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  1. This is such great news. But too bad we chased away our provincial government that largely contributed to these results.
  2. YMQ

    Nouvelle Tour Banque (Big 5) - ?? étages

    If you want to talk credibility, ask moderators HabsFan and SkahHigh who was the first to break the news about the new NatBank HQ and Broccolini development. Just saying...
  3. YMQ

    Nouvelle Tour Banque (Big 5) - ?? étages

    I'm sorry, but this thread is pure speculation from a notorious poster that spreads false rumours. Let's reconvene next year so see if this materializes.
  4. Bravo to you sir! Hit the nail right on the head. You're dealing with an administration that is more aligned with Quebec Solidaire version of the world. This land is of immense strategic importance, not an area for social housing. Such nonsense. Devimco /Carbonleo/Brocollini - developers that want to transform Montreal.
  5. If this is in the fate of our left leaning city administration - then this project is as good as dead. Urbanists and social housing hawks won't let this happen. I commend Devimco for having the guts to propose something inspiring. Hopefully this won't deter them from investing elsewhere in the city.
  6. YMQ

    Transat suspending YUL-TLV

    TS has long term leases on the 330s. Not going anywhere.
  7. transat will drop Montreal-Tel Aviv next summer - no word on where they will redeploy.
  8. YMQ

    Global Cities Report 2018

    Very good news and a sign of overall progress.
  9. YMQ

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    As Canada’s top CEO of the year and one of Montreal’s most dynamic business leader he has way more credibility than all of us on this board combined Including myself and yourself with all due respect.
  10. YMQ

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Montreal needs more Andrew Lutfy's and less people with no skin in the game criticizing projects without the experience/know-how to do so.
  11. YMQ

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    Easy there Doug. There's no Rouge operation in the West on the 767 so looks like a YUL/YVR solution.
  12. YMQ

    750 Peel - 23, 23 étages

    You hit the nail right on the head. The project has to correspond to the internal rates of returns required. Dont worry about the Down voter mafia on this board. They’re essentially arm chair quarterbacks with no business experience that can barely do math let alone try to understand the complexities of real estate. CF bought the land with their capital. They’re perfectly within their rights to do whatever they want with the land and most certainly don’t need to abide by your guidelines
  13. YMQ

    Montréal championne de la croissance

    If you only knew s.
  14. YMQ

    Montréal championne de la croissance

    Rejoice Frank. Ikea put it a distribution centre valued at $150M. Come talk to me when Montreal's GDP growth rivals Boston/Toronto/Chicago/Atlanta/Washington over a period of 5 years.