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  1. YUL-HKG would be wonderful, but that's a very long flight there are very few aircraft that can perform such a flight at a profit. The 789 and 77L come to mind...maybe the 77W? AC has the fleet to do so and so does CX. We'll see what happens.
  2. EI rumor to start YUL?

    YUL-DUB will be flown by AC mainline, not Rouge.
  3. WestJet launches Montreal-Boston

    All of them, I believe.
  4. With the arrival of the CSeries and 737MAX I'm sure new US destinations are to come soon.
  5. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

  6. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    Paris or Frankfurt, or even Amsterdam or Milan, are way ahead of Berlin in the Financial world. HSBC moving "part" of their Ops to Berlin? Doesn't seem extremely significant to me.
  7. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    What does Brexit have to do with anything related to Berlin??? In any case, Europe's hub financial & industrial centers would include Milan, Copenhagen and Madrid among others. Would much rather see nonstop flights to those cities.
  8. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    Clinton, Oklahoma? Or do you mean Hong Kong?
  9. Air Canada S18 International service changes

    Gonna stick to A330s only, then?
  10. Statistiques PAX

    In a world of unlimited resources where Air Canada has another 50 long-haul aircraft on order, yes I would focus on getting nonstop service to both areas of the world. But in world where Air Canada has only 8 long-haul aircraft yet to be delivered, I'd rather focus on getting service to those top tier economies (South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan). Those countries & their economies would be my priority, seeing as Air Canada's long-haul expansion is soon coming to a halt.
  11. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    If this is true, great for AC and great for YUL. Everyone should be very happy and proud of the attention they've been placing on YUL over the last few years. Quite frankly, Canada as a whole has benefitted from their expansions out of YYZ, YVR and YUL over the last half decade or so.
  12. Statistiques PAX

    The metropolises of Africa (Jo'burg, Cairo, Dakar, Abidjan, Lagos, Accra, etc) pale in comparison to the cities of east Asia (Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, etc) in terms of global economic importance. I'd take nonstop service to secondary Chinese and Japanese cities over the top cities in Africa any day.
  13. Top US destinations from YUL for 2016

    YUL-RDU is a shorter route that could work
  14. Air Canada announces YUL-DUB

    When did Austrian Airlines pull out of YUL? Must have been at least 10 years ago or so. In any case, I'd love to see nonstop to DUB or MXP with AC, but we'll see.