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  1. You're funny. Montrealers complain that the city is in decline, and when we try to bring it back (i.e. projects/investment) we complain the pace is too much. Montrealers are a special breed.
  2. I'll bet dollars to donuts I know more about the different levels of government than you. Fact: If it wasn't for Denis Coderre there would be no Montreal-Beijing or Montreal-Shanghai flight. I won't elaborate more than that. So enjoy the larger sidewalk and the nicer garden - I'll enjoy the non-stop flights that put Montreal on the map. Is this guy for real?
  3. There's good merit for either party - and each have their pro's and con's. But this is about what we want for Montreal. If we want Montreal to be in concert with other great global metropolis, if we want our city to be an international magnet, and if we want a city that dares to think about (albeit sometimes at a big cost) vote for Coderre. If we want a nice, niche city, with nice parks and nice bike lanes. If we want a study that takes its time, and consistently wants paralysis by analysis - then vote Projet Montreal. J'ai mes doutes que le peuple Montrealais desire de faire de notre ville une destinationation globale. Des dois je pense qu'on est content comme ville secondaire.
  4. Incroyable! Montreal is finally on the map. Our unemployment rate, attraction rates and investment rates haven;t been seen here in decades - now all of a sudden we have members such as ERJ-BOY who are considering voting for a leftist anti-economic agenda. Montrealers need to help themselves after a certain point. Major inertia in this city - can't seem to enjoy the brief success we've had in the last few years. Need to complain and vote out the adminstration that it finally doing good for the city. A real disgrace.
  5. Having a tough day Monctezuma? Le francais a Montreal va tres bien.
  6. Journal de Montreal and Mathieu Bock-Cote Insecure will have a cow if we let people not conforming to bill 101 - even if its AI, and even if it develops Montreal's economy.
  7. Expos coming back?!?

    precisely why Montreal and Quebec haven't moved forward. A large contingent of the population is small-minded, and generally hate success. We correlate success with corruption and arrogance. We love to play the victim, but never are courageous enough to step outside our comfort zone. Montreal has the lowest unemployment rate, is hitting record real estate transactions, and has had more tourists since 1967. Nothing is ever good enough, just keep focusing on the negative. Sad.
  8. Expos coming back?!?

    The media in this city is a major problem. I'm all for the liberty of the press - and would never advocate for a Trump/Putin crackdown on media. But this city has the most negative journalists. They do more harm than good - and most of them don't have a $#@kin clue what they're talking about.
  9. Bubble bust in Toronto ?

    I will bet you any case of Spanish, Argentinian or Chilean beer that Toronto will beat Montreal in percentage and absolute GDP growth every year from 2017 to 2022? Shall we bet?
  10. Bubble bust in Toronto ?

    Toronto's GDP is expected to grow a full point above Montreal's for 2017. A full point mean's Toronto is adding $5 Billion more to its economy than Montreal this year via GDP growth. It's not fair to say that Toronto is not growing and Montreal is all of a sudden some kind of rockstar. Simply untrue.
  11. Bubble bust in Toronto ?

  12. More anglos in Quebec

    Very sad.
  13. More anglos in Quebec

    The one where progress happens and montreal re becomes a global powerhouse
  14. More anglos in Quebec

    Je veux que le Quebec soit un peuple bilingue et ouvert sur le monde. Je veux que le Quebec soit capable de prendre le meilleur talent globale - qui ca soit en francais ou en anglais ou en mandarin. Il faut arreter de traiter le monde de Franco ou Anglo. Notre insecurite sur la langue doit arreter. Ce n'est plus rationelle.
  15. do you complain about everything?