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  1. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Amazing sense of entitlement on this board. If Cadillac Fairview had a chance of filling a 210 M skyscraper in Montreal they would go for it. We are Montreal - there’s no demand for premium new build class A.
  2. We are competing with Toronto. We didn't lose Sun Life to Singapore and Molson to London.
  3. I think Toronto is showing Montreal, when you focus on being a global city and your policies reflect this - you can become a global powerhouse. They aren't worried about religious neutrality, language, immigration. Yes i'm jealous - because Montreal can do a lot better than it is today.
  4. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    There are few head offices in this city that need prestigious office space.
  5. QUAD Windsor: projet global

    Pauvre Montreal..
  6. Mais lecart grandit. Montreal doit avoir une croissance du PIB plus elevee en pourcentage pour pas perdre vs le GTA
  7. Petit pain. Goodnight. Call me when Bell or Molson comes back home.
  8. Yes painfully obvious. Look at the difference in the scale and magnitude of our real estate projects. Why do we need to settle for mediocrity. We can't we win our share of big canadian companies?
  9. PIB du GTA $304B. Montreal $193B.
  10. They are very much in competition.
  11. 3.7% sur in PIB de $300B, vs 3.2% sur un PIB de $160B
  12. Toronto is about to make us a minor league city. Please let's stop accepting inferior results. Yes Montreal is back on the map, but we need to make up ground. We can't continue to have a relative decline vis a vis our #1 competitor,
  13. Expos coming back?!?

    We need Coderre re-elected big time
  14. WestJet launches Montreal-Boston

    Orlando Las Vegas saint Maarten Winnipeg punta cana