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  1. denpanosekai

    Areve (Quartier Angrignon Lasalle) - 10 étages

    I'm not sure how you can see the Provigo sign from that angle. Maybe the picture is flipped?
  2. denpanosekai

    My Big Apple - News from New York City

    Even in 1932 NYC was getting slimmer towers than Montreal ever did. Sad!
  3. denpanosekai

    Annexe 2 de l’école Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde - 2 étages

    July 30th 2018 -- sorry just catching up. obviously more progress since. Looking pretty good!
  4. denpanosekai

    Hôtel Monville - 20 étages (2017)

    August 5 2018
  5. denpanosekai

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    August 13 2018 -- from the bike path on the new Nun's island bridge, looking pretty lonely from that angle!
  6. denpanosekai

    Le Grand Quai du Port de Montréal

    One big boat today
  7. "les pauvres" pay a lot of taxes in Crawford Park I tell ya what... but yeah this stinks
  8. denpanosekai

    EQ8 Cité Urbaine - 16 étages

    topped OUT July 11 2018
  9. Netflix and Happy Madison production companies will shoot a few scenes of the American movie «Murder Mystery» into the Crew Café at 360, Saint-Jacques St. Here is some information regarding the project : Shooting dates : Mon., July 16th and Tues., July 17th 2018, from 5 AM to 9 PM. Location : At Crew Café. Please take note that there will be gunshots for the purpose of the scene over the two (2) days. Local police have been warned. There will be a stunt of several bookstacks falling on each other (domino effect). As of Thursday, July 12th, we will be running cables in the lobby and stairs. From Sunday, July 15th to Tuesday, July 17th : lights will be installed in the lobby for the shoot along the walls and near the security station.
  10. denpanosekai

    Échangeur Turcot

    Some very nice helictopter shots of Turcot this morning *glad I can use the metro to go to work*
  11. denpanosekai

    Appartements Dorchester - 37 étages

    Yes the roulottes have been there for a while. Surprised to see the brick wall redone however.
  12. denpanosekai

    1020 De la Montagne (Esso) - 35 étages

    "echelle humaine" hahahaha WTF. Humanwashing. Nice render otherwise, glad to see the ESSO go.