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  1. Effet anti-business climate
  2. Who cares? Head offices are not important.
  3. Well when Montreal has nothing but hte Habs and the Impact. And to a lesser extent the ALS.......
  4. Solid. We need more of these types of companies.
  5. Mtlman - one day when we meet for that beer in order to rekindle our bromance, I promise to compare our CV's and contributions to the Montreal economy. I speak with a certain degree of confidence that I will win the comparison - and perhaps then the credibility that I so desperately seek from you will be restored.
  6. 100% d'accord. Pour tout la marde les medias ont cronte le PLQ - il ont faite une belle job. Le Quebec et Montreal sont sur la bonne voie. Effet PLQ 100%
  7. This is great news. We need all levels of government to get involved, remain competitive and ensure we DO ALL possible to attract talent to fuel growth.
  8. LOL. This is not at all what I'm trying to say. I'm merely pointing out the insane rhetoric when the federal government decided to fund AI in Toronto and as well as Montreal. And now a Montreal company is investing in Toronto. Nothing wrong with it, just 100% ironic.
  9. You're so intellectually dishonest, it's actually laughable. In a prior thread, you all accused the Toronto AI sector to be artificial and all government subsidy based. Here we have a made in Montreal company that recognizes the importance of Toronto, and its AI sector. Which does the following. a.) disproves any theory that the Toronto AI Sector is not formidable and not worthy of public funding b.) proves that Toronto is an important AI player and Montreal companies must be present there as well to investing locally. Voila.
  10. So why is Montreal investing in Toronto?
  11. Where is fmfranck - even a Montreal based company is investing by creating jobs in Toronto. Is this the evil plot of Toronto trying to steal all our sectors?
  12. Montreal has to attract and retain head offices of large Canadian corporations. Can't keep living with fake HQ's like Molson, Bell, BMO in Montreal. this is the foundation of being an international city.