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  1. L'Économie du Québec

    Lower corporate taxes and taxes on the middle class. You'll see the economy start to grow in a more substantive way.
  2. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Populism? Wanting private investors to invest in our city and create economic opportunity and revitalize an otherwise abandoned sector of the city is considered populism? May I suggest you get acquainted with the definition of the term.
  3. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I agree 100%. We need to show also that Montreal can deliver big projects and revitalize otherwise dead sectors on the island,
  4. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Carbonleo a seulement pression de faire des profits. C'est leur capitale qui se fait investir - pas la tienne.
  5. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Casino - Non Expos - Non Formula E - Non REM - Non Baisse d'impots - Non. Bonjour/Hi - Non Royalmount - Non Piste Cyclable - Oui Donc a Montreal et au Quebec c'est NON. Voila le lien avec les Expos.
  6. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Going downtown Montreal or the plateau is an absolute horror for those who live outside these areas. The war on parking and car has decimated the business opportunities for merchants/restaurants etc. I haven't shopped on St-Catherine in years. 15/40 will force Montreal to compete, and change their anti-business views. This whole debate is about fear and the refusal for those in Plateau/Rosemont etc. to adapt their ways. Let this project teach them a lesson. I support Lutfy and Carbonleo 100%. especially since Montreal said no to the Cirque du Soleil/Casino idea - and probably will say no to the Expos stadium even more reason...
  7. Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I hope this projects happens.. way to show the plateau crowd a lesson in economics and urban planning.
  8. Canada's Great East-West Migration

    I'm 100% a Journal de Montreal guy. I love Josee Legault. Fair, balanced, not bias. Exactly the fake news I love to read.
  9. Canada's Great East-West Migration

    Another company slowly transitioning to Toronto
  10. Poor Quebec and Montreal. I'm just out of words for our fair city and our attitude towards english. Just wait until the CAQ comes and imposes a stricter Bill 101.
  11. Yes - will help WestJet become a SkyTeam member. WestJet has no interest in the QC market other than some limited flights to Halifax and Boston.
  12. Oui en effet. Mais la realite c'est que nous sommes un petit peuple francophone dans un continent geant anglophone. It's a numbers game. Nous avons pas le luxe de mettre notre tete dans le sable et pointer le doigt aux anglais de Toronto. Il faut etre plus intelligent, plus ouvert et miser sur nos forces. Le bonjour/hi represente le mauvaise insecurite Quebecoise que nous devons passer a travers.
  13. Nice job Quebec. Way for the idiots in Quebec City to ruin it all for us bonjour / hi