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  1. Nonsense. SNC is actually growing/transferring certain positions to London to take into consideration all the acquisitions they've made in the area. WS Atkins will be ran out of London under the SNC umbrella. I still can't get over how the Molsons (who live/breathe Montreal) can have their Canadian ops not even in the city!!!
  2. Molson-Coors Canadian head office moved to Toronto - with the exception of the chairman suite. BCE all executives except for VP Quebec has moved to Toronto.
  3. I respect your point of view Frank, but this is just down right a mediocre answer. Very Montreal like attitude "If they don't like it leave" - as hundred's of thousands of montrealers have left the city along with hundred's of HQs. At some point you're going to have to give a shit.
  4. Do you work for a major corporation based in Montreal?
  5. Never said that. But is it not well documented that Montreal has trouble attracting and retaining its own talent, let alone find top global talent. Just in my circle alone a huge number of very smart and trained 30 somethings from McGill have left for Toronto. I don't see the reverse happening, unless my head is the sand as you will likely accuse me of doing. Part of this career opportunity, part of it language issues, part of it climate etc.
  6. The service is operating 5 weekly in the summer.
  7. This is not about the past. Its about now and the future. Who is going to create business in Quebec? Who is going to create the next big HQs and made in Quebec solutions? Who is going to take over in Quebec INC.? Is Montreal going to become a major global city, or a regional city eclipsed by the Toronto, New York, Chicago and Boston that surround it.... i'm not convinced its the former.
  8. Before you accuse me of cherry picking, would highly suggest you don't put words in my mouth. You're falsely accusing me of something that's never been my position. Let me re-articulate my position. 1.) The separatist cause was the reason why we lost BILLIONS in wealth, power, and human capital to Toronto. Not because of francophones - and neither was the quiet revolution the sole cause 2.) Quebec being afraid to accept and promote bilingualism has costed us BILLIONS of the same elements above (wealth, jobs, families etc.) 3.) I am a child of Bil 101. I speak 3 languages - and am proud to speak French. 4.) My wife is a francophone. We speak french at home and my children will be educated in French (although I have the choice to send them to English, a choice I have that almost all francophones don't have ironically). 5.) I choose to live in Montreal and in Quebec. I have the right and the flexibility to move elsehwhere in Canada. I elect not to do this because I love this city and province. I'm tired of people such as yourself, Mtlman, MartinMtl and others are on this board misrepresenting my position. My main point of contention has always been and will always be our priorities as Quebeckers, and our lack of focus/understanding of the economy - and how simple adjustments can make Montreal truly a powerhouse again. I will never accept the unfounded insecurity over issues that should be our strength (diversity, bilingualism, and uniqueness). This is no longer 1960-1975. The world has change, Montreal and Quebec must ADAPT. I don't like the mediocre attitude of some in this city - and will always believe that Montreal has the potential to be a top 5 North American city (economy, quality of life, attractiveness for talent etc.). We may never become Canada's top metropolis again, but we can sure as hell compete a bit harder. Look how much we've still achieved nonetheless with one hand tied behind our back..... End of rant, as a rebuttal to your rant Chris..
  9. No I love you Mtlman. You're my most beloved person on this board. I hope one day we meet and profess our love for each other over a drink. Et on peut faire ca en francais pour demontre ma bonne foie.
  10. What are you saying? Im responding to the comment that Toronto media hypes up its city .. Montreal media much less so. I'm not the one who made that assertion. So if the Gazette and the JdM cant be used - then which publications should we use to get excited about our city. Im still waiting on where/how to find my brain - perhaps you can guide me.
  11. I read the Journal de MOntreal every day, and let me tell you - there's no positive on Montreal - EVER!
  12. In fairness they are. Power/Capital/and Demographics have centered there. Might not like it, but its reality.
  13. would love to see some of that spirit in our fair city nonetheless.