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  1. Great news!! AC does it again! Can't wait for more US routes to feed the hub...MSY, SEA, SAN.... Good times ahead.
  2. Level YUL-Orly,Paris 3 times a week eff Summer 2018

    There is already there enough market for ORY from YUL? or are they looking to take some of the market from CDG??
  3. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    YUL est maintenant une base de B787 pour les pilotes, mais ca se peut qu'ils utilisent encores des equipages des autres bases..
  4. Est-ce que vous avez trouvé Desjardins mieux que Nationale? Jamais essayé desjardins, mais je trouve Nationale excellent.
  5. BOMBARDIER C series

    Very well done summation of the situation. At first, I was very dissapointed with this deal, but the more I think about it, it becomes clear, there was no other option. Well done.
  6. Customs backlog 01/10/17

    Morning gang, Landed at the airport last night, and heading towards customs the lineup and throngs of people were back up practically to gate 58. Must have been over an hour wait to get to the customs hall alone. This was at 1530. Any idea why so bad? I have never seen it this bad, certainly not all summer.
  7. Another article better outlining the upcoming routes...very impressive AC! YYZ-DUB is going to mainline, therefore freeing up a 767, also YUL-CMN is going mainline, freeing up another. Rouge can now be expanded indefinitely beyond 50 aircraft (the previous limit), and only linked with mainline growth ratios established in the pilot contract. However, only on the narrow body 319/321, not the 767 fleet.
  8. Seems we'll see the 757 leave and be replaced by the MAX8, 5 weekly.
  9. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    Have fun with that!
  11. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    Lisbon avec Rouge.
  12. Oui. Since June there has been an official 787 base for pilots in YUL. Most recently, since August, the latest bid is showing Captain, First Officer and Relief Pilot positions all being crewed from the Montreal base.
  13. Cool review of the new service.
  14. Une liaison Montréal-Beyrouth?

    Another article about YUL-BEY