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    Intéressé par les développements des viles de Québec et Montréal.
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    Urbanisme, sport, international
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  1. Ville de Québec - les projets

    Ex Machina, a theater/opera/multimedia company founded by world renowned stage director Robert Lepage, has worked very hard to build itself a new HQ in Quebec City. Construction started a few months ago and today, the company released new renderings of the project, which will integrate the old YMCA building built in 1879. Here's the building in 1890: http://www.lapresse.ca/le-soleil/actualites/dossiers/dhier-a-aujourdhui/201509/05/01-4898184-le-ymca-de-place-dyouville-en-1890.php http://www.journaldequebec.com/2017/10/10/photos-voici-14-nouvelles-images-du-theatre-le-diamant
  2. Ville de Québec - les projets

    Quebec City's central Library, Gabrielle Roy, has been in need of a major restauration for many years now. Earlier this year, the City received proposals from 5 different architecure firms and the winning proposal was revealed today. Here's what the library looks like now: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblioth%C3%A8que_Gabrielle-Roy Here's the winning proposal (by the consortium Saucier+Perrotte and GLCRM). The renders aren't as precise as I'd like but given Saucier+Perrotte track record, I'm enthusiastic. https://www.ville.quebec.qc.ca/planification_orientations/amenagement_urbain/grands_projets_urbains/bibliotheque_gabrielle_roy/docs/bibliotheque-gabrielle-roy-planches.pdf
  3. Construction - Ville de Québec

    Pics (may 2017) from the construction site of Quebec City's Jean Lesage airport's international terminal. These last two pics were taken back in november : http://www.yqb2018.com/photos-et-videos/
  4. Ville de Québec - les projets

    New cultural and sports complex in the St-Roch neighbourhood. It will house a gym, a pool, a training room, a collective kitchen, a drop-in center, etc http://www.journaldequebec.com/2017/06/09/voici-le-futur-centre-communautaire-saint-roch
  5. Construction - Ville de Québec

    IKEA Canada Adds Quebec City to Shopping List IKEA Canada has begun laying the foundation for its upcoming Quebec City store slated to open in the summer of 2018 after Halifax this year. IKEA Canada has broken ground on its new store in Quebec City. Set to open in the summer of 2018, the outlet is situated southwest of the Charest and Duplessis highway interchange, at the intersection of Rue Mendel and Avenue Blaise Pascal, and will take about 16 months to complete. At approximately 340,000 square feet, the upcoming retail location will serve as a family destination offering a wide range of supplies to include 9,500 products, room sets, a restaurant, and supervised play facility for children. Key services will entail home delivery, assembly, and returns. Jobs will be available in sales, dining, interior design, human resources, logistics, operations, and more. The Quebec City store will maintain a keen focus on energy and waste avoidance, with waste management equipment installed to maximise material recycling and diversion from landfill. [...] https://brandingforum.org/branding/ikea-canada-quebec-city-shopping/ As is often the case with the opening of an IKEA store, the surroundings will change dramatically as well. Cominar, the company owning the land and building the store, plans to build a new commercial district with 5 million sf of retail space spread over 14 different buildings. http://www.journaldequebec.com/2017/06/08/ikea-a-quebec-cest-parti D'autres photos de la Place des Canotiers: http://www.journaldequebec.com/2017/06/08/transformation-extreme-au-vieux-port
  6. Construction - Ville de Québec

    Projet de 20 M$ dans Montcalm à Québec Le projet immobilier St. Moritz, évalué à 20 M$, verra le jour à l’angle du boulevard René-Lévesque et de l’avenue Belvédère, dans le quartier Montcalm, à Québec. L’immeuble commercial, qui abritait autrefois un SuperClub Vidéotron, sera démoli au cours des prochains mois pour faire place à un édifice de sept étages. Le projet, qui est réalisé par la société montréalaise Sylcorp, offrira 90 unités, dont 40 condos aux étages supérieurs, alors que le reste sera disponible en location. Le rez-de-chaussée accueillera un café-bistro St. Moritz ainsi qu’une banque, une boulangerie ou une épicerie fine. Les travaux, qui débuteront à l’automne, s’échelonneront sur une période d’un an. [...] http://www.journaldequebec.com/2017/06/01/projet-de-20-m-dans-montcalm-a-quebec
  7. Économie - Ville de Québec

    Very good news for the Charlevoix region (thus the Quebec City Region): the next G7 meeting will be held at Le Manoir Richelieu, quite a gorgeous setting for this meeting and quite a touristic boost for the region. Canada to host 2018 G7 meeting in small Quebec town Canada will play host to next year's meeting of G7 leaders at a remote luxury resort in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, The Canadian Press has learned. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to make the announcement at some point during this year's G7 meetings, which get underway Friday in Sicily. Caroline Simard, the Liberal MP for the region, said she obtained "unofficial confirmation," while a second source told The Canadian Press that the event would take place in the town of La Malbaie, 150 kilometres northeast of Quebec City. Simard -- who represents the riding of Charlevoix-Cote-de-Beaupre -- said such an event would bring economic benefits, as well as international media coverage sure to breathe new life into the region's tourism industry. "It's very exceptional for Charlevoix," she said, noting that it would also demand an intense focus on security. "Such events mean not only enormous economic spinoffs but also spinoffs for tourism. More than a thousand journalists usually get involved in this type of event, so this would mean an exceptional opportunity to showcase Charlevoix." The region is known for being very popular with tourists because of its rolling hills and lush greenery. One particularly popular spot is Tadoussac, where visitors gather to go whale-watching in the St. Lawrence estuary and the Saguenay fjord. [...] http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/quebec-resort-in-town-of-charlevoix-to-host-2018-g7-meetings-1.3429437 http://www.lapresse.ca/le-soleil/actualites/politique/201705/26/01-5101657-g7-charlevoix-un-endroit-strategique-point-de-vue-securite.php
  8. Ville de Québec - les projets

    Two proposals for the St-Roch (lower town) neighbourhood: http://www.journaldequebec.com/2017/05/05/des-projets-immobiliers-en-peril
  9. Construction - Ville de Québec

    Sommet 3V ($100M) : 14 stories, 592 units. Source: http://www.lapresse.ca/le-soleil/affaires/actualite-economique/201702/13/01-5069209-une-tour-de-592-condos-a-sainte-foy.php Le Diamant ($54M), 600 seats theater and new HQ for Robert Lepage's production company, Ex Machina. http://www.lapresse.ca/le-soleil/arts-et-spectacles/sur-scene/201512/09/01-4929446-le-diamant-se-devoile.php http://www.quebecurbain.qc.ca/2017/04/07/le-projet-diamant-etat-des-travaux/ Kaméléon. Condos, engineered wood frame. https://www.facebook.com/pg/condokameleon/photos/?ref=page_internal Condos Origine. 13-story tower whose structure will be entirely made out of engineered wood. https://www.facebook.com/pg/condosorigine/photos/?ref=page_internal Townhouses built right next to the previous tower. https://www.facebook.com/pg/MomentoImmobilier/photos/?ref=page_internal
  10. Ville de Québec - les projets

    Très joli projet de nouveau Pavillon d’accueil à la base De plein air de Ste-Foy. Virage chasse et peche a la base de plein air de Sainte-Foy | JDQ
  11. Ville de Québec - les projets

    Meh... Un cube de verre pour contrer la degradation du Grand Theatre | Baptiste Ricard-Chatelain | La Capitale http://lemay.com/fr/what/projects/grand-theatre-de-quebec
  12. Photos: Ville de Québec

    Brillant Emmanuel Coveney Photographe : Emmanuel Coveney Photographe | Facebook
  13. Ville de Québec - les projets

    Debut des travaux au Diamant de Lepage | Baptiste Ricard-Chatelain | La Capitale
  14. Ville de Québec - les projets

    Une tour de 592 condos a Sainte-Foy | Jean-Michel Genois Gagnon | Actualite economique
  15. Ville de Québec - les projets

    La première phase de ce projet, qui consiste en l'édification de 2 immeubles de 9 et 10 étages respectivement, ira de l'avant au printemps. Le premier immeuble sera occupé par un hôtel de 130 chambres alors que le second sera destiné à recevoir des condos locatifs. Ce projet, situé à deux pas de l'Université Laval, représente d'après moi un très bon exemple de densification intelligente. On dit adieu à un immense stationnement et on densifie un pôle déjà très bien desservi en commerce et en transport en commun. La Pyramide: un hotel de 130 chambres en vue | Jean-Michel Genois Gagnon | Actualite economique http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/748213/pyramide-projet-investissements-125-millions-sainte-foy