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  1. YUL-BGI Winter 2018/2019 B763 upguage

    Nothing wrong with being hopeful!
  2. YUL-BGI Winter 2018/2019 B763 upguage

    ...and year-round.
  3. YUL-BGI Winter 2018/2019 B763 upguage

    Still hoping we see the return of flight to ANU and the introduction of flights to AUA.
  4. I have a feeling that WS is finding it hard to break that "leisure" airline perception many people have of it. Hence why it's having a hard time with these business markets.
  5. Didn't there used to be 3 daily flights to MIA with a 738 back about 10 years ago? And two 738s to DFW? Meanwhile, passenger traffic to the US is growing. Air Canada seems like the only one having success expanding in Montreal. I think there may be a couple of reasons why: 1. Brand - the Air Canada brand is incredibly well-established in Montreal. It helps having their HQ here. 2. Loyalty - as the airline that flies to the most destinations out of YUL, people feel comfortable taking Air Canada. They've probably flown Air Canada in the past, liked their service, and are willing to fly them again. I don't feel many people have flown WestJet a they simply don't fly to as many destinations from YUL. I will say that Porter actually has a pretty well-estalished brand and following in YUL. It's a sign that it is possible to establish oneself in AC's backyard but they need to be devoted to the area or bring something special.
  6. Le Smith - 26 étages

    During the North American economic booms of the 80s and 90s (which Montreal totally missed out on, by the way), developers were already doing very well at preserving historical architecture and respecting zoning and building codes. Montreal is not lucky for having experienced economic turmoil during much of the late 20th century.
  7. To the USA, I'm going to say SAN and SEA with AC on the CSeries in 2019/2020. To Europe; BOD, TLS and/or MAD with AC Rouge. That's it for now.
  8. We'll see what this is all about. Might see a mix of things since we're seeing the 7M8 and additional A333s coming online in the next few months. Are there anymore Q400s coming online in the next few months?
  9. Canada - Israel expand air services agreement

    Interesting... Always thought YUL would be a good hub for long-range narrow bodies capable of doing Western Europe.
  10. Canada - Israel expand air services agreement

    Question...does the 737 Max 8 have the legs to do YUL-BOD nonstop?
  11. Canada - Israel expand air services agreement

    Me thinks that additional transatlantic fights are in the works for YUL, then. MAD? CPH? BOD? TLS?
  12. I can see all three of those cities happening at some point in the next 5 years. Regarding France; Bordeaux, Nantes and Toulouse would be excellent additions. The Airbus-Bombardier partnership could give the prospects of YUL-Toulouse a boost. Looking beyond France, I would hope to one day see flights to CPH, MXP, MAD and SVO at some point from YUL.
  13. Statistiques PAX

    Good to see the transborder growth. Should see that continue to increase with the addition of PHX, PIT and BWI by AC.
  14. Good question.