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  1. chris

    Article showcasing S18 TATL flights

    Yeah that was definitely a surprise.
  2. The YUL-PDX market is small. Much smaller than YUL-SEA. YUL-STL is also pretty small. Roughly the same as YUL-IND I think. I can see YUL-SEA/SAN/MSY/RDU working out over the next 5 years but that's it I think.
  3. New Orleans is definitely west of Chicago. New Orleans is 90 degrees west longitude whereas Chicago is only 86 degrees west longitude.
  4. We won't see flight to SAN and SEA before the introduction of the C-Series. SLC and AUS are a long ways away. Can't think of any other city west of Chicago that Montreal lacks flights too.
  5. chris


    Love it. Give the market some time to absorb these news additions and who 10 years time we may even see HKG.
  6. chris


    Folks, this is what happens when you have political stability. People and businesses become willing to invest in Montreal and, as a result, we now see nonstop flights to PVG, PEK and NRT. Glad it's no longer 1995.
  7. chris

    Nouveau terminal

    I'd say YUL should be happy with non-stops to PEK, PVG and NRT right now. A mere 4 years ago there were no flights to East Asia from YUL and now there are 3 non-stops. It'll take time for the market to absorb this dramatic increase in nonstop flights to Asia, so let's be happy with what YUL has for the time being. I would imagine that there quite a few passengers flying YUL-PEK/PVG/NRT that continue on towards HKG. A nonstop to HKG at this point might cannibalize these nascent flights. I'll also add that YUL can only be a true Canadian hub once it has flights to secondary Canadian cities like YQR and YXE. I'm sure the arrival of the CSeries next year will open up new opportunities across North America from YUL, including SEA and SAN.
  8. chris

    Statistiques PAX

    I remember not too long ago when YUL hit 10 million. YUL has grown up a lot over the last 15 years.