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    Exiled Montrealer in Toronto plotting my return
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  1. rufus96

    Le Quebec perd ses sieges sociaux

    We have also gained head office employees in recent years -statscan head office survey - (slight gain but gain nonetheless). There is certainly a trend of consolodation, not only with Quebec Inc., but with head offices everywhere.
  2. rufus96

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    Toronto is already the location of Amazon's Canadian HQ and they've been adding jobs (hundreds of jobs) to both Toronto and Vancouver in recent months. A hiring spree would be in keeping with this trend, without necessarily being HQ2 related. They recently added ~2,000 jobs to their Boston offices prompting some to claim that HQ2 was in the bag. Could be. But could just be aggressive expansion.
  3. rufus96

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    C'est vrai. Par contre, le cout de vie augmentera à des niveaux ridicules en ajoutant 50,000 emplois à Amazon. On pourrait gagner quelques talents dans le autres domaines qui sont tannés de payer ~2000$/mois pour un 4-1/2.
  4. rufus96

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    Looks like rent is about to go up yet again.
  5. rufus96

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    Can you elaborate on where you got this news (without revealing your source evidently)? Everything I'm hearing is that metro Washington DC is the front runner.
  6. rufus96

    Solstice - 44 étages

    Tout à fait d'accord avec toi. Puisque je suis, comme plusieurs membres ici, un "geek" de gratte-ciel, j'aurais aimer que la tour puisse atteindre 500 pieds/152m. Mais je prendrai quand même le 147m!
  7. rufus96

    Solstice - 44 étages

    Oh baby. This 147m is a pleasant surprise.
  8. rufus96

    Solstice - 44 étages

    J'en compte 39 aussi. Une nouvelle tour de 120m (fort probable) pour le quartier!
  9. rufus96

    Montréal, the most reputable city in the Americas

    It took MTLBlog a almost a month to regurgitate this from when it was actually news. Terrible outlet.
  10. rufus96

    Canadiens de Montréal

    Totally agreed. Next captain is, in my humble opinion, Gally. He's on all of the promo material and he's still technically part of the youth movement. There are occasional trade rumours surrounding Weber, and honestly, who knows if he'll be the same player we traded for when he gets back.
  11. rufus96

    Canadiens de Montréal

    Honestly, if Suzuki becomes a 2nd line C, this is a good deal. From having 0 legitimate top 6 centres, we may be blessed with 1) Kotkaniemi, 2) Poehling, 3) Suzuki in the next 3 years or so. Pretty good place to start. We have ample depth on wing and obviously Carey Price. We're weak on D, but Juulsen and Mete are promising. Not a bad trade, except for the terrible optics surrounding it. Happy it's over.
  12. rufus96

    Rioppelle : 300m, 74 étages

    Moi aussi je la trouve en disproportion avec le reste du skyline. Meme si j'aimerai voir un jour une tour phare, je pense que quelque chose de 250m s'intégrera plus harmonieusement. Il faut aussi respecter "la courbe" du skyline. Une telle tour devra avoir une emplacement centrale dans le skyline, à mon avis.
  13. rufus96

    Victoria sur le Parc - 55 étages

    Désolé, la limite maximale est maintenant 200m (Section 5.1.1):,3098430&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
  14. rufus96

    Victoria sur le Parc - 55 étages

    It very well likely will have floors going up to 60 as advertised, but there's also the possibility that several floor numbers are removed so as to attract a certain segment of buyer, which is a common practice in other markets (see Trump Tower Vancouver, 67 floors but only 187m). We know that they're not adding height to this tower without a dérogation, I expect it to have 56 stories, even if numbered up to 60.
  15. rufus96

    Victoria sur le Parc - 55 étages

    I did a quick floor count because this is pretty exciting - got 57 floors. I'll allow myself a 1-floor error and assume that this will be a 56 floor tower with several floors ending in "4" eliminated.