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  1. Yikes. Not a fan of this one. I'm not sure that metal panel facade will age very well.
  2. Une meilleure croissance en terme de pourcentage que Vancouver cette année!
  3. 455 René-Lévesque Ouest - 34 étages

    Typically a render or renders cost at least 2000$ in fees to produce (usually more). Renders are quite the time commitment so someone has to pay for the work that goes into making these. I really doubt this is an in-house portfolio building exercise. Even if this iteration is not a serious proposal, it indicates to me that there's interest that will result in a forthcoming development proposal for this site.
  4. Siège social de la Banque Nationale - 36 étages

    Funny you should say that - same architects KPF, who also designed 1250 Rene-Levesque.
  5. 975 Lucien-L'Allier - 45 étages

    Good bet that the cheapest firm was selected by the cheapest group of developers.
  6. Siège social de la Banque Nationale - 36 étages

    Personally not a big fan of BIG. Let's have some Norman Foster or Renzo Piano magic.
  7. Siège social de la Banque Nationale - 36 étages

    Let's suppose for a second we don't get a crown as part of this design. The tower will at the very least have tall parapet walls (+/-5m) to screen its rooftop mechanical penthouse or the mechanical will occupy additional floors.
  8. Siège social de la Banque Nationale - 36 étages

    La Tour Mcgill College fait 158m sur 38 étages, alors je pense que cette tour pourra atteindre le seuil de 160m.
  9. Given that large block of office space seem difficult to move in Montreal, I see the new model of development being entirely mixed use. That is, the site won't be divided into 4 towers - 2 residential and 2 office. You will have X towers all mixed use, similar to the concept at Altoria or Humanti. I'm hoping for something like this: 1 floor lobby @8m, 9 floors office @4m/per, 10 floors hotel @3.5m/per, 35 floors condo @ 3.5m/per. Boom. 55 floors, ~200m, less risk than 1 office tower at 25 floors. This worked with Avenue combining retail, office and residential. It will work with this development.
  10. Wow to Commerce Court III. Even at 2M sf there's a good chance it gets built with TO being the tightest office market in North America. It's the real deal with incorporated street level canopy presence that presents a legitimate improvement over the existing condition. Well done.
  11. Canada's Great East-West Migration

    Indeed correct!
  12. Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    Je pense que le noir est la membrane anti-vapeur qui est installé au dessus de le DensGlass (la partie jaune), qui est un "sheathing" que nous mettons au dessus de la structure du mur-rideau.
  13. Canadiens de Montréal

    His track record was pretty good until this season, even with the controversial PK trade. Let's face it - this is year 6 of his 5-year rebuild. No cup? No playoffs even. He took what was a decent team last year (albeit with issues scoring) and made it into what is clearly a bad team. Sorry, but after 22 games, you're 8-15 (8-12-3), it's a bad team. He left Markov walk. He lost Radulov. He traded a D1/2 for a young and very talented winger and then made him play centre. No wonder Drouin is having trouble scoring. And to cap it all off, he stood in front of fans and media and declared that this team's defense is even better than last year's. Wednesday against Nashville, with no Shea Weber, Montreal dressed the worst D-corps in the NHL. Hands down. It's a joke. Bergevin has to go. Ciao bye.
  14. Wow. What a headline. Is our collective civic ego really this fragile?
  15. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    I have to agree with this. Cadillac Fairview is not out to get Montreal. They initially proposed a much bolder, much sexier design and seemed to have actively tried to get it built. It didn't happen. They scaled back. It is what it is. I also feel that this latest rendition is a massing iteration and we'll see something else sooner or later.