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  1. chris

    Yul-Mia avec Sunwing

    Hasn't AA already been reducing their frequencies on YUL to MIA? I was under the impression that Rouge was putting some pressure on them on that flight. Made me think that this additional flight with Sunwing would make things harder for AA. Yes, good point about connections to LATAM.
  2. chris

    Yul-Mia avec Sunwing

    This is gonna hurt AA.
  3. chris

    Statistiques PAX

    I remember back when we surpassed 1 Million in a month for the first time back in 2003 or 2004. YUL has grown a lot!
  4. There are two lines going to FCO, so I'm going to assume one is from YUL (I'm not certain if YYC or YVR can support service to FCO). There also appears to be multiple lines going to CDG, so I'll assume one of those goes to YUL as well.
  5. Found the map here: Looks like Montreal has a few proposed destinations to Europe, although can't really tell what they are.
  6. chris

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    Yeah that was definitely a surprise.
  7. The YUL-PDX market is small. Much smaller than YUL-SEA. YUL-STL is also pretty small. Roughly the same as YUL-IND I think. I can see YUL-SEA/SAN/MSY/RDU working out over the next 5 years but that's it I think.
  8. New Orleans is definitely west of Chicago. New Orleans is 90 degrees west longitude whereas Chicago is only 86 degrees west longitude.
  9. We won't see flight to SAN and SEA before the introduction of the C-Series. SLC and AUS are a long ways away. Can't think of any other city west of Chicago that Montreal lacks flights too.
  10. chris


    Love it. Give the market some time to absorb these news additions and who 10 years time we may even see HKG.
  11. chris


    Folks, this is what happens when you have political stability. People and businesses become willing to invest in Montreal and, as a result, we now see nonstop flights to PVG, PEK and NRT. Glad it's no longer 1995.
  12. I wonder why BWI and not from their other hubs. BWI-Canada doesn't seem like an enormous market.
  13. chris

    Rumeur: nouvelle liaison vers une ville majeure

    Who the heck started this rumor and where did it come from?
  14. Yes, it's the capital of the Republic of China.
  15. chris

    Rumeur: nouvelle liaison vers une ville majeure

    So like I said, it can be anything