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  1. BOMBARDIER C series

    I bet Boeing's legal team furious that Bombardier got around their hissy fit, with this new partnership. I am going to get that the US commerce dept will close this right away. On another note, I wonder if Trudeau will now work with Boeing to get new fighter jets or work with another company to get new fighter jets.
  2. I looked up CATSA Plus part of the system reminds me of what is being used at the Dublin Airport.
  3. I have to say the new National Bank lounge is way better than the previous version, way more space and there is actually food. I just wonder how it compares to the AC and Desjardin lounge.
  4. Le Duke - 24 étages

    It is one busy neighbourhood.
  5. I flew out on the 6th. The line for the security was snaking around the whole international side (70+ minute wait). I wish I took a picture.
  6. That is an interesting proposal by Project Montreal.
  7. I know that it isn't the cleanest product, but I would rather support the Canadian oil & gas industry rather than a foreign one. If Coderre and others want people to stop using petrol burning cars, make public transit free or give people more money to buy electric cars.
  8. Whichever party takes power, the extension needs to happen or there will be even more traffic on the Decarie.
  9. Proposition pour l’avenir du secteur du Pied-du-Courant

    That be amazing if someone did decide to work on this Vision. It would nice to have more life over in that part of town.
  10. I cannot see the logic in their vision of the blue line What is wrong with getting off at Cote Des Neiges and taking a bus or being in the city and walking up the mountain?
  11. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    I do agree with you there. Most states/cities are probably looking to sell their sold to attract Amazon. It is nice to see Canadian cities trying to attract a large company. It will like the Hunger Games.
  12. That is really good news. I am looking forward to seeing that get built. This city needs more bridges.
  13. Amazon looking for a location to have a 2nd HQ

    Just imagine if Montreal can get Amazon to setup HQ2 here and also win the Hyperloop. This city will be moving. It is a lot of if's.
  14. Hyperloop choisi Montréal-Toronto

    It be amazing if it does happen.
  15. If they have decent routes to certain destinations in Canada, I may try them out. Montreal to Hamilton to Vancouver, if the price is right and that I do not need to spend 1 week in Vancouver. Phase 3 - November 2018-April 2019 (Courtesy of Jetlines) Talking about ULCC's. I compared WOW to Air Transat to fly to Paris. It worked out it be cheaper to fly with AT. You do not need to pay for your carry on, you still get 1 luggage and food. I think we can all agree the airfare in this country is astronomical and needs to be worked on.