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  1. rufus96

    Montréal va revoir sa politique des drapeaux

    Impressive strong arm by Mme. Plante! I agree with her that the Montreal flag should take priority over the others.
  2. rufus96

    1000, Rue de la Gauchetière

    Selon le Council on Tall Buildings la definition a été changé il y a quelques années pour que les hauteurs sont par rapport a n'importe quelle entrée, et non seulement l'entrée principale d'une édifice. "Three height categories are recognized. All categories measure the building from: The level1 of the lowest, significant,2 open-air,3 pedestrian4 entrance to…" Cela explique essentiellment la raison pour lequel le 1000, construit en 1992, mesure "officiellement" 205m et non 214m.
  3. rufus96

    (Rénovation) 400 René-Lévesque Ouest - 24(?) étages

    I think this is a sign of a pretty healthy downtown core. There is enough demand to convert under used, heavily outdated buildings into new vocations, while giving them aesthetic upgrades. Even if I'm not a big fan of the new design, it's certainly an upgrade over the existing. It's kind of a win-win. The next step will be intensification. Taking a building like this, reinforcing it structurally, and adding floors to it. There are several such possibilities along Rene-Levesque, and I can't wait for some of the Class B/Class C 10 floor office buildings to undergo transformations like this.
  4. rufus96

    Limite de hauteur à 200m, pour ou contre ?

    à 24,000 km^2, nous engloberions probablement le RMR d'Ottawa-Gatineau pour une population qui approcherait le seuil de 6M. Mais soyons réalistes, cela ne serait pas représentative d'une zone urbaine contiguë, toute comme la zone "CSA" de certaines villes americaines.
  5. rufus96

    Limite de hauteur à 200m, pour ou contre ?

    An interesting rumour that I heard was that at the height of the 1960s building boom, the owners of the CIBC Tower and PVM both lobbied the city hard for the height limit under the guise that it would preserve views of the mountain and river, while their true intentions were to ensure that their towers would remain the most prominent. Again - rumour. Don't recall where I read it, therefore cannot say that it is based in fact.
  6. I find this to be really quite unfortunate. I know that land is at a premium in Downtown Toronto, especially in proximity to Union Station, but really, what even is this??? The views look preliminary, but unless the design of these towers is world class, then this is a hard sell. Retaining the facades and gutting the interior to create yet another retail podium with boutique hotel is undignified for the Dominion Public Building. Is nothing sacred in the booming city?
  7. Typically spray foam insulation is more localized. You might use it inside a wall cavity near a foundation wall. Otherwise semi-rigid insulation is standard for most of the wall. Rockwool is a fairly widely used product. Generally speaking, the goal is to achieve a certain resistance to heat flow through your wall/floor/roof assembly. Many types of insulation in varying thicknesses can be used to do this and as you suggested, different types can be used for different wall assemblies. Generic drywall is... generic drywall. Nothing to it. It would be used in multiple layers in some cases to achieve a necessary fire rating. I'm assuming the drywall is for an interior finish? Sheetrock is a brand name for drywall products, much like Rockwool is a brand name for insulation products. Without knowing much more (seeing architectural wall sections & details), I would suggest that these items aren't really causes for concern. Hope this helps.
  8. I feel like the only way to get the 1000's actual height made official is for another tower to come along and dethrone it by a few meters, causing the owners of 1000 to possibly react in such a way to emphasize their tower's prowess. We can dream!
  9. "En plus, deux autres projets sont à l’étude au sud de la Place Bonaventure», mentionne l’urbaniste." Damn exciting times.
  10. Even with 10' ceilings (possibly higher for prestige office space) there would be space for services between the floor slab and underside of ceiling. Realistically a minimum of 14' floor to floor. That and the base and the crown, which are essentially double or triple height areas and I think 200m is well within reach.
  11. RBC vient d'emménager dans une nouvelle tour au bord du Lac Ontario. Même chose pour Sun Life. TD et BMO ont tous les deux apporté des rénovations majeures à leurs tours respectives.
  12. rufus96

    Ottawa gets close to SuperTalls

    I agree - provided the infrastructure and services can handle an influx of residents and this often turns out to be a big if. Since these neighborhoods are typically low rise/low density as you've pointed out, they frequently don't have sufficient classroom capacity to handle an influx of students. Subway stations quickly become saturated if they're older systems that didn't plan for this type of growth. Even things like access to grocery stores and green space (other than the private condo terraces) can become an issue. I support the idea of intensification around transportation nodes, but I wonder if 65 floors (+ 2 small towers) is over doing it... Good news is Ottawa will do it and Toronto already has, so these will provide interesting case studies that we can refine in the future.
  13. That Yonge/St. Clair tower is... drum roll please... very impressive. Elegant and refined. Appears to be very well integrated at the street level.