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    Jeune professional de finance. Ne a Montreal est passione de architecture.
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    Vieux Montreal
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    Finance, sports, plages
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    Fusions et acquisition

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  1. Gotti

    Buzz Around Montréal
  2. Gotti

    La NBA revient à Montréal

    I agree with your assertion and would love to see an NBA team in Montreal. (As an aside, where would they play - the Centre Bell is booked solid with shows and hockey as it is). But there are at least two key points to consider: 1. Sports is almost like a religion in much of the USA. The culture is deeply ingrained and people support teams from the high school level through college to the pros at a level not seen in Canada (except maybe for the Habs and Leafs). Because sports are so important, fans are not fair weather - they support their teams even when they are bad. I would classify Montreal as a "Canadiens town." We don't care much about sports per say, but we are die hard for the Habs. Look at the World Junior Hockey Championships' difficulties in selling tickets every time games are held here. Even the Impact have a hard time gaining popular support, despite playing at the top level in North America and offering an exciting product (Legendre and Saputo have openly complained for years). The Als only sell-out when they win or when a name (a la Manziel) comes to town. This is a rambling way of saying that despite a larger population base than many of the US cities cited above, Montreal is not really a "sports town". People also choose to spend their hard earned money on other entertainment options, such as dining, shows, etc. 2. A lot of the cities cited above have an NFL team. As others have said many times, a NFL team is easier for fans to support (not to mention the enormous TV deal that helps small market teams + the salary cap). There are 8 home games for an NFL team, almost all of them falling on a Sunday. That's 8 tickets per family member at prices that are comparable to (or even less) NHL/NBA/MLB tickets. It's much more affordable to spend 8 x [$] than 41 x [$] (NHL, NBA) or 81 x [$] (MLB). Throw in the tailgating culture, that becomes a weekend routine, and where one can bring their own food and drink and you can understand the support. 3. The Raptors have branded themselves as Canada's team ("We the North," "North vs. Everything," etc.). Would they be open to someone stealing a sizable portion of their TV market? Would a team here require unanimous NBA governor support? I'd love to see an NBA team in MTL. I just don't think it's feasible.
  3. New video from Camila Cabello filmed in Montreal. Locations: - Parc Lafontaine - Place du Canada
  4. Gotti

    1201-1215 Phillips Square- ?? étages

    You beat me to it!
  5. Gotti

    Quinzecent - 37 étages

  6. Gotti

    Victoriatown Condominiums - 4 étages

    Merci Jerry. Donc juste à côté... Restent-ils des lots de développements pour des tours genre densité de Griffintown? Les gens du forum parlent souvent du potentiel de développement qu'un future stade représente. Mais resteraient-ils des espaces libres?
  7. Gotti

    Victoriatown Condominiums - 4 étages

    Expos stadium?
  8. Gotti

    Solstice - 44 étages

    1. Scotiabank Centre (formerly Air Canada Centre): Leafs, Raptors 2. Rogers Centre (forever to be known as Skydome): Blue Jays 3. BMO Field (not downtown but not too far, ~3.0-3.5km from Union Station) : TFC, Argos 4. Coca-Cola Coliseum (formerly Ricoh Coliseum): Marlies (Le Rocket des Leafs) BMO Field and Coca-Cola Coliseum are next door to each other. Does this add any "public good" value for a future stade des Expos?
  9. Gotti

    Skyline De Montréal

    I'm not sure if anyone has seen the new Jack Ryan series on Amazon. Substantial parts of the series were filmed in Montreal. Our city acts as a fill in for Washington, D.C., in particular, for Georgetown and parts of downtown. I noticed a couple of locations while watching: - There is a car chase scene on RL (you can see the construction of the YUL or HI or Rocca as well as the lights of the Maison Olympique) - There is a restaurant scene inside and outside of Le Richmond (Griffintown) - Le CHUM plays the part of Washington Memorial Hospital While nothing compared to the books, the show is full of action and fun to watch. Enjoy!
  10. Gotti

    Canadiens de Montréal

    Je suis d'accord. But, if Tatar scores 20 or so by the deadline, the Habs are out of the playoff picture, and the Canadiens offer to retain some salary (given the cap space they have this flexibility), then there will be some contenders looking to add another offensive piece. To say nothing about Andrew Shaw...
  11. Gotti

    Canadiens de Montréal

    Lose for Hughes!!! - Habs will score the least amount of goals in the league this year. Price won't be able to stop them all. This should lead to a lottery pick - Flip Tatar at the deadline for more picks - Next year: Monsieur commissaire Lafrenière!!!!
  12. Same thing at CF Fairview... they seem to have taken some space from the SAQ
  13. Gotti

    Le marché immobilier poursuit sa remontée

    Montreal housing market close to overheating: CMHC This is the seventh straight quarter where the sales-to-new listings ratio has risen. JACOB SEREBRIN, MONTREAL GAZETTE Updated: July 26, 2018 The active listings-to-sales ratio for single-family homes decreased — pushing those properties farther into a seller's market. MARCOS TOWNSEND / MONREAL GAZETTE FILES SHAREADJUSTCOMMENTPRINT Montreal’s housing market is close to the threshold for being considered “overheated,” according to a new report by The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. However, it still faces a low degree of vulnerability to market instability. The seasonally adjusted sales-to-new listings ratio was slightly below 69 per cent during the three-month period ended on March 2018, the Crown corporation said in its quarterly Housing Market Assessment. The threshold for overheating is a sales-to-new listings ratio of 70 per cent. This is the seventh straight quarter where the sales-to-new listings ratio has risen. The active listings-to-sales ratio for single-family homes decreased — pushing those properties farther into a seller’s market. That was particularly true in the West Island, Sud-Ouest, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Île-des-Soeurs and most of the central districts of Montreal Island, the CMHC said. While condos are currently on the line between a balanced market and a seller’s market, those properties are likely to move into sellers’ market territory during the next quarter. However, that varies from area to area. In Laval, for example, a buyer’s market exists for condos, while in some central areas of the city of Montreal, conditions are more favourable to sellers. The CMHC said the evidence of accelerating price growth remains weak. However, in some areas, single-family home prices are growing faster than a year ago. The same situation exists for condos in a couple of neighbourhoods. “Housing prices continue to increase rapidly in certain neighbourhoods. If this strong increase was to last, accelerating price growth could be reported in a future Housing Market Assessment,” Bob Dugan, the CMHC’s chief economist, said on a conference call with journalists. “There are some neighbourhoods where the situation is tighter, for example, in the West Island or N.D.G. sectors, for some types of housing,” said Lukas Jasmin-Tucci, a senior market analyst with the CMHC. “We know that in those neighbourhoods, a buyer might adjust their behaviour, maybe waiting for a different time for their purchase or changing neighbourhoods, changing the type of homes they’re looking at.” However, he said, the CMHC doesn’t assess market vulnerability at the neighbourhood level, just across the entire region. “On some indicators, there’s a clear trend, we might change from low signs of vulnerability to moderate, but then again, those signs need to be significant and persistent,” Jasmin-Tucci said. The CMHC said price increases were in line with population and economic growth. “Even though prices increased, they did so in a context of strengthening fundamentals,” the report reads. There was negligible evidence of overbuilding, the CMHC said.