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  1. The bid closed about 3 weeks ago so construction should be starting soon enough. You'll know when you start seeing some activity on St-Catherine street
  2. Not sure if it's already been posted but the official closing date for all bids is September 15 2017
  3. This project should be getting the green light before the end of the year. Construction will last until 2022.
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  5. cdn-ndg

    Demolition has already begun
  6. Washington Columbus Montreal Ottawa Nashville St Louis Anaheim San Jose
  7. It has nothing to do with Montreal being non-strategic, it has to do with the fact that Montreal's strengths are no longer the same as they were in the past. Clearly the financial centre of the country has shifted to Toronto; that's not even up for debate. However, we have so many other strengths, many of which are in very emerging and lucrative sectors, that will contribute to the success of our city. I'm sick and tired of your constant rhetoric about Toronto being a do-no wrong, shining example of economic success. Not to mention, you always make sure to slander Montreal in the process.... You say you love this city but all I ever hear is negativity. Embrace and support our city for what it is now, and for where it is headed in the future.... There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for MTL but it seems like the only way you will be happy is if we mimic everything that TO does. Not gonna happen... Focus on our strengths, not on what we are lacking in comparison to our neighbour to the west. Stop being a black cloud of despair and show a bit of joie de vivre!
  8. ville-marie

    Could also be a problem with the envelope itself.... sometimes a smoke test (test de fumée) can help to identify if (and where) your curtain wall is deficient The test isn't cheap though, so I would use it as a last resort...
  9. A 3+1 tu gardes le meme nombre de voie pour le TEC. T'es quand meme en banlieue, ca prend un auto pour te deplacer la plupart du temps. Le REM va aider mais le secteur va etre bati a une certaine densité et on aura le meme probleme que sur les trois autres boulevard de l'ouest de l'ile.* And Enalung, *I realize the government doesn't have unlimited funds, thank you for the insight... The West Island is not public transit friendly. You're not in the Plateau or Rosemont or Mile Ex; having a car is, unfortunately, a necessity. I'm not suggesting 4 or 5 lanes, which is common in many cities for major urban boulevards. I said 3 + 1, which I think is very, very reasonable given the current situation on des Sources, St-Jean and St-Charles. I lived in Pierrefonds for 25 years and I'm not even talking about traffic flow during rush hour, I'm talking about 10 30am on a Saturday morning, when it's gridlock on St-Charles. I am a big advocate of public transit and the West Island very badly needs a major overhaul to its network, but you also can't be naive and short-sighted and think that by reducing future infrastructure, the problem will be solved!* Also, for your information, the traffic already backs up to Vaudreuil (to the 30/40 interchange to be precise).*
  10. Wow, Toronto in the mid-70's is unrecognizable in comparison to the Toronto we now know.... Meanwhile, from 1975:
  11. Why not three lanes + 1 reserved for public transit... why do we always plan for now and not 20 years from now With all the development planned for this sector of Pierrefonds, the new urban boulevard will be just as saturated as des Sources, St-Jean and St-Charles five years after it's built!!!!
  12. ville-marie

    C'est possible que le sol n'a pas été compacté selon les normes (90-95% du Proctor modifié) et les séquences gel-dégel ont crées une vide en dessous du pavage (et ensuite l'affaissement de la ruelle). In any case, c'est quand même weird....
  13. ville-marie

    Well that answers the question as to where the soil went.... The water from the break in the sewer most likely caused additional compaction/settlement of the soil and the pavement above it simply collapsed.