see flights to Dubai but I suspect Vancouver would be Next on their radar. Montreal may come in the next round unless Air Canada launches a route feeling the market is strong enough now. Mark would know more if he’s willing to comment. For Cairo I suspect the market in Canada is mainly out of Toronto. I’d be pretty stunned if anyone opened a YUL route there at this point.
  11. I think it would be more if a blood bath if it was a summer seasonal but regardless this will shake things up a little too. If Westjet eventually tries this route then it will really get interesting. I saw a map of their proposed future 787 routes and there was something to Europe from here.. not sure to where though, looked like France