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  1. denpanosekai

    Tour de la Bourse (2017-2019)

    Is this on the north face of the building? all around??
  2. In my experience workers will either get angry or pose for the camera. I prefer to wait until no one is looking.
  3. denpanosekai

    1920-1946 rue Ste-Catherine ouest - 15 étages

    Any chance to upload images of the La Presse + article here for those of us with an aversion to Apple products?
  4. denpanosekai

    Origine - 7 étages

    This thread should be renamed. Project is now called ORIGINE
  5. They'll probably get a much higher tax bill? But if that's what the people want, give it to them. Sounds win win (ish)
  6. denpanosekai

    Forum de Montréal (rénovations)

    No connection to RESO is just dumb. (but I'm not really sure how and where it could happen)
  7. denpanosekai

    Forum de Montréal (rénovations)

    LOL @ the Future Shop logo
  8. denpanosekai

    Nouveau Pont Champlain

    I notice some temporary bridges between the REM tracks and the main bridge lanes. Will they build any permanent links? Otherwise if REM goes down on the bridge for any reason, how will people evacuate?
  9. Damn, I thought super poutre was still installed.
  10. denpanosekai

    Symphonia Pop - 32 étages

    Just noticed this ad on Notre-Dame and saint-pierre in old Montreal.
  11. denpanosekai

    Zenith - 20 étages

    Will this be more or less as tall as Place Dupuis?
  12. denpanosekai

    5551 Wellington (formerly Urgel Bourgie) - 4 étages

    This project reminds me a lot of 5401 Wellington which was completed a few years ago over the Woodland parking lot. Similar brick work anyway. I think 5551 Wellington will turn out just fine and it's nice seeing the positive responses here. I'll try to update this thread with pictures but it's a little hard while driving or in the bus.
  13. denpanosekai

    1199 Shevchenko - 10 étages

    Hey if it keeps Frutta Si alive I'll take it. I heard business was way wayyy down since the Super C was renovated. I'm surprised they're still open actually!
  14. denpanosekai

    Métro achalandage et actualités

    It's just been fucking nuts for the past couple weeks. I work a few extra hours from home to avoid rush hour.