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  1. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I don't want to "throw shade" at this but honestly, having a promoter saying "well there's ALWAYS traffic around this area" seems incredibly shortsighted to me. Personally I think in this case they should be contributing a few hundred million into surrounding road infrastructure to support their mega project. And the last thing this area needs is another retail project. Marche Central is struggling to attract tenants. Due to the layout of the surrounding roads, Rockland is losing tenants since its position now looks like a ship lost at sea. And this place could have issues too.
  2. Réseau express métropolitain

    Because the REM isn't a purely government contract. It is a PPP. Because the Bombardier gravy train needs to stop somewhere. Because if Bombardier based their workforce and financial forecasts on winning the REM contract, there is something very wrong. Because people who think "we've given handouts to this company before" are the ones who will sink our economy....again.
  3. Réseau express métropolitain

    If this isn't an example of the lowest life-form of corporate welfare pan handling, I don't know what is. "Well, we didn't get the REM contract.....but IF we get more Azure cars, there won't be any layoffs. *pssst, hear that Mr. Couillard? Screw fiscal responsibility and use some back channels to get us another half billion STM contract that MAY save 100 jobs. Remember, this IS an election year!" Absolutely disgusting.
  4. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Remember, this is the same promoter who has been promising the Leduc access to Dix30 for the last decade or so....
  5. YUL - 38, 38 étages

    The unit we looked at was $1.25 million. No idea where this real estate agent is getting 1.8 million but as usual some of these are being "reserved" for real estate brokers to sell on their own and give a significant kickback to the builders.
  6. Réseau express métropolitain

    This number makes no sense at all. 600 passengers per train at $21.60 per passenger = $12,960 / train. I believe it said somewhere there would be +/- 20 trains per day combining arrivals and departures. That's about a quarter million dollars every day. Figure $77 million per year on a single line. There's something wrong with the math. Not sure it is the report or my math.
  7. Royalmount "Quinze40"

  8. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I'm trying to understand something. In their new promotion materials there's a mention of access to this project by the REM. However, the closest REM station is going to be Canora / Mont Royal and neither of those are anywhere near to it.
  9. Réseau express métropolitain

    There was a crew drilling for core samples in the Colisee parking lot last night right in front of the Timberlea vet clinic. In the summer the same guys were working their way down the 40 service road. So there's certainly movement.
  10. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    In what world is this? On a Sunday at midnight?
  11. Réseau express métropolitain

    Eh, whatever. They screwed up and paid for it, as they should have. And plus, had the bid gone the other way Alstom could have very well claimed anything from insider meddling to conflict of interest.
  12. Réseau express métropolitain

    In that case the exact same thing could have been said about the consortium Bombardier was part of.
  13. Réseau express métropolitain

    What a bunch of losers. They screw up contracts in Toronto, London, New York and other locations and yet of course EXPECT their sub-par performance to be overlooked in Quebec. And I'm totally cool with the trains not being manufactured here. We need the best solution for the price, regardless of where it comes from.
  14. Réseau express métropolitain

    Source: "“That’s something we’ve been working on for years. It’s pencilled in the capital works program, but with no clear indication this will happen anytime soon. It’s possibly longterm planning and won’t be even looked at till 2020, which is unreasonable.” I agree. But then again the whole area immediately southeast of the shopping center would need to be redone as well. The fact that the service road of a major artery on the island of Montreal simply stops at Ste Marie is inconceivable. Any future project MUST properly connect the service road from Ste Marie to the service road at Morgan.
  15. Réseau express métropolitain

    Bingo. Not only that but there is just no good options for buses in the area of the Kirkland station. The reason for this is the short-sighted vision of Kirkland to essentially cut off a large portion of the city to through-traffic by separating Antoine-Faucon from the southern portion. The bus routes would have to go all the way through small streets or clog up Saint Charles even more. Timberlea meanwhile has it a bit better since even though their direct access is cut, they can travel east down the quasi service road (Ste Marie) to this area. If this REM station gets built without some very serious road network re-alignment here, it will be an absolute disaster. With or without a parking area.