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  1. Canada's Great East-West Migration

    Indeed correct!
  2. Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    Je pense que le noir est la membrane anti-vapeur qui est installé au dessus de le DensGlass (la partie jaune), qui est un "sheathing" que nous mettons au dessus de la structure du mur-rideau.
  3. Canadiens de Montréal

    His track record was pretty good until this season, even with the controversial PK trade. Let's face it - this is year 6 of his 5-year rebuild. No cup? No playoffs even. He took what was a decent team last year (albeit with issues scoring) and made it into what is clearly a bad team. Sorry, but after 22 games, you're 8-15 (8-12-3), it's a bad team. He left Markov walk. He lost Radulov. He traded a D1/2 for a young and very talented winger and then made him play centre. No wonder Drouin is having trouble scoring. And to cap it all off, he stood in front of fans and media and declared that this team's defense is even better than last year's. Wednesday against Nashville, with no Shea Weber, Montreal dressed the worst D-corps in the NHL. Hands down. It's a joke. Bergevin has to go. Ciao bye.
  4. Wow. What a headline. Is our collective civic ego really this fragile?
  5. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    I have to agree with this. Cadillac Fairview is not out to get Montreal. They initially proposed a much bolder, much sexier design and seemed to have actively tried to get it built. It didn't happen. They scaled back. It is what it is. I also feel that this latest rendition is a massing iteration and we'll see something else sooner or later.
  6. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    I find this to be a very solid pitch as well. A few others have surfaced online including the pitch for New Hampshire. It was... amateurish, in presentation and substance. The numbers look good for Toronto, but are rather inflated because they represent what could be considered the 'CSA' and not the actual metro. But still, it's a not a bad strategy.
  7. Petit jeu : quelle est cette ville?

    Dang, thought it would be tougher than that! Well done!
  8. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    So typically you would have a design firm, in this case Page + Steele / IBI Group, and if that firm isn't local, they partner up with a local practice to take care of the tasks that can't be accomplished from a distance.
  9. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    Fair enough. No problem with the firm, but let's recall that Avenue was originally designed for a site in Toronto and effectively recycled for a site in Montreal. I take issue with the apparent lack of local architectural expertise, especially for a project that's marketed under the Canadiens brand. I feel the result would be better if it came from a Montreal based practice.
  10. Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    Ghastly looking building. There was no local Montreal architect to design this thing? Someone who might actually care about this building's presence and overall integration? Good old Cadillac Fairview farming this job out to a Toronto firm. At least they got one thing right - this building perfectly reflects the performance of its namesake. Mr. Molson smiling all the way. - Tour Quartrieme Trio -
  11. Petit jeu : quelle est cette ville?

    Here's one to keep it rolling!
  12. Petit jeu : quelle est cette ville?

    Raleigh, NC
  13. Humaniti - 39 étages

    Ca sera 40 étages et 128m
  14. Projet du Groupe Brivia (Guy/René-Lévesque) - ?? étages

    Il me semble que ces deux groupes sont liés à YUL:
  15. Montréal, 3 é Centre Financier en Amérique du Nord

    Good showing in this ranking. I feel as if it's more of a measure of momentum, and especially reputation (rankings are partially based on a survey which anyone can fill out). I don't think anyone would claim that Montreal is a larger or more significant financial centre than Chicago, Paris, San Francisco. That being said, reputation certainly counts for something and given that we have climbed to #12 in 2017 from #30 in 2008, this can only enhance our profile.