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  1. The Gazette has an article/opinion piece on how the government/city should really put the park back into play, which I do agree with. If we can spend 10s of millions of dollars putting lights on the bridge, that our tax dollars will need to spend paying the hydro bill for. We can surely muster up the $40 million for a park over a highway.
  2. This reminds me a bit of Oslo. Too bad it will take 10-15+ years to see it completed.
  3. I was thinking of this yesterday. It would be a great addition to the museum and have it stay true to it's roots. Have it relate to the fashion industry.
  4. Caption
  5. This should reminds me a bit of Austin, Texas - when I was last there 4+ years ago.
  6. ville-marie

    At least the new CBC Montreal building will be nicer compared to the building in Toronto.
  7. I just came back from the museum. I did not go see the exterior but there are some nice pieces of art inside the new pavillon. As if you do not already know, for the 375 the museum is doing a free walking tour talking about half of the art pieces they have outdoors on Sherbrooke Street.
  8. It reminds me a bit of the YMCA in Cartierville. I am not sure if this was posted or not.
  9. WOW! That looks like a great project. I found an interesting article from The Guardian (UK) talking about it:
  10. Merci pour la clarification
  11. That is really good news, that it will not be used for condos.
  12. $10 per sq.ft for someone that lives within 1.5 km of the REM. So I will be paying an extra $600 or so per year for some sort of tax. I better a credit of some sort of at least a few months free travel.
  13. If that is true, that means the city doesn't believe in the Royalmount project.
  14. ville saint-laurent

    I just remembered about this project today, all because of Google Maps. If you input the address, you will find the picture of what was supposed to be there. Who knows, it might happen a few years down the road, after the REM is built.
  15. côte-des-neiges

    Time for the city to start selling the land to developers. The area is going to be super busy between this going to be developed, the huge mall and the new development on the North East corner of the Decarie/40. Even with the extension of Cavendish blvd, it will not be able to handle the traffic.