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  1. rufus96

    Victoria sur le Parc - 56 étages

    Je ne pense pas que la vidéo soit fait par Broccolini - c'est plutôt quelque chose de "fan-made." Il me semble que Broccolini et BNC pense que la limite de hauteur est de 200m pour ce terrain (l'article de La Presse cite que 200m soit la limite), mème si c'est possible de chercher quelques mètres de plus. Pour cette raison, j'attends à ce que les deux tours auront environ 198m chaqune. Mais pour les amateurs de gratte-ciel parmi nous (moi-mème inclus), j'espère que je me trompe!
  2. rufus96

    Victoria sur le Parc - 56 étages

    Agreed that it's a little frustrating but I would add that perception takes time to catch up to reality, not only in Montreal. Give it 5 years of continued prosperity and we'll be on everyone's radar.
  3. I would expect so - that being said, if they're going to the city with "200m surhauteur" on their elevations (which appear to be part of a site plan approval package), there appears to be a discrepancy between our understanding of the 233m above sea level height limit and the height limit imposed on this particular parcel of land.
  4. My concern is that perhaps The City has done away with the nuances of the height limit. We saw "200m surhauteur" on all of the elevations presented. The developers must have gotten this information from somewhere? If somehow the blanket height limit is now 200m, my (irrational) fear (because it really only matters to skyscraper geeks and no one else) is that we end up with another 199m tower (1250 R.-L.). I guess we'll wait and see. Hard to believe it will be 200.00m tall. Much more likely it will either be 198m or 202m.
  5. rufus96

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    I love the Habs and one bad (or ten) seasons won't change that. However I find it odd that these days the Canadiens seem more focused on growing (selling) their brand than playing good hockey. I'm uneasy with not one but three lit up Habs logos in the skyline. Hence my comment.
  6. rufus96

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    Put it in storage until the team isn't garbage.
  7. rufus96

    Cities Held Hostage

    I really enjoyed it actually. I know the views are definitely on the NIMBY side, but it's important to remember some of the mistakes of the past (granted... I wasn't around then), especially as things seem to be moving so fast in Montreal these days. It was refreshing to see CBC post a documentary showing Montreal's "big city issues" something that has really only been reserved for Toronto and Vancouver recently. Definitely a sign that we're on the rise. I agree with you though - not much was proposed in the way of solutions. It still seems like Montreal lacks some vision and has been genuinely taken aback by the pace of development. I hate to see Victorian mansions sacrificed for faceless towers that always get value engineered down from the renders (see Stanbrooke... what a piece of garbage with it's EIFs siding instead of the decorative screen from the render). Perhaps if the city allowed for more intensification in key areas (200m+), developers wouldn't be so eager to destroy some of what's left of our heritage as the city lets it fall to ruin. I wouldn't have voted for Mme. Plante, but I'm hopeful that Projet Montreal will be more sensitive to heritage preservation in Montreal, while being somewhat realistic that the boom is most certainly on. Anywho, enjoyed the video very much. Thanks for posting it GDS. Montreal is full of potential and creativity. If we apply it, I believe we can achieve a desired balance!
  8. Pour 4G... je pense qu'on puisse faire mieux - surtout qu'à mon avis, il y a des secteurs de la ville qui ont plus besoin d'une amelioration du réseau de transport.
  9. Juste au Québec? As-tu entendu du prolongement du metro TTC jusqu' à Scarborough? 3.5G pour une station de metro.
  10. rufus96

    Marché immobilier résidentiel de Montréal : actualités

    Comments aside, someone should inform the writer of this article that Canada's two largest metropolitan areas don't include Vancouver. Ignorance breeds ignorance.
  11. Daaaaaamn. Renzo Piano has produced yet another nice piece of architecture. Well done. Bonus: It hides the DoubleTree hotel.
  12. Yikes. Not a fan of this one. I'm not sure that metal panel facade will age very well.
  13. Une meilleure croissance en terme de pourcentage que Vancouver cette année!
  14. rufus96

    455 René-Lévesque Ouest - 40 étages

    Typically a render or renders cost at least 2000$ in fees to produce (usually more). Renders are quite the time commitment so someone has to pay for the work that goes into making these. I really doubt this is an in-house portfolio building exercise. Even if this iteration is not a serious proposal, it indicates to me that there's interest that will result in a forthcoming development proposal for this site.
  15. Funny you should say that - same architects KPF, who also designed 1250 Rene-Levesque.