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  1. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    I think you took a wise decision, but a promoter that's acts like that is a shame for all the honest ones. He was in breach of contract. Not you. A modification exceeding the percentage stipulated in the contract is definitely a breach.
  2. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    He said the gross sqft went down, not from gross to net, that usually goes down 8-10%. That is in my opinion unacceptable.
  3. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    Did you sign? If the difference is over 5% you can refuse to accept the 7700 discount. And say that the unit does not respect anymore the original contract. So either they offer a better deal, or you walk away.
  4. Les Bassins, Quai 2 - 8 étages

    The access to the tub from the short side is very unpractical and probably even illegal.
  5. 11 de Maisonneuve Est - ??

    I think that the platform of the station is much longer of the sketch above, and arrives up to st Laurent.
  6. 11 de Maisonneuve Est - ??

    The entire parking in front of the garage sits right on top of St. Laurent metro station, and belongs to the city of Montreal. so not much left good to be used.
  7. Myriade - 22 étages

    Being in that location I would have expected something more unconventional. It reminds me the 2 towers at 1200 De Maisonneuve. But in a cheaper version.
  8. Laur&nt Clark - 20, 25 étages

    From what I understood they are doing geotechnical studies. Must be complicated to excavate that site with all the metro's staff there.
  9. Laur&nt Clark - 20, 25 étages

    No, the metro follows the old path of de maisonneuve before the works of the Quartier des spectacles.
  10. Laur&nt Clark - 20, 25 étages

    so I guess orange lointain has to excuse himself.
  11. Laur&nt Clark - 20, 25 étages

    from what i read the promoter that terminated the lofts des arts was victim of a tempted extortion. Does this qualify him as gangster as someone wrote?
  12. Laur&nt Clark - 20, 25 étages

    so, what do you know about that?
  13. Laur&nt Clark - 20, 25 étages

    Interesting. How did you get infos?
  14. Muse Condos - 26 étages (2016)

    Rumors say that the project is cancelled.
  15. YOO Montréal - 20 étages

    Ah, so is like buying a Ford with a Rolls Royce brand, and pay it like a Rolls Royce, just because has a Rolls Royce brand