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  1. jesseps

    Montréal 1re au classement Global Cities of the Future

    Montreal is 17th place overall in the Top 25 cities (incl. developed and emerging cities) Montreal is 6th place overall in major cities. Maybe I should have stayed in Dublin, its 3rd overall in the top 25 cities.
  2. TMR is suggesting that Caisse actually covers the whole thing and allow for development above the REM. That does bring an interesting opportunity for the Caisse, that is if TMR does not dictate what they can and cannot do.
  3. jesseps

    STM - Discussion générale

    I found STM's 2020 plan from 2012, a lot has changed in 6 years. They expected the CDN tram to the city to be operational in 2017, but that died. Page 52 is pretty interesting to look at, because of all the development going on the island and they have to look into the transit for those areas. PDF:
  4. jesseps

    Highway 13 Bridge and Gouin

    I envision that one they the bridge will be redone, because right now getting on from Gouin to go to Laval in the morning, when everyone trying to get off to get to Henri Bourassa causes so many headaches. The same for trying to get off the 13 and get to Gouin, you need to go around. All in all the way it is setup is not efficient at all. Maybe by 2030 the government can get around to fixing it or by that time the 440 will be connected to the west island.
  5. jesseps

    Tram de l’Est

    One more thing I would like to add, it be great if they do turn it into a TRAM or REM, before they redo the MET, because if they don't traffic will be like end of days (no one moving ever) and people will not be able to get around.
  6. jesseps

    Tram de l’Est

    Whatever happens to Train de l'est, if it turns into a Tram or REM, that would be great for people who live in the West Island and work in the East End. It might save at least 20 mins of travel time, even if you need to switch multiple times and take a bus. It would beat the traffic any day of the week.
  7. jesseps

    Nouvelle Tour Banque (Big 5) - ?? étages

    I am looking forward to this. I can only imagine what it can look like, because the BNC tower is probably by far the nicest bank HQ in the world, imho. It be even better if they got Moshe Safdie to be the architect.
  8. They are digging an even bigger hole. What happens if they lose that case, they will owe so much money to CDPQ, they will probably have to go bust and SCFP will be stuck holding the bag. I don't think SCFP Members will be happy to see part of their pensions money.
  9. jesseps

    Station Mont-Royal - Discussion

    I say they shouldn't build any stations in TMR, still cover it to make them happy. With the extra money leftover they can keep it for some cost over runs. This also should speed up the process and open up even before schedule. The future users don't have to lose a few mins with stopping in TMR to get into the city. Everyone wins.
  10. jesseps

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Isn't it hypocritical of TMR not to care what happens with the roads going to/from that area, from outside their territory and they are complaining about the REM?
  11. It will be interesting to see when it is completed. I am guessing the mix-use was not viable.
  12. Something like this was supposed to take over the old Dome, but hit road blocks. Lets see if it becomes a huge hit.
  13. jesseps

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    I heard somewhere that the MET will be redesigned/reworked in the next few years, but time will tell if that is true. The Decarie was poorly designed and I heard it hit capacity the day it opened. Our infrastructure is behind the times and there is no way for us to improve it, because there is no space to improve it; hence the reason the city and the government want people to take public transit. If the Cavendish extension does happen, it will help a bit, but not a lot. On another note, it will be interesting to see if UNIQLO's first location in Quebec, will be in located inside Royalmount.