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  1. Plaza Swatow - 6 étages (2009)

    cédric sam a écrit un nouveau billet sur le swatow sur son blogue. quelques photos et observations :
  2. 49 minutes? It's much less than that. From the AMT website: Beaconsfield -- 06:14 ... Vendôme -- 06:43 Lucien L'Allier -- 06:50 That's 36 minutes, only a bit longer than the time it takes to drive to Beaconsfield with no traffic.
  3. A, B ou C?

    C'est la même histoire à Toronto où chaque restaurant et épicerie doit avoir une étiquette comme ça...
  4. Habitations Laurier - 6 étages

    The lot was sold about a year ago but, since then, there has been no indication of any development. This project would be absolutely perfect.
  5. The Olf And Mckibbons Pub!!!!!

    Yara, je te comprends parfaitement et je crois qu'il est important que les francophones puissent se sentir valorisés dans leur propre ville. Cependant, si un francophone se fait acceuilli en anglais dans un endroit très anglophone, comme la partie ouest du centre-ville, mais il est quand-même servi en français, je ne vois pas pourquoi il devrait être offusqué. La bonne foi vaut mieux que la colère.
  6. The Olf And Mckibbons Pub!!!!!

    McKibbin's is clearly milking this story for all of the publicity it is worth. It's very cynical on their part. There's no reason this couldn't have been resolved without turning it into a media circus. In any case, as much as I understand the importance of being served in French, can someone explain to me why the langue d'accueil is such a big deal? If you are served in French, who cares what somebody says when you walk into a store? Most Montreal servers and store clerks don't even greet you anyway, they just wait for you to speak.
  7. Vivre au Québec ou vivre dans l'ouest ?

    Si jamais je quitte Montréal, ça serait pour quitter le Canada. Je suis originaire de l'ouest et j'ai aucune intention d'y retourner. D'ailleurs c'est possible que je vais déménager à Hong Kong dans l'avenir proche... mais je serais toujours chez moi à Montréal.
  8. District Griffin - phases 5 et suivantes, spéculations, rumeures

    Exactly! I think Marsan is completely off base. He's critiquing a project that simply has not been proposed. He also loses all credibility when he suggests that Toronto's Distillery District could serve as a model. The Distillery District is a single-use redevelopment with no fine-grained mix of uses and NO good public transportation link to the rest of Toronto.
  9. Montreal's aerospace sector skyrockets

    2.6% might be higher than the national average, but it's also the lowest growth expected for any major Canadian city, so I wouldn't consider it overly optimistic. Thanks for posting this. I didn't realize that my article had been picked up by the Financial Post.
  10. Le Crystal de la Montagne - 27 étages (2008)

    It's a myth... Vancouver is only laid back if you're one of the rich jet-setters and short-term residents who treat the city like a resort. For everybody else it's impossible to be truly laid-back when the rents and property prices are completely unaffordable. Incomes aren't that high in Vancouver but the real estate is the most expensive in Canada! That's to say nothing of the fact that as a culturally innovative city, Vancouver has got nothing in Montreal. There's a reason so many young, creative Vancouverites have moved here in recent years. I haven't heard of anyone moving from Montreal to Vancouver to take advantage of the creative atmosphere.
  11. Mosaïque Southam - 14 étages

    Aside from the cheap-looking cladding, I really don't like the way it treats the ground floor. The retail spaces (which are still empty) look lost behind the thick brick columns. Some of the ground floor is actually taken up by blank service doors which I think is inexcusable. They could have been placed more discreetly or been better integrated into the streetscape.
  12. MTLskyline: SAINT-LAMBERT

    Nice photos! I visited Saint Lambert for the first time in early January. It was a lot more substantial than I expected... there's even a small department store. I was with a friend who grew up in an old railroad suburb of NYC and it really seemed to remind him of home.
  13. Le Crystal de la Montagne - 27 étages (2008)

    Maybe that's because you're comparing it to much larger projects in other cities. Stick with the local context. We're in Montreal, not Toronto, and what's important is how the Crystal looks at Mountain and René Lévesque, not King and University.
  14. Mosaïque Southam - 14 étages

    Last I walked by the old Southam building was being renovated. Man, this project really sucks. What a disappointment.
  15. Terrain du métro Saint-Laurent

    According to La Presse, it will be a project with ground floor retail and space for cultural organizations like the dance school. Ideally that would simply be the podium for an apartment tower but at least we're finally getting rid of this godforsaken empty lot.