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  1. 135 / 26 = 5.19 ?? avec ces facteurs 36 x 5.19 = 186.9 mètres = Place Victoria Tour de la Bourse(188 mètres)
  2. MARTY

    1000 de la Montagne - 45 étages

    Canderel was too busy with Toronto over the last decade with the DNA1,2,3 , the AURA (75 floors) College at Park etc.etc. They were where the money was to be made...we would do the same!! Don't forget they are working with Cadillac Fairview on TDC1, TDC2 and TDC3. So they may be planning more projects in Montreal since this city is super hot. Canderel is really solid... so let's wait and watch....Westcliff is busy on Nun's Island. The lot downtown beside the ICAO headquarters is just the wrong developer with the wrong projects...Maybe they'll sell to Broccolini!!!
  3. MARTY

    QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Au lieu de 2 x 23 pourquoi pas 1 x 46 d'environ 190 métrés et une espace verte????????????????????????????
  4. MARTY

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    We've heard the expression shit hole a lot lately. Well having worked for 20 years on Devonshire between the Met and Royalmount let me tell you; this is Montreal's # 1Shit Hole. The whole area bounded by the Met, Blue Bonnets,Dalton and the St' Luc Yards is screaming for development. Hey this project is what is needed to help spring the MTQ to work on a replacement project for the SCAR (hwy 40). Why don't some of you people on this forum take a drive down the 401 Toronto or the I 95 Boston or go to Houston . See what is happening in these cities. They have development on steroids. We have the start of a self perpetuating boom in Montreal that will go on for years. so stop being nimbys and stop thinking of le gros village. Montreal is a tremendous place to live and work and play. Please stop hindering its progress. So if le Marche Centrale and the Rockland center shut down ...big deal...It's called evolution. The Marche Centrale area along with the Rock;land center can merge into one center and one of the two becomes prime residential condo tower and rental apartment zoning area. People want to spend money here and take risks with millions and millions of dollars and we say no thank you??? Come on wake up smell the coffee. 15 years ago we were happy when a new Macdonald's opened.
  5. MARTY

    Le Drummond - 2x24 étages

    I see a nice empty lot right across from this Samcon project fronting on Stanley...wonder if something is in the works?
  6. MARTY

    Victoria sur le Parc - 56 étages

    Hi Cataclaw, not bad at all. Just a little adjustment on the base pedestal. I think a more refined much lower pedestal feature and you have a hell of a project worthy of being submitted for consideration by Broccolini . Hey it' a lot better than some of the projects that are actually being built.Cheers!!
  7. MARTY

    Résidence Chartwell Le St-Gabriel - 4, 8 étages

    Hey Cataclaw...Nice to see you back!!
  8. REZ Immobilier a annoncé la mise en chantier de District Union, un plan d’ensemble multirésidentiel et multigénérationnel de 900 millions de dollars, situé à Terrebonne. Ce projet à échelle humaine s’inscrit dans l’émergence des nouveaux quartiers dynamiques et autonomes de certaines villes, notamment d’Amérique du Nord et de Scandinavie. Un pôle civique déjà existant District Union propose un projet où les espaces verts, les espaces publics et les parcs représenteront 20 % du site. Le quartier compte déjà une école primaire, un hôpital, la gare du train de l’Est et sa navette Urbis, de même que 1,5 million de pieds carrés d’offre commerciale déjà disponibles. Un gymnase et un centre sportif communautaire sont actuellement en construction. S’ajouteront également une bibliothèque et un centre aquatique. REZ Immobilier entend compléter cette offre en attirant des commerces de proximité pour les besoins globaux des familles, avec des initiatives encourageant l’implantation de PME. Le projet prévoit aussi des espaces de plein air. Le quartier sera délimité par un important boisé pour séparer la cité des infrastructures routières avoisinantes. On y trouvera des parcs, des sentiers piétonniers, des pistes cyclables et des pistes de ski de fond. Des habitations modulables La phase I de District Union proposera trois nouveaux types d’ensembles immobiliers comptant au total 364 unités de logement : Kubica présentera six variantes d’unités destinées aux différents types de ménages. Il s’agira de blocs segmentés modulables proposant des espaces de vie intérieurs et extérieurs privatifs, qui s’intégreront à des espaces pour la communauté ; Quartier Sélect correspondra à une clientèle d’adultes dont les enfants ont quitté le foyer. Il offrira une silhouette unique et des lignes élégantes, utilisant la verticale pour maximiser les espaces de vie et la végétation ; Yimby sera consacré aux jeunes et sera constitué d’espaces compacts et modulables, incluant des aires communes, comme un espace lounge, une cuisine collaborative et des aires de cotravail.
  9. Ah, beautiful, progress..Love the building boom in Montreal. Sure there are buildings that should always stay untouched ,the Royal Vic campus, Universite de Montreal, McGill, Sunlife, Bell Cda, Aldred, many of the great churches and cathedrals in Montreal. This Montreal Children's campus will still be memorialised with the administration building on Rene Levesque. Out with the old and in with the new. Agreed, the quality must be there. Please no brutalist concrete bunkers, no misaligned windows and mismatched coloured prefab slabs or discoloured glass panels.The old hospital was just that an old passe building that had outlived its ability to meet the needs of modern medicine. Let's enjoy this boom while it lasts, hopefully it will be self sustaining for many years to come. We can criticize and bitch but we are not risking any of our money and just go back about 10 years and we were the backwater where nobody wanted to build. Today, dozens and dozens of work sites and cranes are visible.all over the area. Construction means jobs which in turn generates more money being reinvested into the economy. One last comment for what it's worth ... ........... In life once you lose your loved ones like your parents .....then losing an old building is so insignificant in the order of things.
  10. MARTY

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    There are still 20 storeys to go so this building will be a very noticeable addition to the skyline. Once TDC3 and the rest of the Cadillac Fairview Quad project is up, this area will be truly a new pole for future development southward. It is really amazing how the skyline has become quite dense in the last few years. Keep the projects coming!!
  11. MARTY

    Projet Résidentiel au Canada Malting Site
  12. MARTY

    628 Saint-Jacques - 35 étages So 3 to 6 floor bases with a 38 floor tower...seems to me that the tower will be between 41 and 44 floors ?????
  13. How about we get Amazon''s new headquarters and get them to pony up some cash for the the rate that the Bank of Nova Scotia is doing for the Toronto Maple Leafs (800 million over 20 years) Our baseball stadium could be called the Amazon Complex including a field for the new NFL franchise called the Montreal Larks!! Wow, now that is grandiose thinking outside the box!!!!
  14. MARTY

    628 Saint-Jacques - 35 étages

    Voila La tour Mansfield au nord du SunLife Bldg. Project Description Tour Mansfield is a multi-use, 31-storey development in the heart of downtown Montreal. Consisting of 553,000 gross buildable sq. ft. featuring underground parking, 69,000 sq. ft. for retails, 200 hotel rooms and 166 condo units. Kodem was hired by The Marine Group to develop the concept and financial plan for the project, including full preliminary project plans, capital plan, statement of earnings, cash flow, construction budget and schedules. Detail Info CLIENT Tour Mansfield – The Marine Group – Montreal, Quebec ROLE Project and market analysis PROJECT VALUE $115 Million