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  1. Échangeur Turcot

    Why do they need consultations? There have already been studies about it and a bunch of citizen-driven petitions.
  2. Réseau électrique métropolitain

    The problem here is that the people who SUPPORT this are not being heard. It's always the complainers who are heard more loudly.
  3. Réseau électrique métropolitain

    Voicing opinions is one thing. My opinion can't influence the outcome on a project that has broad-reaching societal ramifications. But those with money can. Using lobbying money to undermine (or at least permanently delay) a key economic project for the benefit of unions, etc. is disgusting. Period.
  4. Réseau électrique métropolitain

    This is why we can't have nice things. Too many people are allowed to have their say.
  5. Expos coming back?

    I've been pretty quiet in this thread but........ If I was still a resident on-island I would have voted for Plante solely for her stance on bringing the Expos back. Instead of Codere's frothing-at-the-mouth fanboyism the whole situation needed a pragmatist. After seeing countless cities spend over a billion dollars on handouts for an MLB team (or any professional franchise for that matter), its obvious the gravy train needs to stop. If that means the Expos remain a fond memory, then that's fine by me.
  6. 3-33 du Canal

    Really nice project and WOW what a location!
  7. Réseau électrique métropolitain

    Bloody hell. This isn't rocket science. CHOOSE THE BEST COMPANY FOR THE JOB! This is how our projects turn to crap before we even get them off the ground.
  8. That's amazing news since it should also get a good amount of truck traffic off the island of Montreal. I can't remember where it was but there was a report saying the Molson building sends and receives +/- 200 trucks every day.
  9. Réseau électrique métropolitain

    CSN doesn't give a damn about the environment or socio-economic benefits. All they care about is feeding their union members what's "deserved".
  10. Appartements Dorchester - 37 étages

    Don't want to get anyone in trouble so let's just say it was at a local construction industry event. I'm hoping the rendering was just a preliminary image used as part of the tendering package or something.
  11. Appartements Dorchester - 37 étages

    I saw a rendering for this last night. This isn't a pretty building, that's for sure....the exterior looks like a mirror image of the hotel's.
  12. Réseau électrique métropolitain

    Another project that is REM-centric: TERRIBLE location for townhouses IMO (right along the 40 West in an area that was zoned for industrial) and quite anti-TOD (not enough density) but it is development. Also not quite sure what they mean about "eco-community" since they are bulldozing thousands of trees right now but whatever....
  13. No visible forward progress in two months. Exterior still unfinished. Interior looks like a war zone. WTF....
  14. The first thing that needs to be done is to PROPERLY continue the service road between the Centre Kirkland and Morgan. The current layout is absolutely ridiculous. The next is to put up with all the NIMBYs in the area. This would certainly all be low-rise. BUT, I actually don't see where this development would be. I'm guessing the majority of that defunct power center would go and then the small area behind the cinemas would also be developed but other than that? Zero opportunity since there's the REM (plus parking) and a Parc des Benevoles to the west. This is already hemmed in pretty tightly.