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  1. Complexe immobilier Frontenac - 12, 12, 9, 2 étages

    It seems to be a nice initiative on STM part.
  2. (Courtesy of CBC) I do hope it will be something modern and beautiful.
  3. AMT: SRB Pie-IX

    How is this still not completed? It does not seem complicated at all to do something like this. Municipal, Provincial and Federal governements should have a maximum up 4 years to talk about a project and start it. If it does not start in 4 years put it on ice for 100 years. If they want to take it off ice, they must start right away after a 30 day consolation and if they axe it once again. The idea should be never brought up again or they automatically push for an election to keep their jobs or not.
  4. SAQ Signature de Montréal (rue de la Montagne)

    I do agree with you on that one. It does not seem extravagant enough.
  5. Norwegian plane

    There was an all black (no branding or anything to show what airline). It was either an Airbus or Boeing and it was parked at one of the gates yesterday. The only thing I could remember was "LN" which I looked up and it is from Norway. Hopefully one of you can try and see if it was the government or Norwegian airlines.
  6. 1201-1215 Phillips Square- ?? étages

    Awesome. Hopefully something will finally be built on that piece of land.
  7. I am looking forward to all the work they will be doing in my backyard to put the second rail line for Deux Montagne.
  8. Icône - 40 étages (2017)

    When is the second tower going to be built or is that dead?
  9. 700 rue Saint-Jacques - 56 étages

    Sounds like an American tourist in Egypt, saying why were the Pyramids built so close to the city.
  10. Expos coming back?

    I wouldn't mind seeing a ball game. Just bring back all the '94 players out of retirement and hopefully there wont be another lockout that will cost a Canadian team the World Series.
  11. Développement Centre Boulevard

    There was an article in Retail Insider on this a while back. Article:
  12. $670 million per km. That is a nice chunk of change. I do hope the 17,000+ new users will be happy. It is sad that it will only be completed by 2026.