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  1. Closed til the 24 as per NOTAM. why??
  2. This is great news. Slowly but surely we're building up a very substantial feeder network for our international operations. This will help solidify the hub. Excellent!
  3. Emergency landing on 06L this afternoon around 1400. Was following it on FlightRadar24 just after take-off. Great job by the crew. Video of the landing
  4. Couldn't find this officially posted anywhere, so here it is. UPDATE Air China has officially made the equipment change from B787-9 eff 01Sep2017 to staying with the B777-300, 5x weekly through the fall....for now....
  5. Personally, I love it. Classy, Sophisticated, Modern with a flash of retro. Way, Way, WAY better than the toothpaste toilet bowl green. This is something to be proud of.
  6. The wheels are (litterally) falling off the cart. Well handled by the crew. Don't know how this managed to escape the media, but when AC so much as mis-pronounces a word in french, or someone gets a whiff of mouth wash, it's front page news.
  7. Personally, I think these flights are intended to help save stranded WestJet passengers who all of a sudden found themselves in Iceland.