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Discussion: Seoul: New Twin Towers Unveiled as World’s Jaw Hits Floor

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    Par défaut Seoul: New Twin Towers Unveiled as World’s Jaw Hits Floor

    New Twin Towers Unveiled as World’s Jaw Hits Floor

    "AAAAAGH! YOU HAVE ERECTED A TERRIFYING MONUMENT TO THE NIGHTMARES OF 9/11!!!" was probably not the reaction that Seoul-based Yongsan Dream Hub corporation had in mind when they unveiled their plans today for an ambitious new construction project: Two high-rises connected by a "pixelated cloud" structure that, tragically, calls to mind the kinds of images you don't really want to call to mind when looking at a new set of twin towers. The design is by Dutch architectural firm MVRDV, who seemingly had no ill will when they envisioned the cloud as a kind of oasis in the sky, with "a large connecting atrium, a wellness centre, conference centre, fitness studio, various pools, restaurants and cafes." (Rendering here.) Actually, now that I've sat with it for a little while, a floating sauna inside a pixelated cloud sounds pretty relaxing — the kind of place Mario and Luigi might go to unwind after a hard day...
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    N'empêche c'est magnifique. On dirait un mélange du World Trade Center et de Habitat 67!! J'adore!

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