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  1. rpm

    Skyline de Toronto!

    This thread turns 10 today... I would love to see a pic of the skyline then and now
  2. The demand will always be there, the area adds over 115,000 people a year. It seems people are finally using common sense. I know people that were buying houses without even getting them inspected . That is how crazy stupid the market had gotten. Condos still are pricing upward, houses are finally coming down. This is a needed correction. Fuck people speculating on the real estate market and hoarding houses. I hope they never remove the investor tax as all they did was drive prices up artificially. I heard somewhere they are now turning to speculating in Montreal. Not sure of the price increase tolerance level that market can sustain, but thank God they are leaving us alone now, and hopefully we get a decade break from the vultures.
  3. ICE east would be the tallest building in Montreal
  4. you are making it hard for TO to compete in this area... PART OF MONTREAL'S MAURICE RICHARD ARENA COLLAPSES http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=404186 you know what they say about karma....
  5. rpm

    Skyline de Toronto!

    between 2005-2010 Toronto grew by 122,000
  6. in July 2010 Toronto's population was 2,720,000. so the city is growing too.
  7. rpm

    Skyline de Toronto!

    par UrbanToronto 17!! tours/tower Under Construction (500 feet +) Trump International Hotel & Residences - 925 ft. 60 floors Aura at College Park [Residences of College Park] - 866 ft. 75 floors Ice Condominiums II [York Centre] - 769 ft. 65 floors Shangri-La Hotel & Tower - 704 ft. 65 floors L Tower - 672 ft. 57 floors Four Seasons Hotel & Tower [Four Seasons] - 669 ft. 52 floors Ice Condominiums I [York Centre] - 663 ft. 55 floors Absoluteworld Tower I - 585 ft. 56 floors *Mississauga* Hullmark Centre North [Hullmark Centre] - 551 ft. 45 floors Absoluteworld Tower II - 525 ft. 50 floors *Mississauga* X2 - 525 ft. 49 floors Burano [Murano] - 525 ft. 50 floors Delta Toronto[southcore Financial Centre] - 524 ft. 47 floors The Uptown Residences - 518 ft. 48 floors 300 Front Street - 512 ft. 52 floors 33 Bay [Pinnacle Centre] - ^512 ft. 52 floors U Condominiums I [u Condos] - 505 ft. 45 floors 2 tours newly announced Delta Lago
  8. rpm

    Skyline de Toronto!

    in 2004, the 10 tallest buildings in this picture did not even exist.