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  1. STILL incomplete! That's just unbelievable.
  2. Very cool. So we'll get to see what the columns look like. Interesting observation. for a predominantly English neighborhood, it would have been great to have this info up on the REM's English Work Info site:
  3. Yesterday there was a lot of heavy machinery (core drilling machines, excavators and pile drivers) setting up in the green space between the Ste Marie exit and Anse a l'Orme along the westbound 40. I wonder if that was for the REM or the future overpass.

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    The contractor cost here in Montreal is substantially less than in TO. That accounts for a large chunk of any project budget.

    Solar Uniquartier - projet global

    Yay. More bland design. But hey LOOK....they added trees on the roof! /sarcasm.

    QUAD Windsor: projet global

    I hope that once the masonry is cleaned those things will blend in because right now they look like a rash.

    Solar Uniquartier - projet global

    FINALLY! Only a decade late.

    Victoria sur le Parc - 56 étages

    Think this is the most important post of this thread. THANKS for the info. As a side note: projected images that don't take up the full projector screen are a pet peeve of mine.
  9. I agree. Moreover, why is the firm my friend works for still creating renderings? Either way this should be interesting!
  10. Maybe. I'm just repeating what my friend said. Or maybe they HAVE chosen a design without advising all participants..
  11. I'm pretty sure the final renderings won't be shown. The architectural contest hasn't finished and a winner hasn't been chosen as far as I know. Also, at least one of the proposals is well under 46 floors. 46 floors is maximum based on height restrictions versus typical ceiling heights but the total number of stories will be based upon the winning proposition's footprint versus number of square feet the project requires. For example, a larger baseline footprint with increased floor slab area for the tower section will lead to a shorter building. Priority for at least one proposal is being given to preserving views of condo buyers in the neighboring tower. The one I know about is 34 floors in its current form. Source: a close friend who works at one of the approached architecture firms.
  12. SKYMTL

    Victoria sur le Parc - 56 étages

    Because there isn't a "news" report these days without a dose of negativity. Welcome to 2018.
  13. SKYMTL

    1201-1215 Phillips Square- ?? étages

    Looks like they have a place for NEST too now with the sales office on Crescent.
  14. They REALLY need to address the domestic baggage claim area. It has a distinctly third world banana republic airport feel to it....
  15. Yeah, looking at the Info-Travaux section (which is really well done!) there doesn't seem to be anything going on there.....which makes me wonder what all the fuss is about in that corner of the parking lot.