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  1. It is one large project. I do hope they put a grocery store in one of the buildings. I know that there is a Metro a few stations away at Snowdon.
  2. If I can fly from Montreal to Toronto, NYC or Boston for about $70-$100 round-trip that be great or even Montreal to Vancouver for $300 round-trip that be amazing. Time will tell. Also if it works out, Air Canada / Air Canada Rouge will have to do something to compete.
  3. They got some good deals. Montreal to Yellowknife for $514 round trip.
  4. First things first, get this up and running and see how well it does. If there is an expansion, they should really think about connecting Cote Vertu to Sauve and beyond, maybe Pie-IX/Henri-Bourassa. There are so many possibilities to choose from.
  5. It is a great that the city wants to make that area more green and family friendly
  6. St Laurent has two nice buildings. This one and the library. It seems like someone in city hall likes modern design. Now if only all future developments will be like that.
  7. If the Pepsi Forum gets demolished and something new takes its place. They should do the same with Place Alexis-Nihon and the rest of the ugly buildings in the city.
  8. Do any of you know of good prefab or companies that make shipping container homes in Montreal or the surrounding area?
  9. Looks like a great project. 17+ years to go.
  10. I have to say this, some angles of Toronto are a bit New York-ish.
  11. It will be interesting to see what comes of this. If they were thinking of building cars, wouldn't it have been a better idea more north of the city? Like where GM use to built the Firebird? Nevermind, just read the plant was demolished.
  12. Cavendish LRT Van Horne LRT ??? LRT (NDG/CDG LRT) - Splits into two. Parc LRT I did not have a chance to extend the green line more west or any other LRT lines.
  13. I wonder if AC will be doing what some US airlines are doing, charging for the overhead bin.