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  1. YMQ

    Buzz Around Montréal

    Not fake news, you're just satisfied with so little. Montreal is not getting its fair share of investments, getting AI research labs is nice and all but where are all the AI start up companies in Montreal poised to become global companies? Why does facebook, Pinterest, Uber, Microsoft, Shopify, Google continue to announce literally millions and millions of investments, new buildings and hiring of thousands - meanwhile we get the crumbs from the table here in Montreal. Crumbs as in research labs that will export ideas to the mothership in Silicon Valley and create wealth that Montrealers will not get its fair share of. We should be celebrating Hopper's phenomenal success (and not blast them that they don't have a french language product like we did on Tout Le Monde en parle). Montreal is doing well, but so is the North America context. Continue to believe that Montreal is not keeping up with its peers on a relative basis - and Montreal's peers are Boston, Toronto, Austin, Seattle - not Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore. The CAQ won't help Montreal nor does it care about its struggle of finding qualified global talent to migrate to the city... but hey gotta pass l'examen en francais!
  2. On April 29 Austrian airlines will start daily montreal Vienna flights with the 767-300. Air Canada will take over the Toronto route with the 787. cheers!
  3. Answer me this question. When was the last time a major International (or Canadian) company put their regional or national HQ in Montreal? I don't care whether it's for economic, cultural, lingustic or political reasons. Was the last non-Quebec company to a make a major investment in Montreal and hire thousands of Quebeckers locally? Si tu ne trouves pas une reponse, clairement il ya de quoi qu'on pourrait ameliorer.
  4. Who said anything about scrapping or compromising the culture of a society? You can’t promote an open For business Quebec without a cost to culture? all or nothing, you’re very misled
  5. Competing for international business is selling your soul? Why did we go for Amazon HQ2 if 99% of their North American sales are not done in French. We’re we accepting anything different? I don’t get it, it’s as if you’re rationalizing in your head that it’s ok becoming a regional city that’s ignored by big tech - because our soul is still there? Please name the last large international global company that put their Canadian HQ in Montreal!! This is a very very mediocre line of thinking. If Amazon HQ2 goes to Toronto you’ll be just fine to shrug your shoulders and accept that our city is in relative decline. Sad state of affairs. Downvote all you want, you know I’m right p.s why wasn’t our “soul” in the pitch to Amazon for HQ2?
  6. Meanwhile in Montreal crickets, or the crumbs off the table. Pinterest/Uber/Facebook/Twitter/Amazon - all the Canadian HQs of the top tech companies are in Toronto. What do we have in MTL - the offshoot of Microsoft AI division and AirBnb. Why would Amazon come to Montreal, how much of their business is in french? We're really content with some pretty sh*tty results,
  7. https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2018/09/22/le-quebec-perd-ses-sieges-sociaux-en-douce Much of Quebec INC. is slowly withering away. Proud Montreal companies such as Bell and Molson have become Toronto/Denver companies.
  8. Ok but Sonder moved out of MTL...
  9. YMQ

    Air Canada veut racheter Aéroplan

    and what do you prefer to be tied to? WestJet? Porter?
  10. I remember Mont Royal telling me that more choice (and lousy operators) is good for the consumer