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  1. Pretty good destinations. O/T: Air Transat round trip flights Montreal to Pearson is $139! That beats Air Canada and West Jet.
  2. jesseps

    Le Quebec perd ses sieges sociaux

    Yes, we are losing some, but we are still retaining others. I look it as a glass half-full scenario. Lower corporate taxes and income taxes, that might attract others to come here and the rest to stay.
  3. I find that it gives Toronto some Asian characteristics, which is a good thing.
  4. It is sad this war on Airbnb. Jim Beis the mayor of Pierrefonds, is looking to ban it in almost all parts of Pierrefonds, except near Cap Saint Jacques, because he thinks people will be staying out there. I know people who use Airbnb in Roxboro and they make money, because some Hydro Quebec workers from Quebec, come out here and work on the powerlines and others use it because of access to other parts of the city or the train to the city. The city shouldn't ban it, but have people who are hosts on Airbnb, just have them register and get an inspector to approve the place. They already do that for people who want to be legit. I forgot the cost of it and if you get approved, you get a little plaque.
  5. The condos left of CIBC look dated and they were built what a 10-15 years ago?
  6. jesseps

    Primera Air FRA-YUL, Aer Lingus DUB-YUL

    Wow. I didn't expect that so soon.
  7. jesseps

    Métro: Ligne Rose

    Tram, tram, tram. It is possible to have one, and it cost less. I was looking at cities that have high amounts of snow and tram systems, we can try and emulate Sapporo.
  8. jesseps

    Victoriatown Condominiums - 4 étages

    That is one hell of a redevelopment project.
  9. Shopify is moving into The Well. It does look like a nice development.
  10. jesseps

    Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    It would be interesting to see Toronto get it, but Trump would become a volcano. Time will tell.
  11. I havent been to that part of the city in a while. From the pictures, it is pretty impressive to see what it looks like without the hospital.
  12. jesseps

    Project Yeti - Oslo Airport (Courtesy of It would be interesting to see Montreal do that in the future.
  13. jesseps

    Un monorail proposé pour Montréal

    True, but it is a longer process.
  14. I guess they better get the city and province to agree to reserved bus lanes along the 13 to the 20. Also get sirens on the bus, to get cars out of the way and if that doesn't work, put a plow on the buses to they can force cars out of the way. If anyone caught using the bus lane, car impounded for the duration of the project, so they are forced to take the bus.
  15. jesseps

    Un monorail proposé pour Montréal

    That would be great, but a lot of people will complain that it give people access to the casino, that shouldn't have access.