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  1. Aircraft Parking North of 10/28

    What do you envision mark_ac for the next step to aquire more gates/parking? New terminal?
  2. Aircraft Parking North of 10/28

    Wow!! This is exactly what I thought would happen to 10/28 as a result, but couldn't find any supporting documentation. Even in ADM's long term planning etc, they don't talk about shutting 10/28 so soon. So is it safe to say the runway will now become a permanent east/west taxiway? This could help move things along when the north ramp has congestion. Another question comes to me tho....since summer is the busiest season, and there's no de-icing in summer, why not use the de-ice pad as a remote-parking area. Can fit at least 5 wide-bodies and miltiple other narrow-bodies there.
  3. AC announces YUL-TLV summer seasonal

    Any chance of this route becoming year round?
  4. Une liaison Montréal-Beyrouth?

    Marc Garneau has been a dissapointment and a massive let-down on so many issues (pilot fatigue dossier, Beirut file...)which were expected to be well handled by a fellow Quebecer and Aviator...seems he too has forgotten his roots and has been sucked into the political game. Huge dissapointment.
  5. Morning, I can't seem to find any detailed plans/images for the work being completed to create a new off-terminal parking west of E taxiway and north of 10/28. I know the work is advancing, but would love to get an idea of what it will look like (how many spots, how large, connecting taxiways....etc) Anyone seen anything? Cheers
  6. Statistiques PAX

    Think we can see TLV going year round?? It's also a very appealing destination in the winter.
  7. Une liaison Montréal-Beyrouth?

    Article from a Lebanese source:
  8. Statistiques PAX

    When when when!! cant wait either!
  9. Interjet plans Montreal launch in July 2017

    A monopoly implies that the consumer has no other option and therefore prices are not as affected by traditional economic laws of supply and demand. Take First Air, Air Inuit and Air Creebec for example, where those villages aren't served by any other carriers, and a trip to Salluit can cost you 2000$. The rest of canada especially the large cities do not experience a monopoly. Air Canada/WestJet/Air Transat and the dozens of other carriers provide many, many, options to get places. Margins on these flights are already very very low due to the high cost of operating in Canada. Smaller population centers, Cost of fuel to go long distances, airport utilization costs not comparably seen anywhere else in NA or Europe, and higher operations costs for things such as de-icing and winter operations will all prohibit ULCC's from working here. We may see ULCCs establish with small initial networks, but, it will be almost imposible for them to grow and keep the same model before becoming just another mainline carrier. (ie. WestJet)
  10. Interjet plans Montreal launch in July 2017

    Where is there a monopoly anymore in Canada? There is plenty of fair share competition for companies to open-up wherever they choose. The main problem with Canada is the size of the country does not work well with the Ultra-Low-Cost-Model (Think: Large distances to cover with minimal population). I am all for increasing competition with more carriers, but ULCC will be tough to make work here in the long term.
  11. YUL-PHX times announced

    With the recently announced service with AC rouge to PHX, i'm a bit surprised with the times. Doesn't an 1850 arrival land too late for some connections to Europe? Montreal – Phoenix 22FEB18 – 28MAY18 Seasonal 3 weeklyAC1890 YUL0800 – 1130PHX 319 146AC1891 PHX1220 – 1850YUL 319 146Vancouver – Orlando 20DEC17 – 08APR18 Seasonal 2 weeklyAC1648 YVR0845 – 1715MCO 763 37AC1649 MCO1835 – 2155YVR 763 37
  12. When will we see YXE and/or YQR flights?

    I agree. Now whats the chances we see something in the near future to YYJ, YQE or YQR? Maybe once the 737's or C-Series are online for AC?
  13. Saskatoon and Regina, are two of the last un-served domestic markets from YUL. Even though they are small cities, at the moment their passengers are forced to connect in YYZ in order to head to YUL or to anywhere in Europe that YYZ doesn't serve. Are these on AC's radar and whats the chance we see them served anytime in the future? What kind of traffic O/D to YUL do these cities have? I feel like the increased flights through YUL presents more opportunity and justification than ever for these routes. Thoughts?
  14. Why is 06R/24L closed?

    Closed til the 24 as per NOTAM. why??
  15. American enhances Montreal flights from July 2017

    This is great news. Slowly but surely we're building up a very substantial feeder network for our international operations. This will help solidify the hub. Excellent!