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  1. I do agree, it is a bit plain. They have so many designs to work from, since they own 100s of buildings across the globe. They could have went with ICD Brookfield or any other.
  2. The airport is in talks with the airline, lets see what comes out of it.
  3. IAG dropped the ball on this.
  4. jesseps

    Le Nouvel Outremont - Projet global 

    This might be a good area to have an investment property.
  5. jesseps

    Le Nouvel Outremont - Projet global 

    Thanks for putting all these developments into one thread.
  6. I guess I will not be flying with Iberia/Level/Openskies or whatever name they are using here.
  7. I might do the same thing in my backyard in a few years. Hopefully it will help with the resale value.
  8. jesseps

    Échangeur Turcot

    It is to bad they didn't use some of the land for some sort of housing. It is to bad the original idea wont see the light of day, but this is still good. I don't think the Blue Bonnets would be completely turned into a park, since it is in the middle of no where. That area is prime for condos. True, the residents of the Triangle could go there, but I think they would rather take a bus or metro to the mountain. Also the city/government spent money making a "central park" near Papineau, which will be completed by 2023.
  9. jesseps

    Échangeur Turcot

    Construction only going to start in 2 years. Oh well, at least it will get built.
  10. The cheapest flight I have found with Rouge for Montreal to Victoria (round trip) is starting at the end of August for $661, which is still quite expensive. WestJet, Montreal to Vancouver for $475 in September, which is surprising, since Air Transat is usually cheaper. Example: NYC to San Jose (C$332) instead of San Francisco ($363)
  11. jesseps

    Échangeur Turcot

    I can't wait, it is great news.