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  1. Where have I heard this before. Oh right......Square Childrens anyone?

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    Ironically, I'm booked YUL -> PEK next week on Air China. Should be interesting since this is my first trip with them. So far the online booking process has been a nightmare though. Ticket booked through company travel agent so no possibility to view booking, change seats or even check in online on the Air China website.

    Victoriatown Condominiums - 4 étages

    Samcon. Great, it'll be poorly planned and look like a bunch of Soviet-era communist housing blocks. Hopefully the Plante administration will make good on their promises of insuring new projects have an adequate amount of green space, access to services, etc.

    Jazz Brossard (Solar Uniquartier) - 26, 15 étages

    Want to know what this will look like when done? See Urbania Laval. Terrible.
  5. If you want to make this type of development that boxes in the REM station, two things need to be done: 1) You need HIGH density for the area (15+ floors) immediately around the station to maximize the station's capacity 2) Provide a LARGE interim pay-per-use parking lot next to the station as the development is being built. Eventually, as the development phases are complete over 6-10 years, eliminate the parking lot or move it underground. That way, you get the most out of the station while waiting for the developers to build their units.
  6. Cool concept but I always wonder how those flat glass roofs will feel once they're covered in a foot of snow.

    Nouvelle piste aeroport St-Hubert

    I agree. But I think the worry would be that several LCC's are operating with or looking to operate with 737 aircraft and that would indeed represent a significant uptick in noise pollution.

    Nouvelle piste aeroport St-Hubert

    I think we also have to factor in that local residents (my parents live in Greenfield Park near Centennial High School) will be extremely vocal in opposition against any expansion of jet airliner flights from Saint Hubert.

    Laval C - Projet global

    Complete lack of imagination, Simcity-like boxed urban planning? Yup, that's Laval all right!
  10. SKYMTL

    Air Canada veut racheter Aéroplan

    Anything but Air Canada. I travel enough to know to avoid AC where possible.
  11. SKYMTL

    Air Canada veut racheter Aéroplan

    My Aeroplan miles being rolled into an Air Canada rewards program certainly has me looking to get rid of them ASAP. No way in heck I want to be tied to AC.
  12. SKYMTL

    Air Canada veut racheter Aéroplan

    So what happens now with their deals with Air Transat, etc?
  13. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Sorry, saving $100 per ticket on my flight is NOT worth this kind of BS. There are good low cost carriers (Wow, Norwegian, etc.) but then there's a bunch of trash. Before putting money into a trip and all the expectations that go along with it, I can't for the life of me understand why people wouldn't research first.
  14. SKYMTL

    TOM Condos - 42 étages

    Every time I see this project I don't think of the builder, I think of the poor buyers who may have planned their lives around moving into a new condo unit that was due almost a year ago.