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  1. jesseps

    Rénovations Hôtel Le Germain

    It will be a nice reno / facelift.
  2. (Courtesy of Montreal Gazette)
  3. I am surprised San Francisco doesn't have 1 Gbps. Honestly how hard is it to get 25-30 Mbps at the airport, it is pretty much the minimum people use now days. Also the wifi cuts out every few minutes. It could be worse! JFK has wifi, but you cannot connect to it.
  4. jesseps

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I am looking forward to the end result. I really do hope they work on traffic management.
  5. jesseps

    PC victory effect on Quebec

    I can't agree with you more. We need to get the TPP and CETA up and running ASAP. It is crazy that we depend on the US so much. Time to diversify.
  6. jesseps

    PC victory effect on Quebec

    It does not matter who is in power in Quebec. If NAFTA goes out the window, we are all screwed; CAQ, PQ, QS and PLQ supporters. The Federal governments needs to do something fast or this country is kaput.
  7. jesseps

    Terra (Maisons de ville) - 3 étages

    Did they break ground?
  8. jesseps

    Cheap airfare

    I found a cheap flight from Montreal to Paris (Orly) for $395.00 round trip. Please take note, you will need to buy each ticket as a one way and you can only bring your carry-on. If you want to bring luggage and have a meal, it will be well above $600. Leaving: October 25th Returning: November 3rd If I do come across similar type of cheap flights to Europe or across the globe, I will post them here.
  9. jesseps

    REM: Expansion future

    Might happen by 2075-2100.
  10. jesseps

    Centre Eaton de Montréal

    It looks really nice and reminds me a bit of the food court that I saw in Jakarta.
  11. jesseps

    Campus MIL

    I drove past it on the weekend and it is coming along nicely. It was interesting seeing my old office no longer standing.
  12. We need more buildings like that in Montreal.
  13. jesseps

    Couche-Tard buys Esso stations for 1.69B

    I thought so. Which stations in Montreal are owned by Brookfield?